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At least 30 civilians killed as TPLF forces took control of Wuchale

Wuchale _ South Wollo _ TPLF
Google map of Wuchale


At least 30 civilians, on Sunday, are reportedly killed in the history Wuchale town in South Wollo, which is only 60 kilometers north of Dessie. 

The number of casualties could be higher. Many of them were killed as the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) shelled residential areas in the town with heavy weaponry. 

The TPLF forces also unleashed destruction of the city. Residents in the city are displaced and many have found themselves in Dessie, a city currently with hundreds of thousands of displaced people from North Wollo areas. 

borkena spoke to some residents from over the phone on Sunday. They feel unsafe and think that the Ethiopian government did not do what it supposed to in order to protect the people of Wollo. 

Many seem to anticipate that TPLF could take over Dessie and Kombolcha towns itself unless the Ethiopian government decisively reverse their march to the city. 

The feeling does not seem to be optimistic. Government sources have not so far remarked about the situation. 

We will update borkena readers as  more news becomes available.
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