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What Debretsion had to say about the battle in Dessie area


In his latest televised speech on Dimtsi Woyane Television, Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) chairman Debretsion Gebremichael claimed that his forces ( he calls them Tigray troops) are getting support in the Amhara region. This terrorist group has carried out multiple massacres targeting civilians in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia, including women and children. Reports from Amhara and Afar region suggest that people in those regions have been vehemently resisting TPLF forces.

Debretsion also said that his forces entered into the war as there was no other option left. He sounded as if what he called “those who worship forceful measure.” imposed the war on TPLF. It is already established that TPLF rejected traditional mediation efforts from religious leaders and elders and finally launched an attack on several bases of the Northern Command Post in the Tigray region.

Debretsion did not blink his eyes when he said that “Tigray troops are born out of grievances and that it is fighting for a just cause.”

In his speech, a little over six minutes, Debretsion also claimed that his forces are “unstoppable” and that people in Dessie and Kombolcha areas should not be disturbed by the ongoing fighting. He also called on residents to ensure that no one is firing from inside a house. Furthermore, he called on people to fight against Abiy Ahmed.

borkena spoke to two civilians, on the phone, who happened to be in the battle front in Boru Sellassie – which is less than 10 kilometers north west of Dessie. They told borkena that TPLF forces were vanquished. However, there are still fighting in other areas close to Dessie and Kombolcha.

TPLF is extremely unpopular in different parts of Ethiopia except in Tigray where it is believed to have a significant political support base. However, it is unclear if TPLF continues to have a political currency in Tigray given the military and political losses it suffered recently.

Watch what he had to say

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  1. I’m not sure what Debre was talking about. But from the editors’ note I could sense Debre is smelling blood to come out and tell the residents in Dessie along with its nearby towns to stay calm. I really believe that Debre is not alone in this war and he must have gotten valuable insider help to be able to stay in the areas where the majority of residents are Amharas and Oromos. We used to hear a lot about Raya this and Raya that. Where did that go now? Now I started to see it. It is coming to me now. This is a game being played out between Debre and those in the federal government. Folks, we have been had! We have been taken on a long ride. Debre is allegedly receiving satellite feeds and up to minute images of movements of the ENDF and Abiy is sending his jets bombing the tar out of Debre’s depots. Next Debre will enter Dessie triumphantly and on the same day Abiy’s TV station will parade POWs bragging about a barren joint nobody heard of that his forces captured in Tigray. At the end Abiy and his holy rollers will triumphantly enter the United States of America to do what they do best: scavenge at missionary canteens. Mark my word for it. I ain’t gonna take this seriously anymore. I will not let these two clowns play me. No sir! No mom!!

  2. Those TPLF terrorists are responsible for the thousands or millions of Amhara genocides. They are also responsible for the destruction, looting, chaos and mayhem they inflicted upon innocent Amhara farmers, villagers and city dwellers.

    • And what about the attrocities commited by both Ethiopean and Eritrean forces.Is it convenient for you to leave that unmentioned?

      • There is no one as TPLF Tigrea fascist criminals who committed atrocities against innocent children, women and people even the innocent animals. Do not forget TPLF Tigre criminals have been ousted from power for their ruthless and looter crimes. We are talking about the same criminals that misruled Ethiopia for 27 years with brutal force and without election…..

  3. There is deception the current war is being used like Chess to provide blood for 666 from Tplf and government side. Tigrayans, Amaras and Afaris are being slaughtered in order to offer blood for the 666. There might be question what really happened to the North command. Why negotiations did not continue when there was big conference in Hawassa, Why after the army controlled Mekele there was not plan a, b, c to apprehend tplf terrorists. Why its leaders are roamning and they are not touched. Why Bereket Simon will be again the leader of Amara region after his release. Why Sebhat Nega is comfortably living in a house. The government has said Bereket Simon and Sebhat Nega are imprisoned, hahahaha. Why Tplf was allowed to invade Amara, and Afar region. Why the government did not interfere when tplf is getting satellite where to attack. As the monkey says in Amharic, first pull out the thorn from my sitting area so that I can pull out the thorn myself from the rest of my body. Why the government did not house clean Addis Area as Tplf was successful in controlling Ethiopians for 27 years by 1 Weyane to control 5 citizens, why not the current government can do even 1 million fo 1 Weyane (exaggerating). So many questions. The so called of prophesyzing from the bible “Ethiopia will stretch her hand unto god is” is giving the devils an opportunity to implement and annhilate nations. We know Sudan and Egypt are ready to attack Ethiopia in order to decimate the christian societies. So such attack is being made the way, ssweeping the ground to make away deliberately to attack Ethiopia.

  4. Subject: “What Debretsion had to say about the battle in Dessie area” October 27, 2021

    Humble Commentary, 27 Oct 2021
    It is natural fact that no one can change the politicians around the Globe who are deeply dedicate and care about themselves more than any other soul. After all, they are not Angels
    That is a FACT of LIFE. Take it, LEAVE it or do something about it.
    What ever choice you make, take a sack of handkerchief with you.
    That is LIFE — especially in our untiring ; dearest ; dark ; Continent ; OUR DEAR BLACK AFRICA.
    If you are not sure, just consult someone who happened to possess a precious piece of testimonial paper entitled …………….never mind.
    Have a nice EXISTANCE — ‘LIVING’ being away from BLACK AFRICANS — and try to SMILE happily; it costs nothing.

    May the Good Lord, in his/her mysterious ways change his/her mind about BLACK AFRICANS, who proved themselves, beyond a shadow of doubt, to be the most descent, peaceful, God Fearing, Human Creature. OH!!!! LORD, HAVE MERCY UPON US .


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