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Disturbing reports of famine and starvation situation in North Wollo, International community ignored it

The Ethiopian government has not remarked about reported starvation in North Wollo. Some activists and politicians seem to blame government.


Despite news of TPLF defeats in multiples of fronts in most parts of North Wollo, South Gondar, North Gondar and Afar regions, there are still several towns – especially in North Wollo – that are under the TPLF control. 

Disturbing reports of famine are emerging, in social media, that affected the areas under the terrorist TPLF forces.  Some places have been under TPLF for more than two months now. 

Woldia, Lalibela, Kobo, Alamata, korem and Gashena are just some of the places where the TPLF has firm control. For those who are from those areas but currently living elsewhere, it has been very worrisome as there has been no communication with their loved ones for too long. No phone or internet communication.  Some express a sentiment that the government has not done enough to dislodge TPLF forces from the area. 

Fikrete Gebrie is from the Woldia area. Borkena reached out to her to see  if there is anything new from Woldia.  She answered, 

“…Not that much since there is no means of communications. I heard People are Starving to death. There is no running water. People who are in medication are in serious danger. I think even government wants North wollo to be a war trial. I heard everday Ethiopians defense are advancing the war of south Gondar and South Wollo but when it comes N.Wollo it has been the same for the last 45 days . Very sad.” 

She is not alone when it comes to lack of government action to reverse starvation in the area. Even politicians are speaking out about it. 

Belete Molla, head of National Movement of Amhara – one of the largest opposition political party in the country, expressed similar sentiment in an update he shared on his facebook page. He seems to think that the people of Wollo is deliberately subjected to starvation. 

He said, “Let the whole world know this: entire communities subjected to starvation and thousands already dying everyday in TPLF occupied towns and villages of North Wollo zone in Amhara region. Enough with politically trapping entire people and letting them die silently !!!” 

International aid agencies that have been crying foul on the alleged “blockade of humanitarian access to the Tigray region” seem to have entirely ignored in the situation in North Wollo – from where more than 500,000 people were displaced. 

Mushe Semu, a key figure in the Ethiopian Democratic Party, called the situation worrying. He said “the information we are getting about North Wollo is disturbing.” 

He added that there are signs that famine could cause death in the parts of North Wollo that are under the control of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). 

Mushe made a reference that the TPLF can not even feed its own forces as it has been evident from the extensive looting it has  been engaged in the areas they controlled. 

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  1. I was getting an impression from press releases that Debre’s forces have been dealt with defeats after defeats. Then how come all these major towns right at the door steps of other bigger cities like Dessie are still under his firm control. What is going on? Does this hold the claim that 9 divisions from Debre’s army were annihilated holds true? For me, that dog don’t hunt!!!!

    • Happy new Year Ituu Aba Farda

      You are doing great for motherland ethiopia as usual. You know , when people like you who loves ethiopia are constantly hungered for victory and approaching the verge of death ; we the media and communication managers and jouranalists are obliged to feed you lies, and fabricated story of victory and bring habitual liars like Major General Bacha on your own TV screen to make you feel better and gain relief from hunger and thirsty of victory.

      Please take their lies with the pinch of salt sir , dear Ittu Aba Farda

      As you said, that dog will not hunt , since the truth will emerge whatever you do to veil it.

      In 2014, Abiy and his supporters will go off before our eyes and descend to hell .

      • Happy New Year to you too Concerned Amhara:

        I concur with the points you made. Just like the other day we were told that 10 more divisions of the Debre’s army were turned into dust. There were 9 more divisions preceding these ten who met the same fate. If I use common sizes of a division in the military strata used by many nations in the world each division can have between 12,000 and 15,000 soldiers. So 19 divisions can have about 19 X 12,000 = 228,000 soldiers. That was how big an army Debre lost. But it was believed that Debre had 200,000 soldiers. Then we were told major cities like Waldiya are still in Debre’s firm hands. When I dipped the litmus in this brazen claim the test did not pass for me. I am wondering who is not telling the truth? ENDF or Debre? But I tell you what! Sooner or later battle fatigue is gonna set it and we will hear stories of battle fronts being abandoned by the soldiers and militia going back to the villages they came from. Abiy and his general have to devise a battle plan the will break the back of Debre soon or we will see the goons of the TPLF back on the saddle again in Addis/Finfine. Unless he has found them already, Debre will find new Dula’s and Layne’s to help him make the road to Addis/Finfine fast and as smooth as the best ice cream in town.

  2. According to several amhara media Woldia, Lalibela, Kobo, are free from TPLF. Why are you lying here sir .

    We amhara are great and we made ethiopia great and we will not be defeated by any earthly force let alone by forces within the country.

    Happyu new year to all those who are under TDF control. You know, we were and we are still indifferent to the suffering of people of Tigray, Kimant, Agew, Guluz , Oromo and other tribes. Why are we now showing empathy to Amhara . Donot you think we Amharas should feel sympathy to any one as we do the same to our people. I am not defending TPLF now . Donot call everyone in Tigray “TPLF”. many of Tgearu were condeming TPLF not because they are Tegaru but what they were doing . many Tegaru think Amhara is closer to us than any other tribe. Tegaru like speaking Amharic and teach Amharic than Tigirigna and do help amhara people when they come to Tigray. Saddly speaking, you are killing people of Tigary in order to control the land of Tigray and culture and history. do you see the death of Tegaru as a mere story and numbers being indifferent to others otherthan your own family and tribal mebers ?

    sincerely yours,

    concerned amhara man married to Tigray woman

  3. History repeats itself!

    I dont understand, ifvwhat you listed anove is working for the foreigners that worked hard to bring down Ethiopua, is the most foolish to beg to do the opposite? Why should they, if it is working for them? Duh! Instead you have to do cleaning your own house, and do your own home work as l explained below. You can only negotiate by holding on and controlling your value that they need.

    One thing that is not clear that the Liberation Fronts, including Eplf with their surrogates Ehapa, 90% Derg officials who worked for foreign entities have been in control of Ethiopia ( Wello and Tigray) location were chosen the market for famine, stop blaming former H/selassie government and as a result till this day you have turned the country upside down. Note, when l say Derg officials, l am not saying the army who sacrificed for Ethiopia who were manipulated by the Derg Officials who have been working for foreign entities who finally killed each other or escaped and gave Ethippia to Liberation Fronts.

    Going back to famine, it is because of this evil agenda that famine in Wello and Tigray for market: to bring down government, to control the region, to sell poison grains and to gain power by Liberation Fronts and individuals. Liberation Fronts then use the famine to brainwash the population of Wello and Tigray against the innocent Ethiopians, king government and Wello and Tigrayans have grown to hate Ethiopians and former governments and embrace Liberation Fronts. This is how Liberation Fronts gained power and support from mistly Tigrayans. Most Ethiopians have grown in donor mentality, saying, ” we refused to give up our resources, the West refused us donatoons”. You cant say you are independent, if you are looking for a hand out. Ask yourself why people don’t grow food instead of recruiting in Liberation Fronts war against themselves and the country? Ethiopians have been tricked several times because of famine. Every Ethiopian must grow food! Especially Tigrayans must be food sufficient, by turning the land into farm instead of stealing land. Amara, Afar, government, must help Tigrayans towards this project. As long as foreign entity and Liberation Fronts are strangling Ethiopia, especially in this region this dream will not materialize. Dont ask for food donation or any donation, it is death sentence! Other African nation are already free from food donation. Foreigners dont like it because, they have no reason to get in their country as excuse to donate food. You can see war torn regions in the world, food donation is high commodity for foreigners.


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