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CNN now targets Ethiopian Airlines for smear campaign over allegedly “smuggled weapon” to Eritrea

In the latest string of media attacks on Ethiopia, CNN targeted Ethiopian Airlines over an alleged “smuggling” of weapons between Ethiopia and Eritrea sometime in November 2020, following the TPLF attacks on Ethiopian Defense Force Northern Command and rocket attacks on Eritrean capital. 

CNN Ethiopian Airlines


CNN has manufactured multiple allegations relating to Ethiopia since the Ethiopian government started the law enforcement operations  against the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and none of them have proved to be true so far. 

The latest target of CNN character assassination is Ethiopian Airlines, a successful carrier that managed to survive pandemic related economic hardship through innovative business strategy while positively contributing in the fight against the coronavirus disease by delivering much needed supplies to different parts of the world. 

CNN claimed that “Ethiopia’s government has used the country’s flagship commercial airline to shuttle weapons to and from neighboring Eritrea during the civil war in Ethiopia’s Tigray region.”

It made a reference to what it called “Cargo documents and manifests seen by CNN,”  ” eyewitness accounts,” and  “photographic evidence” to make a claim that  “arms were transported between Addis Ababa’s international airport and airports in the Eritrean cities of Asmara and Massawa on board multiple Ethiopian Airlines planes in November 2020 during the first few weeks of the Tigray conflict.” 

However, it is unspecified where the  cargo document, it is making a reference to, is obtained from.  

CNN went on to cite “experts” as saying that the flights between Ethiopia and Eritrea  ” would constitute a violation of international aviation law, which forbids the smuggling of arms for military use on civil aircraft.”

What exactly constitutes smuggling is unclear. 

Previous CNN allegations of human rights abuses and “genocide”  in connection with the conflict in the northern part of Ethiopia, based on claims of “investigative report,” were proved to be rather biased, if not entirely false. 

Ethiopian Airlines has dismissed the allegation from CNN. Ethiopia’s 75 years old Airliner came to be the leading carrier in the continent, and it does not have records of violations of international aviation laws. 

In a statement released on Thursday, Ethiopian Airlines said “Ethiopian Airlines strongly refutes the recent allegations by CNN regarding the airlines’ involvement in transporting weapons”

Ethiopian Airlines also asked the CNN to make correction to the story it published. It said that Ethiopian airlines “it has never been engaged in any weapons transportation and kindly requests correction in this report.”

Ethiopian Airlines won multiples of prestigious awards this year. 

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  1. This is a false protracted and an audacious accusation by president Joe Biden, using the usual tools, the news media, in this case CNN, which is an expert in fals propaganda and lies to falsely accuse the ETHIOPIAN national airline transporting weapons to Tigray ETHIOPIA, as is ETHIOPIA did not have military transportation aircrafts, how laughable is that! This is simply to justify for more sanctions on ETHIOPIA and the ETHIOPIAN airline.
    Didn’t the United State of America call upon the national airliners, such as United airline, America airline, Delta airline and so forth to transport solders and war equipments to Iraq, Afghanistan wars, as well as elsewhere in the war zones, and did so as requested ordered.
    This is egregious, blatant and audacious white supremacy and white privileges Joe Biden created for himself and his administration, which is totally unacceptable.

  2. There two kinds of TV shows I rarely watch during the last 4 or 5 years: CNN and late night TV shows except Jimmy Fallon. That also depends on the guests he has on a given night. They have turned to be platforms for activists. After local news the drapes are down and it would be the time to switch channels. Lucky for me there are channels that show reruns of Johnny Carson and others from the good old days. CNN has been desperate for ratings and it now thinks it has found the patsy called Ethiopia. They will pitch a tent there until those ‘Anti-Semi’ Oromaras are wiped off the face of the earth. It was Abiy before and when that did not go as planned for them it is the country’s airline now. Who knows? Next could be the endangered black mane lion, the Red Fox, the Nyala and the Gelada Monkey. Geladas are known to be very smart thieves. You know what? That reminds of the photo I received the other showing about 3,000 Gelada monkeys carrying guns, tanks, SU35’s from a dock in Massawa all the way to Abiy’s crib in Mekele. I am gonna send that to Jake Tapper and talk about it on his show. Eat your hearts out folks! I am gonna get paid bigly.

  3. CNN has lost its position to be a credible news outlet. Rather, it is working hard in fabrication of baseless and partisan allegations against Ethiopia. The broadcaster seems to be under a full sponsorship of the TPLF and their allies to destabilize and ultimately destroy Ethiopia. CNN left no stone unturned to attack Ethiopia and its national interest ever since the Northern conflict began. In a simple term, CNN is fighting Ethiopia in comradeship with those who are relentlessly toiling to get Ethiopia disintegrated. Counterfeit and self conflicting documentaries being baked by the Sudanese reporter for CNN are crystal clear evidences of CNN’s violation of media ethics and attacking a nation with waves of false allegations. The fact is this, Ethiopia prevails despite all the odds!

  4. Ok folks!!! It all exciting news from me to you!
    What is all that exciting about your news, Ittu?
    It is nothing but exciting!
    Ok, ok Ittu. Come on, don’t just keep us in suspense and tell us about it
    I caught them! I caught them!
    Who did you catch and with what?
    I caught them! I caught them!
    Sheesh! Please tell us Ittu.
    I caught them! I caught them! They cannot deny it. I have the ultimate evidence in black and white also in colors.
    Ok, keep on Ittu. We are still waiting for you to tell us all about it.
    Read all about it! Evening issue, read all about it!
    Keep going Ittu.
    3,000 Aardvarks(Awaaldiigessaa), 200 black mane, lions, 2,000 geladas, 500 mountain Nyalas, 750 red foxes. 1,200 wild asses and 650 walia ibexes. I caught them! I caught!
    Let’s go Ittu!
    First all these rascals stole containers from ships sailing in the middle of the Red Sea all undetected.
    Wow, it shows they are so savvy in their crafts.
    Then they took all those containers and hid them in secret moles around Massawa. After that it was smooth sailing all the way to Addis/Finfine. You know who was in the cockpit of all these thieves?
    Who Ittu?
    Pilots from Ethiopian Airlines. Their first pit stop was at Mekele before heading to Addis/Finfine. When all those containers were opened workers at the dock found 300 drones made by Iran, 500 advanced drones made by UAE, 600 long range missiles and nuclear bomb making parts from North Korea, 45 SU-35’S all Russian and Indian made and French designed Leclerc tanks made in Pakistan. I took the videos and still photos in their acts using my ultra modern equipment.
    What kind of equipment Ittu?
    My spanking new iPhone 13 Pro in sync with my ultra sophisticated telescope seated in my back porch. My telescope is connected to multiple geostationary satellites.
    Wow, you can do all that Ittu? You made us all jealous.
    Yep! I just contacted CNN and am gonna get paid bigly, I mean bigly. It is the first of its kind in investigative journalism.
    You are now a journalist too, Ittu?
    Yep, of CNN, AP & BBC kind.

  5. I wrote this on another website after the editors took down a derogatory and denigrating remarks by one eyal-al-souq against that upright daughter/sister of ours. People who stood behind those glorious people who produced us all during these trying/rainy days should never be bullied and insulted. None of the websites among our Diaspora should be part or help process the efforts of those who are hell bent to see that gem of the colored go on the paths of their preference only or go to smithereens. None and never! This was my comment and the editors there had let it ride.

    Thank you dear editors for showing that potty mouth where the door is. Believe me you did not commit an act of censorship but you are doing your due diligence by cleaning up the dirt. As those visionaries told us way back 150 years ago you are proving to us that you are trying to preserve the good and improve on it and expurgate what is destructive and evil since so many among us have refused to mend their ways. These miscreants think/believe their time has come when they will be able to go in and carve out a territory to call it their own fiefdom. For them it is now or bust. These are inciting smart alecks who have the skills to corral the gullible and herd them into their poisoned outfits. These are the worst bigots that country ever produced. They have been fleecing the gullible thru association fees and charity calls facing no independent auditing to date. That is why you see them running around attacking people like rabid dogs. They are a disgrace to my people and to the old country at large. Kudos to you for reminding them they have met their master in the field called ‘the website name’ !!! Good riddance!!!

  6. On a lighter side I was rewarded twice in a week’s time by our two gallant young men from the old country. It was Lemma at London Marathon and this morning I watched Seifu bin Tura annihilates the entire field on NBCSN at the Chicago Marathon. I badly needed such uplifting news coming out of the old country since everything else has been depressing. At the London Marathon our boys took the coveted 1st and 3rd place and added the 5th and the 6th ones. On the women’s side our patriots took the 2nd and 3rd place there narrowly missing the first place. With the triumph at the London and Chicago I’m good! I’m good for a week!!!

    I wish our dear editors will mix up the postings on their esteemed website adding badly needed good news like these. Stay Blessed!!!


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