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Ethiopian PM claims foreign fighters took part on TPLF side during Dessie operation


Ethiopian PM Abiy Ahmed claims that foreign fighters took part on the side of TPLF during the operation in Dessie and Kombolcha.

He said so during a meeting with his ministers. In the mean time, there are reports that TPLF fighters executed at least 100 civilians in Kombolcha, one of Ethiopia’s industrial city which is said to under TPLF control since that past two days.

Watch what Abiy Ahmed had to say :

Video : embedded from Fana TV YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video
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  1. Subject: “Ethiopian PM claims foreign fighters took part on TPLF side during Dessie operation” borkena.com .November 1, 2021

    Humble Commentary
    The Ethiopian PM’s assertion is NOT a surprise. The old colonial powers with, of course, the good old USA. have one and only one aim on our dear AFRICA. & TO OWN THE RICH NATURAL RESOURCES of AFRICA. THAT IS ALL. As to the Black People of Africa, THEY don’t give a dam.

    As to the relationship with TIGRAY, it is mutually understood that “SCRATCH MY BACK, I SCRATCH YOURS is the mutual philosophy. THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A TRACE of LOVE AFFAIRS between BLACKS and WHITES and the future is very questionable. By the way, very surprising as it may be, TIGRAY can out stand any colonial powers including USA when it comes to sleek smartness!!! Development on other sectors in Life is something else. THAT IS LIFE. SMILE, PLEASE.

  2. Which foreign country? Which one? What? I can’t hear you! Speak up Mr.!!! You know what? I will tell you which foreign country sent it’s well trained soldiers to fight along Debre’s forces and kicked your tuchus until you begged for no more. Somebody, I say somebody here blew my cover. They must be those Oromaras. What? You did not hear about Oromaras? You have no clue, don’t you? They are those Amharas and their collaborating Oromos. Some of them are sitting right in front of you, Mr. I sent some of them to Mekele last July along with the following indomitable armies.
    1) The Gunter Army from Ready Player One
    2) An Army of Heroes from Justice League
    3) Saruman’s Army from Lord of Rings
    4) All the MCU Superheroes from Avengers: Endgame
    5) The Grand Army of the Republic from Star Wars and the meanest of all armies
    6) The Borg Collective from Star Trek

    Now you know dear PM. Stop hitting it around and tell those miserable people that it was me, me nobody else who sent his army just to make you look bad!!! What? Where are you going? Where? Tulsa? Aha! To meet up with disgraced pastors? Ok, ok, I hear you I hear you. Bon Voyage. Thank you for leaving behind a country so mangled up!!!

  3. I don’t see victory coming in favor of the chrrent regime there. In fact the reality is it is in the procee of falling apart and in total disarray. Due to its foul behsvior the coontry has just lost its AGOA pregileges that will send hundreads of thousands with no means of income for survival. Why Cathetine Tai went along with this decicion? There coild be a variety of theories for that. Abiy’s administration has been throwing itself continuously into the arms of proven despots in Moscow and Beijing. Its media and officials have been working overtime bashing the Wesf in stead of looking itself in the mirror. So now what? Money laundering, drug trafficking and illigal trading? It seems to me Debre will enter the capital unopposed soon. Tbe fate of the country will be in the hands of Debre and Doula’s clone Shene’s Jaal Maro. I hope and pray that these two will nof lose their senses and let the situation get out of control. Even though that seems to be remote buf there is a sliver of a chance to do good if they try. So all I can say to the country and its people is bon voyage! Anyway you look at it that country is past the crossroads. She is done for good or bad. All the indication is it is going to be very bad for quite sometime to come. I mean gruesome bad!!! Heads up Eritrea!!!

  4. What ever the case is Amhara must know they are the only people that can assure their safty and survival. Never to trust or believe anyone but themselves and their people. Because they are not organized like Tigre and Oromo terrorist murderers they have fallen prey to their predators.
    Amharas have every power, number, strength and places for training to stop their own bloodshed and extermination.

    No more crying and complaining to a government that is not concerned about your safety or rule of law. Man up, forget the law and put your safety in your own hands.
    Of course every Ethiopian know that foreign powers are involved to help Tigre Terrorist TPLF. Even the UN is caught involved in scandal by providing about 800 Trailer tucks that went into Tigray in the name of food delivery but remained in Tigray transporting Tigre terrorist murderers.
    The same as the notorious lair Tigre Terrorist groups its trainers are foreign powers that are also lying to PM Abiy. They lie to PM Abiy to keep his hands closed and to push back the military and Amhara fighters from going forward to attack and keeping the momentum. Which is to repeat the historical fall of Derg. He is the sole decision maker for 110 millions of Ethiopians which puts Ethiopia in danger. That is why leadership decision must be known and shared with all Ethiopians before weather agreeing or disagreeing.

  5. All the blame rests on no one else except the inept administration in Addis/Finfine. Now there are tens of thousands of former dissidents who trusted the government there who abandoned their safe shelters and went back home. They are now in grave danger. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that will stop Debre and his rag tags from entering the capital. He has managed to secure muscled up beasts of burden in Shene and Amhara regions. O boy! He would love to put his hands on Birtukan, Berhanu, Andargachew, Eskinder and thousands of former rebels. He would not have a 2nd thought to line up and make them target practices by his and Shene beasts of burden. Abiy and his lieutenants are not that stupid when it comes to personal safety. They will be gone to glittering cities of Europe and USA on the day Debre come to town. You know what Debre’s predecessors did to prisoners who used to be their sworn enemies. You heard what their former comrade-in-arms Gebru told us a few years ago. They summarily executed former leaders of EPRP who peacefully surrendered in 1991 in violation of the Geneva Conventions. Aregawi bin Berhe, you’re the first course. O boy, o boy! Dear Birtukan! Stay put and if Debre is on the outskirt of the capital go and find refuge at the US Embassy. You were deceived like me and million others who thought Abiy was it. We all thought he is as smart as his words. We thought he was the whole package, capable of withering any storm thrown at him. We are all taken for a long ride, hon!!! I pray for you and your family’s safety. Insha’Allah!!!
    Meanwhile, I am pleading to our President Biden to send his envoy both to Addis/Finfine and Mekele and do his utmost to avert out of control bloodletting and drag those two knuckleheads to a negotiating table. Otherwise the entire 120 million people will be on the move.

  6. It seems and painfully evident that Debre is giving his rampaging fighter a well deserved breather and a time to muscle up for the next mad rush to the ultimate prize. Addis/Finfine, baby!!! That is on November 15, 2021. Then, do you know what Debre is gonna do? He will arrange a national beauty pageant to choose the most beautiful lady in the country. The winner must be the ‘gold race’. He will make her an Empress as the Queen Sheba incarnate. She will then travel to Israel to pay homage to King Solomon there. Scrap the trip made by Abiy there a couple of years ago. Ethiopia replaced by Axumia and Queen Sheba incarnated in 2021? Perfect!!! Btw, Queen Sheba is gonna need a lot of beasts of burden for her trip and you must be an Amhara and Oromo to apply for the job. Coolie, coolie, coolie!!! Ya-hammaal waheed!!!!

  7. My homeboys Debre and Getachew shot me emails just a minute ago to tell me that Abiy was wrong in his claim that there are foreign white fighters fighting alongside their army. They were asking why Abiy forgot their army is all made up of the Gold Race. When the last time Gold was black? They asked. It is always white or yellow. Yes there are 5 divisions of Filipinos and Maoris. That was is it! There ain’t no white soldiers. Gold Race, Gold Race, damn it!!!! Get your records straight PM Abiy!!!!


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