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TPLF destroyed Haile Gebreselassie school in Waghemra, North Ethiopia

Haile Gebreselassie School Waghumra _ TPLF
Classroom in Waghumera that compelled Haile Gebreselassie to build a school. Now TPLF reduced students to shanty shades of classrooms


Long distance running legend and a business tycoon, Haile Gebresellaise happened to watch on television a story about students attending class in a shanty shade made out of eucalyptuses tree branches. The students were from Waghurma zone, Tsagbiji district, in North Ethiopia. 

That was sometime in 2019. 

He could not help it,  but decided to build a school for them from his pocket. Within a couple of months, he managed to build the school. 

The school that Haile built in Waghumra

Unfortunately, the school was in the area where the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) controlled after the Ethiopian government forces withdrew from Tigray region, on grounds of unilateral humanitarian ceasefire. 

The school was providing service to 510 elementary school students from the district. 

As it turns out, the school was among those destroyed by TPLF terrorists forces, according to a report by Ethiopian News Agency. Government authorities in the region have confirmed it.

The doors, window, chair and books in the school are all destroyed by TPLF’s mad scorched earth destructive action – it usually happens when they lose battles. The terrorist fighters suffered heavy defeat in the region sometime last week.   

Haile Gerbreselassie has not yet reacted to the news. 

Students are now facing the fate of attending classes in shanty shades made from tree branches. 

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