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Two Ahadu Radio journalists arrested over misinforming report

Ahadu Radio


Police on Wednesday reportedly arrested Two Ahadu Radio journalists over what appears to be misinforming coverage in connection with battle news coverage in South Wollo.

According to DW news Amharic service, the reporter and editor of the news are arrested for reporting that “Haik town is under the control of TPLF forces,” which was apparently aired last Friday. 

The TPLF officials, mainly through their spokesman Getachew Reda, have been propagating,through digital media agents, that they have controlled the towns Haik and Dessie, which is not the case. 

Main producer of Ahadu radio, Lidya Abebe, is cited as saying that the station apologized to listeners right after  it was aired. A government official who happened to be the source for the news provided the reporter with incorrect information. 

The name of the official is undisclosed, and it is unclear if police have made an arrest. 

The suspects have already appeared in court and police told court that the two journalists may have links to the organization, TPLF, which is designated as a terrorist organization. 

Ahadu Radio lawyer made a case that the offense does not constitute a criminal offense. 

According to DW Amharic report, government officials did not make themselves available for a remark about the arrest. 

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  1. Such arrests of journalists will only add to the alienation of the regime and the country. Arrests and famine are music to Debre’s ears. It shows desperation on the regime side. You don’t arrest people for erroneous reporting but you shame/discredit them by telling the real story. You hit hard at their pockets. In the worst case you may revoke their credentials. When will persecution of journalists stop over there? The problem is not journalists but the ineptness in the capital. Those Amharas and my Oromos….forget about what I was gonna say. I will just bite my tongue. Just forget it, okay!!!!


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