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Ethiopia: UK’s Telegraph journalist recants ethnic slur post after controversy

Lucy Kassa _ Ethnic slur _ TPLF
Lucy Kassa (right) and the flag she used which is meant serve ethnic slur ( source : SM )

By Teshome Borago

Telegraph’s controversial journalist Lucy Kassa deleted her twitter post that insulted ethnic Amhara people using a dehumanizing donkey symbol. The ethnic Tigrayan reporter, who is a member of the Tigrayan Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) dictatorship that brutally ruled Ethiopia for 27 years, has been paid by UK’s Telegraph, Vice, Los Angeles Times and other Western media outlets to write some of the most sensationally one-sided and gruesome, yet discredited, details about the ongoing war in Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

Recently, ethnic Tigrayan activists online have been criticized for using derogatory images mocking one of the new flags proposed for ethnic Amhara people and regional state. Then on Monday, UK-based Telegraph writer Lucy joined in the “fun” by forwarding a dehumanizing image of a laughing donkey attached to the flag, trending among some Tigrayan extremists who label Amharas “Adgis” (one of the Tigrigna terms for donkey).

Many Ethiopians online quickly condemned the Telegraph journalist’s unethical behavior posting an ethnic slur, but some were not surprised with her lack of professionalism. Unlike many experienced journalists who spend years going up the ladder, critics say Lucy was suddenly given a platform by Telegraph to write articles, without scrutiny, after she portrayed herself as a victim of the quintessential African “genocidal tyrant.” 

Since the war by the heavily armed TPLF rebels escalated, Western media outlets have relished publishing numerous front-page stories depicting the Nobel Peace Prize winning Ethiopian Prime Minister Dr Abiy Ahmed as a warmongering genocidal dictator. The Western media zeal to produce ghastly accounts blaming an African government has already led to several blunders: including by Lucy’s Telegraph colleague Will Brown who infamously portrayed Tigrayans as victims in the Maikadra massacre where independent investigations by human rights organization EHRC and Reuters agency in fact revealed that Tigrayans slaughtered over a thousand ethnic Amharas in that town. 

Since the end of 2020, Lucy Kassa has continued to be one of the faces of fake news about Tigray, including an alleged government chemical attack on Tigrayan civilians that turned out to be false. Like the white nationalist insurrection in the United States naturally led to US authorities crack down almost exclusively on white suspects, the reality of Ethiopia’s crackdown against these Tigrayan insurrectionists ending up with mostly Tigrayan suspects arrested, has also been weaponized for propaganda by Lucy Kassa and other TPLF operatives who influence western media.


Facing invasion from Sudan and Egypt on the Western front during the filling period of its massive hydrodam, the overstretched Ethiopian army was forced to declare a ceasefire in June, allowing the TPLF to commit more atrocities and displace over a million Afar and Amhara people. After two months of silence in July and August as TPLF plundered towns, Lucy Kassa and other TPLF members prepared new propaganda for September claiming that a handful dead Tigrayans are floating down the Tekeze river toward Sudan, by quoting the same TPLF sources in Sudan that were caught misinforming the world about the Maikadra massacre. Further, a CNN expert suggested the dead bodies were “chemically preserved,” inadvertently proving that the whole event is staged to produce media outrage (as Ethiopian authorities already had predicted in July when witnesses in Tigray revealed that TPLF was transporting dozens of their fallen soldiers inside a truck during the ceasefire.) 

Many Ethiopians and critics, who accuse Telegraph media of employing a TPLF operative with a conflict of interest to report about Tigray, say her media employers will ignore her latest ethnic slur controversy as well, because Western media ethical standards are lowered while covering Africa.

The conflict in northern Ethiopia started on November 4 2020 after the TPLF waged a coordinated and unexpected terror attack in Tigray province, first killing hundreds of federal security officers and then butchering over 1,200 ethnic Amharas in Maikadra town.  The vicious Tigrayan insurrection forced the Nobel Peace Prize winning Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to respond with force, breaking two years of his government’s restraint against TPLF, which brutally ruled Ethiopia for 27 years and attempted to obstruct historic reforms by Abiy since 2018.
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  1. Subject: “Ethiopia: UK’s Telegraph journalist recants ethnic slur post after controversy by Lucy Kassa and the flag she used which is meant serve ethnic slur “ By Teshome Borago, September 6, 2021

    Humble Commentary, 6 Sept 2021
    May I ask:
    Will the Honourable Lady Lucy Kassa from Tigray, the country of Emperor Yohannes and the galant hero Ras Alula , both of Tigray, gain anything in favour of Tigray by the graphic depiction of another people?
    Is that what Tigray is all about? insulting others?
    Is that what the history of Tigray will roll down to that level.?
    Is that what the PEOPLE of Tigray is all about?

    Needles to say, The PEOPLE of TIGRAY are well beyond the above depiction.
    As just another human being, I am truly sad that Tigray is depicted to such a low level gutter.
    Freedom of Expression on any matter is a precious gift to Humanity; demeaning the dignity of Societies is completely another.
    The END, with Sadness

  2. I have reason to believe even if Ethiopia is intact, it is scarred for life. Most are jumping with joy, the Ethiopia we know of her true self meaning, her people and faith and culture will be total foreign and ethiopians who dont accept the superficial, copied new Ethiopia will be third class citizens. Most are just talking about the predictions saying as it it it is positive for ethiooians that Ethiopia will be in future where foreigners would come to live, ethiopia will be the biggest nation in the world, bla bla! Of course that will be materialized making ethiooians 3rd class citizens, fools! Look at Dubai and Saudi Arabias growth of petro dollar, it is where foreign corporatoons are taking hold of the nations, its people not developing the countries but foreigners, immigrants coming to work while the people are numbed. That is what uou are expecting for Ethiopia, Aby comes or goes is no difference, good tplf is gone but, prosperity party means, exactly letting foreigners, corporatopns come and occupy the land, period. The deception is “giving jobs to citizens to something new” that is why the people will be tricked into by comparing, in the past they didnt develop but now they have jobs, so on. The bottom line, it will never be uour country but elite politicans of the government working with foreigners. Also, something about Nile is silent..we know that foreigners will make Nile in their hands one way or another. That is how Djibouti was gone when it was once belonged to Ethiopia, through secrecy and the fear of rage from Ethiopians, the transfer of Nile to foreigners will take place gradually without any ethiopians being aware of it. Just like also many were unaware of the breaking of Eritrea until it was late because the people relied on weak government, Ethiopia will soon be gone before we are aware of it. So Ethiooia has ceased to be independent since Derg.

    Such things such as illimnating ethiopians that are popular like Telahun Gesese, Alemayehu Eshete and.more will be targeted and as usual you will post RIP on your social media instead if demanding investigation. No body cares, gradually, the true essence of Ethiopia soon will be gone by getting rid of such people of ethiopian origin and replacing it by foreign ungodly spirit of humans. Mo one will protect such people. As of now due to covid, the Orthodox bishops are being wxpected to expire and replace it with money grab protestant and wahabi. The writing is on the wall, l would not rely on Aby but instead ethiopian people must control Aby government and not by some foreign element,shabia, olf, tplf or group pausing as “Amara”. The country should be riled and controled by its true sons and daughters with free will. Any leader like Aby will eventually be controlled by the above elements andM is impossible for him to rule for the people. Besides, if Avy is true, and leads for people, he should always be able to have alternate leaders that are true as well for future reserve by learning from past mistakes.

  3. Who said this reporter is an Ethiopian from Tigray? Who is that person who dared call this Lucy thing from Tigray? Can’t you see? What’s wrong with you? She is white. She is Lucy of the Gold Race! She is not black; she does not wanna look black!!! Hey John! Hit it!!!
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  4. What we have to focus on is the motive of Telegraph employing unprofessional TPLF cadre as a journalist who kept on posting stupidity and idiotic reports.

    Besides TPLF stupidity Donkey is the best friend of human productive animal known to provide good service to people. How about posting a Hyena on TPLF flag that has no productivity but known for scavenging who preys on donkeys as food just like the TPLF preying on Amharas for looting and murdering?

  5. These Tplf and Shabia on Social media and News are white-Arab wanna be’s. They know that if they get close to the superpowers they can control Ethiopia. In reality it is true and pragmatic. There is no evidence especially China will save you if you are pro China or Russia hence; Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanisran, etc. In reality these powers U.S, China and Russia have been competing with eachother for years to dominate the world, especially U.S ( (West) and China. Poor and weak nations have been the ground for wars and not going to stop. What will happen when thse powers ally with eachother? The poor nations whether you ally with East no longer matter and never mattered even before! The West is practical enough it can negotiate with the East and make peace any time, that is what the East has been asking the West for years!. The loser in fact has been poorer natiins being crushed by the West and still continuing, in fact West has been following the footsteps of China wherever they go, libya, Yemen, etc and criushing these countries for their alliance: wandering if there is secret alliance between China and U.S, a la folliwing China wherever they are and Wuhan! Tsk, tsk.

  6. The truth in coming on light. The terrorist TPLF are the cruelest killers and liars on this earth. A sad part of this is so-called professional journalist’s work is the repeated lies although they know it’s not true. How the massacre of innocent Eritrean refugees in Tigray are caused by the evil Weyane. How Weyane started this arduous war and distabilized the innocent civilian Tigrayian people. They are still recruiting child soldiers and are killing their own people. All Ethiopians stand together to stop the unnecessary war of this power-greedy group. Stop the war, let the criminals face the justice. The truth will prevail.

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  8. The fake western medias are part of C2FC misinformation machine that works hard to destabilize Ethiopia while at the same time supporting to resurrect #tplf to power

  9. What do you think this will achieve – more hatred, fierce fight, more death, more insult, etc. By the way, from what I know of tegaru intellectuals, they deserve the donkey symbolism more than Amhara who have high-class intellectuals and scientists in many ivy western universities. And don’t forget – one day, someone who posted such a slur will be accountable. Mark my words.

  10. Foreigners are unleashing our own people who sre programmed against Ethiopia. There is not ONE eEthiopian on Social media or news talking or advicing wellbeing, reconciliation ir unity for tge societies except negative criticism, attack against the society. Note, there is more deadly donations flocking into the country pausing for ” humanitarian” it is warning. Alemayehu Eshete tge artis died when he began prayers for ethiopia and began advising ethiopians for protection of ethiopia. One way or another ethiopuans will be targeted.

  11. Dear Editors,

    I hope this shout out from this beyond-repair Ethio/Afro-centric will find and your family fine and doing well. For me your website has been my go-to waterhole to scoop up the latest about the old country. Many times I even invite members of my family both very young and adults when there is news about the old country to share with them. Many other websites are off limits to me due the abundance of profanity used by some eyal-al-souqs in their comments. Some of these potty mouths use profanity like candies. I think that is their way of telling us they are more ‘civilized’ than everyone of us. Such rude behavior is not in our culture. Many foreign travelers who had visited our old country before had written about how cultivated our people were/are in their choice of words. These ‘balegas’ are migrating to your esteemed website with their filthy language using the ‘f’ word at random. I hope you will look into this issue and weed out these insolent terms from your platform. It has nothing to do with ‘freedom of expression’ but showing civilization in its true terms. I hope you have the right algorithm built in your software to catch such disgusting terms and purge them out of here. This individual even has the nerve to use that gem of the colored as a user name.
    Stay safe!

      • Please look at the comment above in this section just before Shewan. If I mention his name he may hurl the same profanity at me too. He used the F disgusting profanity on this public forum, which should be considered a family show, to insult the subject of this article. He can hate her any which way he prefers but to go that low is not our culture. In this day and age when our women’s role is highly sought to save that country, that gem of the colored from going asunder, any utterance that denigrate them in this way works against such a sacred effort. Our women are the ones who have been carrying the entire country on their backs since we men said ‘Where am I?’ No woman no matter how we found her to be servile to the evils she should not be verbally abused with such repugnant profanity. You need to kick him out of here unless he apologizes to all of us particularly to our women.

      • Dear Editors,

        It is still out there. At least you can redact the profane F word out there. You can leave the rest of the comment but please at least take out the disgusting pejorative and the individual should be accosted and let him know Borkena will be off limits for potty mouths. My goodness! Let’s have at least one website true to our cultivated culture.

          • Please explain to me how you can read my request to you I posted here but not the others. It gives me an impression that you don’t have access to the content of this website. I thought if I gave you the title of the article you could read all the comments in it. I’m honestly confused.
            It is in just a one line comment. It is still out there soiling up this esteemed website which I consider one of the only few family shows left for us in the Diaspora.

  12. Ms/Mrs Lucy Kassa… . I saw what you posted on Twitter (Ethiopian flag with a picture of Donkey in the middle).
    With a lot of respect Ms/Mrs Lucy, I invite you to read a little about donkeys (You will get a lot of information from “Donkey Trust Foundations'” website). Knowing what type of animals they are and their comparative physiology [relative to self- “human physiology”] shall suffice.

  13. With a lot of respect Ms/Mrs Lucy, I invite you to read a little about donkeys (You will get a lot of information from “Donkey Trust Foundations'” website). Knowing what type of animals they are, especially their comparative physiology [relative to self- “human physiology”] shall suffice.

  14. Ms/Mrs Lucy Kassa….
    I am impressed by the ‘Ethiopian flag with an Ass in the middle’ picture you posted. With a lot of respect Ms/Mrs Lucy, I suggest you know a few things about donkey’s, particularly their comparative physiology [relative to self]. I assure you … you will find it interesting!


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