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Ethiopians react as United Nations fires IOM representative in Ethiopia

Maureen Achieng, a Kenyan and United Nations Migration Agency representative in Ethiopia, on “administrative leave” following her remark over the conflict in the Northern part of Ethiopia

Maureen Achieng _ United Nations _ Ethiopia
Maureen Achieng ( Photo : SM)


Ethiopians on social media reacting as the United Nations’ Migration Agency put head of Ethiopia office,Maureen Achieng’ on “administrative leave” on grounds of “unauthorized interviews” in which she remarked about the TPLF terrorist group – a group that seems to get some form of support by the UN agencies, as indicated in recent leaked information

In a  leaked video clip last week she had an interview with Jeff Pearce, who described himself as Historian, novelist, career surrealist, as seen from his social media profile page on Twitter. 

The audio was first shared on Twitter by an Ethiopian Mesay Kebede, Ethiopian Satellite Television journalist based in the US, but was later removed as Jeff claimed that the audio was stolen. 

She talked about how the UN Ethiopia staff on the ground was sidelined after the UN deployed colleagues from elsewhere. Leaked information published by borkena on October 1 said that the UN officials were deployed with a preconceived view about the conflict in Tigray. 

Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopians took the matter to social media to condemn the UN. 

ለምለሚቱ Ethiopia tweeted “I am deeply saddened to learn that the departure of Maureen Achieng, Ethiopia chief of UN’s migration agency. Her only crime was telling the truth about #TPLFTerroristGroup. For that she is paying a heavy price. Shame on you 

@un. Shame on you. @UNmigration” 

Dr. Ir. Middle Lander (@LanderMiddle) wrote, “UN Recalls Ethiopia Migration Head Maureen Achieng because she exposed the mess @UNEthiopia and the role of  @DrTedros  et al. in destabilising #Ethiopia. @antonioguterres clean your house! 

You should fire Kwesi not her…”

Another user who uses the name “Defend Ethiopia Spain” (uses the handle @EthiopiansInSP) wrote : “The UN has kicked her out from her job for fighting irregularities and falsification of reports in Ethiopia. Antonio Gutiérrez, we demand explanations now! @antonioguterres @jeffpropulsion @UNEthiopia @UNOCHA @_anapastor_ @_AfricanUnion

@ABC ”

There are those who also seem to see the UN decision as a racist one. 

Sultan Abba Gissa, apparently an MP, said “While free world  leaders celebrating #GirlsDay The @UN @antonioguterres Fired  #BlackWoman from  @IOMEthiopia director position just for being unbiased on #Ethiopia issue ! #IamMaureenAchieng”

Some Ethiopian diaspora organizations have criticized the United Nations leadership over its decision of firing Maureen as head of IOM Ethiopia. 

Ethiopian American Civic Council said “Today @MaureenAAchieng IOM Chief of Mission to Ethiopia and Rep. to AU and UNECA has been removed from her post by UN officials in New York for exposing TPLF’s crimes. Shame on to UN which morphed back in becoming the League of Nations. EACC asks for credible investigation. @UN”

The hashtag #IamMaureenAchieng is trending on Twitter.

Ethiopians have launched a petition on calling for the United Nations to Reinstate Maureen Achieng as IOM Chief of Mission to Ethiopia. Within hours after it was created, hundreds of Ethiopians have signed the petition. 
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  1. This is all classic double standard. I’m utterly disgusted at this travesty of justice. I hope her home country will say something about this bullying by Guterres and the gang. Meanwhile, we should firmly stand behind this person of character and high moral standard. It is very sad to see the UN has turned out to be a den of commies and ultra leftist activists. They must be ashamed of themselves!!!

  2. The Government of Ethiopia should continue to stand firm against any external threat/pressure from any government and/or body. The US provides the bulk of funding for the United Nations, and hence the latter normally takes its marching orders from its financier, nor the world body. The US and its European allies sees danger for their interests in Africa in general and Eastern Africa in particular because of Abiye Ahmed’s drive to unite Africa for peace and economic development. There should not be any contradiction between what Abiye is trying to do vis a vis the US and European allies but apparently the white folks believe so. May be US and Europe would like Africans to be in perpetual poverty and instability so as not to be challenged with support from, say Russia and China. PM has the moral and intellectual higher ground, and hence should pursue his vision/ambition. Ethiopians are united and firmly behind him, and I surmise Africans as well perhaps less the white population.

  3. From my long experience working for several agencies at the UN , the only countries or regimes that lodge grievances and incessantly complain about the policies missions and functions of the entire UN agencies including UNHCR, UNWFP(world food program), UNIOM, WHO, FAO etc.. are repressive and authoritarian regimes with questionable human rights records. I am really heartbroken to see that Ethiopia , the country where I lived and worked for more that 13 years has joined those ranks..

  4. She told the truth about the United nation’s unwarranted shameful support to terrorist TPLF (Tigray people liberation front) side stepping and throwing under the bus, not only a member nation ETHIOPIA, but one of the founders of the United nation itself, in which it should be interpreted as a defiance of the United nation’s international norms, rules of law as well as the degradation of United nation’s mandate to respect the right of a member state ETHIOPIA to defend and exercise its mandated right to protect it’s border, integrity, it’s citizens from harms way and the general integrity of the country.
    The wicked and incompetent Secretary General of the United Nation Antonio Guterres should submit his resignation letter to the Secretary council sooner rather than later, for the indignation and respect of the United Nation and most importantly the reinstatement of a distinguished UN staff member administrator in ETHIOPIA Mrs. Maureen Achieny should be a priority and at most important.


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