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Wollo is starving, again! (By Gebremesqel Mamo)

Editor’s note : Views expressed in the article does not necessarily represent the views of the Editor or Borkena has learned that the Deputy Chief of Staff, General Abebaw Tadesse, was in Wollo and reportedly met with military commanders regarding the operation in the region.

Wollo Starvation _ Ethiopia
Disturbing images of starved people in Wollo (Photo : SM)

By Gebremesqel Mamo

The infamous 1984-1985 famine of Ethiopia has long lived in the memories of many outsiders. It has been an image that is synonymous with Ethiopia. An English dictionary went as far as defining the word famine by Ethiopia. 

This time, a province that was severely affected by the 984-1985 famine is going through a similar ordeal. 

No, it is not crop failure to blame. No, it is not the residents of the province to blame. No, insects have nothing to do with it. 

Yes, the TPLF controls most of North Wollo and hence is directly responsible for the starvation thousands of children, mothers

and elderly are facing. The looting by TPLF must also have deprived residents in the province of much needed supplies of food and medicine. 

Yes, the government, who gave up Amhara lands to TPLF forces without informing residents the details of the unilateral ceasefire it declared out of the blue is also a culprit. 

International aid organizations did not have access to the areas controlled by the TPLF. Since Tigray is also said to be in need of food supply, it goes without saying that TPLF does not care about the residents of the Amhara lands it occupies. Besides, in the words of speaker Getachew Reda, TPLF is seeking to level the score with the Amharas.

Reports of infections like trachoma are coming from Wollo. The long term effects of starvation especially in children will haunt the region for decades to come. God knows the havoc being created due to the covid pandemic. 

The government cannot afford to spend another day without making sure that the people of Wollo have access to food, water and medicine. Time is against us. If we fail Wollo again, we fail as a nation. 


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