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Agegnehu Teshager the new speaker of Federation

Agegnehu Teshager called upon the need to strengthen unity in diversity of Ethiopia and further promote interconnections among Ethiopians 

Agegnehu Teshager seating in the House of Federation (Photo : ENA)


Agegnehu Teshager is elected as the speaker of the House of Federation. It was during the opening session of the House of Federation, which is like Ethiopia’s Upper House, that the house elected him as speaker.

The House has the power to interpret the constitution and handle constitutional disputes, among other things, and has representations from what the Ethiopian constitutions refer to as  Nations, Nationalities and Peoples” 

He took his oath after his election. 

Before his new role, he served as president of Amhara regional state for a little more than a year until last week. 

In his acceptance speech, he said that the years of reforms ( he was making a reference since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s take over of power in 2018) marked a time when Ethiopia was challenged by internal and external forces that do not want to see the peace and development of the country. Yet, it was also a time when those who were loyal to the cause of Ethiopia won in the international forums, he said. 

He hailed the wisdom of Ethiopians, as he called it,  that was demonstrated during the sixth general election which turned out to be peaceful. 

It was a process from which Ethiopia won, he added. 

Agegnehu Teshager  also talked about the need to strengthen unity in diversity and ensure proper representation at different levels of government structure and promote political, economic, social and cultural interconnections. 

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  1. Quickly, ageritu be rusia/China ser mehon Alebat. Syria and Lebanon are now under Russia as promise, the same for Ethiopia. Invilving Turkey too much would be grave mistake as they are Trojan horses in alliance with Nato and staunchly detest indiginousc hristians. It was Turkey,, allied with British that spread lslam all over the world using machetes. They continue to kill Christians in alliance with the West, lsrael and Egypt in Syria. Eritrea maybe allied with Ethiopia but guaranteed it doesn’t want a strong Ethiopia and maybe misleading Ethiopia by advising. If Aby is genuine for Ethiopia, the attack will continue by mercenaries and Banda to sway the public’s opinion he can’t lead. If he is a fake leader, means he is allied with anti Ethiopians and will target societies in Ethiopia just like the terrorist and mercenary, tplf. If he is smart, he should seek advice inside and outside from all, set committee, etc and decide which direction to continue to save the country. If he is tru leader also, he should not throw the extremists into the handsome foreign enemies, rather must listen to them even though what they want maybe outrageous.

  2. If he speaks positive, peace and unity he must be the right person! Congratulations Sir!!! No more to negative, evil and hostile ruling methods!!
    Ethiopia is rich in diverse culture and language to mention the few and a person who speaks respect, unity, equality and peace is what the country needs and wants. Ethiopians has proven themselves how much they long for peace and unity by standing together against the belligerent TPLF terrorists.
    Ethiopia got her great history because of its great leaders that united the country and secured freedom from foreign invaders , looters and intruders. Out of the 3000 years of people who led the country by keeping unity, equality and peace only and only the 27 years old brutal, selfish blood sucker TPLF tried and failed to divide and destroy Ethiopian families and sovereignty. Now that failed poisonous TPLF history is thrown out in a trash bin along its TPLF Terrorists.

    • Who’r you to say this, I think you are more than an enemy of Ethiopia or out of this planet to deny the fact that Ethiopia has a rich history. Go to the world largest libraries and museums they will show you what you deny.


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