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United Nations aid chief Martin Griffiths blame Ethiopian gov’t over aid blockade

Mr. Martin Griffiths makes assumption about famine situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia and an insinuation that the Ethiopian government can do something about “de-facto blockade” 

Mr. Martin Griffiths , UN Aid Chief (Photo Credit : United Nations)



United Nations aid chief, Martin Griffiths, on Tuesday said the humanitarian blockade to the Tigray region is “… man-made, this can be remedied by the act of government.”

He said so in an interview with Reuters. 

Mr. Griffiths made assumptions that  there is a famine in the Tigray region of Ethiopia due to what he called  “de-facto blockade.”  He didn’t, however, talk about the parts of Amhara region under the control of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) forces where more than 4.5 million people are believed to be facing a famine like situation, according to local sources which the regional government confirmed.  

The Ethiopian Ambassador to the United Nations seems to have dismissed the claim of “de-facto blockade” of aid to the Tigray region. Reuters quoted Ethiopia’s U.N. mission in New York as saying, “any claim on the existence of blockade is baseless.” 

The mission added, “faced shortage in trucks as a result of the non-return of almost all trucks that traveled to Tigray to deliver aid.”

Last week, an ethnic Tigray journalist, Hermela Aregawi, revealed leaked information that pro-TPLF supporters do not want aid to reach Tigary as that would be good for the image of Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. 

She tweeted, “Pro-TPLF Tigreans in the diaspora “don’t want aid to get to people because it will make @AbiyAhmedAli Government look good.”

Initially critical of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s government in connection with what is presented as a “crisis” in Tigray,  she could not conceal that her perspective is changing. she said, “My perspective on Tigray evolved bc of inconsistencies I’ve seen & heard in 10+ mnths. I stayed quiet for mnths hoping to see a shift towards peace & truth bc lives of millions – including my families’ – depend on it. “

In light of growing skepticism, if not distaste, towards multilateral institutions like the United Nations and the state actors like the United States, in Ethiopia, Martin Griffiths’ latest remark in connection with aid blockade is likely to generate harsh criticism. He avoided talking about what TPLF has been doing to obstruct aid delivery. 

The United Nations Branch office in Ethiopia earlier this month admitted that only 38 of 466 aid trucks that entered the Tigray region since July 12 did return from the region. 

Video footage that emerged in social media showed aid trucks being used for TPLF military operations in the Amhara and Afar regions of Ethiopia.

Mr. Martin visited Ethiopia in July this year. He spent days in Tigray.
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  1. Why is US targeting Tegaru and Oromos now ? How come removing the genocider Colonel Abiy and dismantling Prosperity Party become a daunting task for the most powerful nation like US ?

    Amhara’s diasporas and their top dogs are marching in the streets of US , EU and other countries supporting the genocide in TIgray and Oromia in favor of Abiy . These thugs living in overseas are tolerated by the officials who host them as documented and undocumented immigrants . When these the most tolerated , if not favored, criminals(Amhara and Eritrean immigrants living in overseas) stand in favor of genocide by condemning the interference of US in Ethiopia , they are indirectly and conspiratorially showing to the world that US is in favor of the most affected people of Tigray and Oromo, but in reality amhara and pro-Higdef Eritreans are supporting the USA , UNSC and, UN, and helping US to look as if they are helping Tegaru and Oromo

    Abiy , Isyas and their ruling party members are enemies of Tigray,and Oromia when assisting foreign powers sell their weapons by exploiting our resources and destroy Ethiopia, Tigray, & Oromia .

    How come the genocider Abiy and his party , ring leaders of state terrorism in modern history, be given a chance to talk about peace and sit aroud the table to make peace with the people they massacred ? They must be removed from power and face Justice.

    in Reality, US , UN, UNSC, WFP are now in favor of Abiy and Amhara elites while playing the opposite role. Why can’t they remove Abiy and bring him to ICC when millions from every ethnic are suffering and dying every day from hunger and war crimes ? Why can’t they bring food to the needy by aircraft as they did in Sudan and other places, but superficially asking Abiy for 9 months ? Time will tell when something of this sort arises in EU , among white race they will solve it in weeks time . Black lives matter ! Stop white supremacy at the expense of killing children by human made hunger and smuggling weapons to Ethiopia for profit.

  2. Let this Martin Griffiths Nazi, neocolonialist bigoted human garbage bark like a dog all he wants, he has no say so in ETHIOPIA’s national security apparatus, we know he is not transporting aid to the average people in the Tigray region, instead he is feeding terrorist TPLF (Tigray people liberation front) as well as transporting weapons and war gadgets to terrorist TPLF, in order to destabilize and breakup ETHIOPIA, just like they did to the great nation of Yugoslavia, AFRICA must get these axis of evil out of AFRICA for good. and keep them off AFRICA’s internal affairs, period.
    You have done it before, we will never allow you to do it again, there is a saying “ if you fool me once shame on you, if you fool me twice shame on you “.

  3. PM Abiy! You are being told and accused of disrupting the flow of critically needed and life saving aid to the already starving people of Tigray region. What language you don’t understand? Your diplomatic corps stationed overseas have failed you in their missions. They have been nothing but fat cats on their early and comfy retirement. They have proved themselves to be inept and unqualified for the job and it seems that they were selected for such extremely critical mission merely thru personal connection. When did we see these ‘early retirees’ hit the press interview and release circuit? That country has had 200 varieties of scabby afflicting its population but it has retirement homes(embassies) in hundreds of countries. I read news lately that many of these cash cow retirement are being shuttered. I say about time! I also heard that one of those ‘early retirees’ have decided to strike first by applying for political asylum after he got the wind of pending closure of his loafing consulate in Minnesota so he can join his predecessor who was fired from a position at a consulate because he got caught lying in his resume. We gonna see more ‘desertions’ in the coming months. They will make up any reasons like ‘I am gonna be persecuted cuz I am an Amhara, Oromo, Tigre, a cousin of Bugs Bunny, Ms Piggy and Winnie the Pooh. No I am the direct cousin, once removed, of the endangered black mane lion! Again, when did we see any Ambassador or a staff member in front of the camera? All we have been seeing is those two fire spitting patriots H.E. Dina bin Mufti and Demeke bin Mekonnen waging tooth and nail diplomatic battle almost everyday. What gallant warriors are these two! But it seems too late to change the minds of foreigners like this UN official. He has been spoon fed with a one sided story for quite some time now. His perspective about the situation in the old country has been badly soiled by the unrelenting propaganda of operatives of the opposition. I’m afraid that the old country will be effectively isolated as a pariah state that starves its own people to death and then we will see videos of Mirages and F-16’s wheezing overhead in search of Dinah, Demeke and Abiy! Who gives a flying hoot cuz these are a bunch of niggers anyway!!! Robert E. Lee will be seen handing out medals after medals to ‘heroes’ who lynched those damn niggers!!!

    • Yes Ittu Aba Farda. I agree with you. In fact the whole Government machinery has failed when it comes to defending the country in the face of the West’s propognda attack recklessly directed towards us. And this has cost us tremendously already. I don’t think this is only due to negligence. There should be a serious conspiracy behind this alarming and unusual silence.

  4. This good for nothing organ called the UN should go to Tigray and tell the TPLF, who shoulder the sole responsibility of starving the Tigray people by using the hunger in Tigray as a means to compel the Ethiopian government into negotiating table, which is totally impossible. We, Ethiopians, like to tell the this devil called UN to go and tell this nonsense to the Terrorist and Criminal TPLF; period.

  5. No shame at all from the UN. Before demanding the return of the 370 trucks that went to Tigray and never returned back from Tigray it is again crying to send more. It a tactic of arming TPLF with Trucks load of food and transporting TPLF Terrorisms to Amhara and Afar regions.
    Amhara and Afar people are brave, loyal and respected people who must devise other tactics and methods to protect themselves from what is planned for them to keep them impoverished, massacred, uneducated, starved, hurt, wounded and crippled. So far PM Abiy government is not providing protection. The UN is also infiltrated by TPLF goons, looters and paid lobbyists that PM Abiy kept on begging to work with him without showing a strong commitment to protect Amhara and Afar victims. PM Abiy is only interested in keeping power. So far he did not eliminate TPLF and OLF Terrorisms.

  6. Martin Griffiths and the whole UN leadership are nothing but tools of the Western world to subjugate developing nations. But UN, as the name indicates, was meant to work for all nations equally. Shame on them.

  7. Ignore this guy. UN is contaminated by TPLF terrorists and paid individuals crying to save TPLF murderers of Amhara and Afar. UN, Amnesty Int’l and the so called Humanitarian organization do not care for any African’s live. They are all political groups with unequal interest and benefits. The aim is to addict Africans for handouts in the name of good doers and bribing weak and selfish leaders into submissions. It is a subjecting tool for Africans to rely on handouts instead of self reliance and good governance and equal benefits.


    Are these bunch of UN pentioners already living-dead? Are they not saying anything about the 400+ trucks robbed by TPLF? Or have they orchestrated their handover to TPLF?


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