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TPLF gunmen reportedly kidnapped Archbishop Barnabas

Archbishop Bernabas
Abune Bernabas (Photo : Social media)


Abune Bernanas is reportedly kidnapped by Tigray People’s Liberation Front  (TPLF) gunmen. The news emerged on social media on Tuesday but he was kidnapped on November 5,2021 in Sekota, according to social media sources. 

The sources added that the TPLF force tortured him severely. 

Abune Bernabas was the Archbishop of Waghumra and Canada dioceses of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church. 

According to Citizen reports in social media , he was abducted in Sekota town, seat of the Waghumra zone administration, in Northern Ethiopia. 

He has coordinated support in Sekota for those impacted by the TPLF invasion. 

The TPLF has not yet remarked why it has to abduct Archbishop Abune Barnabas, and did not demand anything in return for his release. 
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  1. Subject: “TPLF gunmen reportedly kidnapped Archbishop Barnabas”, November 9, 2021

    Humble Opinion, 9 Nov 2021
    In the world of self-appointed leaders, for their own glory, it is taboo to ask daring question of where about of Archbishop Barnabas. How can the SELF-APPOINTED BEST GENIUS Individual be questioned by the lowly, trash of ordinary people. It is unforgivable. But, alas, they must kneel down and try. (*) THE END
    By the way, in case you can’t find the EARTHLY LORD, just sniff around (including for underground smell. Odd as it sounds, human beings, by nature, are hypnotized to follow their executioners !!!

  2. Free the abducted Archbishop Abune Barnabas by TPLF criminals!!!! A man of faith has nothing to do with TPLF cruel and dirty politics.
    TPLF (Tigray People Liberation Front) invading Amhara and Afar region and abducing people, STOP!!!!!!!!!!
    Stop torturing the Archbishop Abune Barnabas
    #NO MORE


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