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Ethiopia struggling against mutating colonialism, says PM Abiy Ahmed

Children and civilians  in the Tigray region of Ethiopia are held hostages by the terrorist organization and being used as cannon fodders in the war, says PM Abiy 


In an open letter written to the U.S. president Joe Biden, Ethiopian Prime Minister indicated that Ethiopia escaped from the yokes of colonialism, but it is struggling against mutating colonialism. 

He was making a reference to the context in which Ethiopia has been facing mounting external pressure ( the prime minister used the phrase from “the world” – which rather seems to be a reference to the United States and its allies) due to the law enforcement operation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

In his letter, the prime minister attempted to highlight the nature of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the pervasive , and egregious, human rights violations it committed against Ethiopians for more than three decades.  He did not, however, note that the United States was the leading funder to the TPLF region under the guise of the “war on terror” in the Horn of Africa. 

PM Abiy Ahmed also talked about how the conflict broke out and the effort that his government has been making to restore peace and stability, and humanitarian access to the Tigray region of Ethiopia. He talked about the crimes of TPLF including the use of child soldiers and use of civilians as cannon fodders in the war. 

Despite that, “The World,” he said, blamed Ethiopia for all the wrong reasons. In light of recurring statements from the United States Department of State, the White House and the European Union, and the introductions of sanction regimes, Ethiopia was facing more than a blame. 

Apart from demonstrated tendencies of dictating Ethiopia how it must handle its law enforcement operation against a criminal group that the Ethiopian parliament designated as a terrorist organization, there have been omens hinting that the United States and its allies have been tacitly supporting the Tigray People’s Liberation Front. 

Consumption of emergency food aid, that was meant to be distributed to those in need in the Tigray region, as exhibited from captured TPLF fighters, and the use of hundreds of trucks that carried aid to the Tigray region by the TPLF forces are among factors that convinced Ethiopians that the United States and its allies support TPLF terrorist forces. The  purpose , as many Ethiopians speculate it, is to impose their political, economic and cultural interest via TPLF once it is restored to power through their support. 

In terms of political support to TPLF, a huge body of distorted narrative about the war against TPLF was manufactured and highly consumed in the west to the point that it informed policymakers. 

Emboldened by the support, the TPLF terrorist group invaded many areas in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia, where it carried out massive massacres targeting civilians – a story that has been missing from mainstream media in the west. 

In light of all those facts, many Ethiopians seem to agree that the United States and European Union have been attempting to treat Ethiopia as if it is a sphere of their influence rather than sovereign nation. 
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  1. I am not sure what the pm is talking about ‘mutating colonialism’. First all he must brush up his diplomatic corps because it has been a total failure in dealing with the West. I grade that an ‘F’ in presenting its case from the outset. He and his brain trusts should have anticipated or even realized the success of the propaganda onslaught by Debre and his operatives in the West. Debre’s operatives have been relentless from day one in bombarding policy makers of the West with exaggerated crimes present and in the past. They were able to shake up the nerves of the West with Rwanda 1994, Rwanda 1994. They were very successful in presenting our dear neighbors Amhara as some demonic Anti-Semi’s that ever existed in the Horn of Africa. I am calling on the well read countrymen/women with Amhara heritage to start a well planned approach of the Jewish organizations here in the West and present their true and harmonious values. What does Jake Tapper know about the origin of the current conflict let alone the people of Ethiopia? He must have spent his weekends with those who were spoon fed by Debre’s operatives. You will cool headed intellectuals in this effort and you will need to be relentless also convincing. CNN’s coverage was reckless in putting out news of ‘horrible’ incidences before independently verifying them. It was now Tapper and tomorrow it will be one of his ‘colleagues’ at NBC in Meet the Press. You have to clear up the demonization of your upright people with no further delay. You cannot stop them from ‘reporting’ because they are protected by the 1st Amendment but you can bring them back to their senses. Again, confrontation and name calling will not further the accord in this effort. You need to throw away that ‘critical theory’ outlook that poisoned our generations since the 1960’s and you need to work in teams. God Speed!!!

  2. I strongly believe that Ethiopia is troubled and harmed not only by the terrorist TPLF, equally important is the deliberate orchestration and manipulation of war situation with the evil purpose of harming Amhara people through purposely expanding the scale and areal coverage of the war. The government led by the weak and wicked Abiy Ahmed is pushing Ethiopia to its demise.


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