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Worebabo : TPLF terrorists summarily executes civilians, left them for beasts

TPLF terrorists were forced out of Werebabo after they suffered overwhelming military defeat  

Worebabo _ Wollo
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Since the Tigray People’s Liberation Front launched an offensive in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia and took control of several towns in both regions, there have been reports of summary executions, massacres and the killings of civilians. 

Worebabo  (also written as Wore Babu sometimes) in North central Wollo was the farthest point that TPLF terrorist forces were able to advance south of the Tigray region. 

Apparently, they took out their frustrations on the civilian farming community. Not only were the killings savagery, but also TPLF did not allow family members to bury their loved ones.  Bodies were deliberately abandoned for beasts like hyena, as reported by Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC).

Voice of America Amharic Service report,published on Monday, confirms that the TPLF terrorist forces have killed civilians in Worebabu, which is located within 25 kilometers distance from Haik – a small town along the Addis Ababa Mekelle road. 

Voice of America reported based in Dessie spoke to family members of some of those who were killed when the district was under the control of TPLF rebels. The information is reportedly verified from audio-visual evidence. 

Family breadwinners, elders and women are among the victims from the killings. The TPLF terrorist group did not deny committing the inhuman killings in Worebabu, at this writing. 

The TPLF is no longer in control of Worebabo district of South Wollo. The Ethiopian Defense Force, regional special force and militia has retook it from TPLF hands. 

Last week, two mass graves were uncovered in the Chenna locality of Dabat District in North Gondar where TPLF forces massacred over 200 villagers including. Children, women, elders, priests and deacons were among the victims.  

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  1. Warra Babu? Are you kidding me? This must be a typo! The nearest small town right on a main highway, Mersa is just 2 hours away from Dessie by car. Folks, consider Dessie is either taken or besieged very soon. You got more than 500,000 citizens that fled the Northern Wello now and keep your pencil sharp to write additional a million or two refugees in a week or two. The able-bodied people there are not prepared to be fighters/soldiers. Up until this conflict erupted the youth there was busy watching YouTube and other entertainment sites. It was playing with its smart phones while Debre and his goons were regimenting their entire citizen for a war they were 100% sure they will fight. They have their youth well prepared physically and psychologically for an imminent bloody conflict. Now Debre and his goons have the most expensive gift they can receive. There is reportedly a raging famine. Ok, then the youth would have nothing but one choice between two alternatives. That youth either has to die an agonizing death from lack of bread or die fighting for it. Running away from Tigray to Sudan is not an option and forget about Eritrea. The youth of Tigray has been fed with horror stories that can happen to him if flees to the neighboring Amhara and Afar regions. He is being told he will be skinned alive. He will run ujuum into an awaiting inferno. The youth of the Northern Wello is not made for bloody battles though he acts to be so ready for it during Zerraafs and gerersaas entrancing battle cries. Debre and his cabals know this fact very well. They know that youth can be easily terrorized. So they lobe a few round of their heavy guns in his direction and that should do it. He will cut and run like rabbit because he is not cut out/prepared for bloody battles,man! This is the same tactic Debre’s predecessors were applying against the door knob Mengistu’s army in the late 1980’s. Unless the federal government comes up with a fighting force that outdoes Debre’s well trained and determined hooligans on the battlefield we may see Debre and his buddies back in Addis/Finfine as undisputed champs in the coming months. I have seen comments by Debre’s operatives here among us telling Amharas and Oromos that they don’t know how to fight. May be they are right. May be I’m just finding that one out now. Now there is a report of people suffering from starvation in Northern Wello. Ok, what you gonna do about it Abiy and Jula? Unless you get your act together soon, Debre is gonna kick your you know what as if you robbed a bank in the old Wild West.


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