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Kobo Massacre : Rights group says received reports of civilian massacre by TPLF

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) fighters carried out house to house killings, blazing residential homes in and around Kobo town in North Wollo 

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The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) on Sunday said it had received reports of a massacre of civilians in Kobo town – which is about 50 kilometers north east of Wolida town. 

The report from the Commission, shared on its social media page, unspecified the number of casualties from the latest incident of massacre. 

However, it is indicated that the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) is said to have perpetrated the killing. Tigray rebel forces went house to house killing civilians, including children and women, as was the case with the massacres in other parts of Amhara region and in the Afar region. 

Residential homes of civilians have been burned. Infrastructures ( schools and hospitals) are destroyed. 

Furthermore, the commission said that it is investigating the report, and called for parties to the conflict, in the words of the commission, to respect and observe responsibility to protect civilians. 

Social media sources with links to the Kobo area of North Wollo report well over 600 civilians have been killed and many more wounded. 

Ethiopian activists and politicians launched a social media campaign condemning the latest round of massacre of civilians and condemning US president Joe Biden’s administration over proposed sanction over Ethiopia, and for not condemning atrocities by TPLF. 

The TPLF has not yet reacted to the news of the Kobo massacre. Federal government of Ethiopia did not issue a statement regarding the situation in and around Kobo. 

Some opposition party officials are criticizing PM Abiy Ahmed’s government over what they say is inability to rescue people in Kobo region. Chairman of the National Movement of Amhara, Belete Molla, seems to think that government is equally responsible for what happened in Kobo and will be held accountable when the time comes.

In less than two months, the TPLF carried out a series of massacres in Galicoma, Afar region of Ethiopia, and in Chena locality of Dabat district of North Gondar

Usually, massacres of civilians are omens that the TPLF is losing militarily. It was evident from the Maikada massacre in November 2020 where more than 1000 civilians were slaughtered before the TPLF fled the area following a crushing defeat by the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

The massacres in Galicoma,Afar, and Chena, Gondar, happened for similar reasons, apparently. The TPLF is entirely cleared from Afar region, where it was pursuing the ambition of cutting the route between Djibouti and Ethiopia, and from North and South Gondar. 

Outside the Tigray region, its forces are restricted in some parts of North Wollo out with reported logistical difficulties. 

The Amhara regional government last week disclosed that it does not have information about 4.5 million people currently living in the TPLF controlled parts of the region. 

Unprecedented famine situation, including in Kobo, is reported, and the rebel forces have confirmed it. 
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  1. I’m still confused. Are towns of Waldiya and many other villages in Wello is still in Debre’s firm control? If so then what are were talking about his forces to the tune of 228,000 were decimated? We have been taken on a long ride, folks! Rather, we have been taken for fools and mooncalves!!! Mitigating circumstances might lead me to adjust my opinion but I think after the next government is formed there as promised by next month it will be the time for Abiy to pass the baton to others so he will have time to preach the Holy Words of The Almighty to his holy rolling church members. He should be accorded a very thankful and warm send off to a preacher’s life. Otherwise, it ain’t gonna work. That is just my opinion. He has lost grace with the West and from the experience of the past and present those two despots in Moscow and Beijing will know what to do with him and the country. Russian Wagner Group will make a quick work with him!!! A preacher ain’t their cup of tea after all both for Putin or Xi!!!

  2. This is the evil TPLF Terrorist that the UN, Amnesty International and the so called all Humanitarian organizations are defending and aiding.
    The UN Antonio Gutiérrez has become TPLF’s war Commander instead of working UN’s job. Now 428+ Humanitarian Food delivery Trucks are used to transport TPLF Terrorists to invade, massacre and loot innocent Amhara and Afar citizens. Yet no cry from Davidson, UN, Amnesty Int’l, WFP and the rest of so called humanitarian Organization. So that is saying that they are helping TPLF Terrorists instead of real victims.
    What are the alternatives for the government is the real question?


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