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US backed TPLF forces destroyed over 7000 schools in Afar, Amhara regions

Well over 1.5 million students out of school in northern Ethiopia because of the war that TPLF triggered in November 2020 


As the education sector annual summit is underway, the Ministry of Education revealed some grim images of the state of educational infrastructures in the parts of Ethiopia affected by war. The speaker of the House of Representatives, Tagesse Chafo, has attended it, as reported by FANA. 

Getachun Mekuria, the Minister, said over 7000 schools are fully or partially destroyed, by the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia.

In the Afar region alone, 455 schools, primary and secondary, were destroyed. Over 88,000 students are out of school following TPLF’s military adventure in the region that ravaged infrastructures in addition to displacing tens of thousands of people. Earlier this month, the TPLF killed at least 107 children when it attacked, with artillery, a school and health facility in the region. The total number of victims from that single attack was over 240. 

In Tigray, 1.4 million students are said to be outside of school and over 48,000 teachers are out of work – according to a Fana Broadcasting Corporate report. 

In the Amhara region, 140 schools and two teacher training colleges were entirely destroyed. The rest of the damages in the Amhara and Afar regions seem to be partial one.

The minister also said that the terrorist TPLF is recruiting students for war. Extensive use of child soldiers by TPLF, whom the New York Times described as highly motivated fighters, was making headlines, although the  U.S. government and its European allies failed to condemn it. 

In a similar development, the TPLF reportedly destroyed Nefas Wewucha, from where it was dislodged last week with heavy causality, primary health care facility. Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation report  says it was entirely destroyed.  

The TPLF has been enjoying what some Ethiopian voices describe as “tacit” support from the United States and the European Union. They have been putting pressure on the Ethiopian government for several months now on alleged grounds of “human rights violation,” rape ( which is not substantiated yet) ,and blocking of access for the delivery of aid to the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

Nutritious high energy food that was supposed to be distributed to those in need in the Tigray region  was caught in the hands of captured TPLF soldiers in the South Gondar front. The USAID,last week,  denied distributing them and insinuated that the TPLF forces stole them. 

The Ethiopian government has been appealing  to the international community to unequivocally condemn the TPLF for blocking aid routes from the Afar region of Ethiopia. TPLF’s military adventure in Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia was initially motivated by the ambition to control the Ethio-Djibouti and Ethio-Sudan routes to get arms supply, among other things. 

When that failed, it took the wars to north wollo and south Gonder regions and many areas of Afar region where it indulged in what looked like a scorched earth. 

Latest update from the Defense Ministry indicates that the US backed TPLF rebels have lost much of the area they controlled in Wollo, Gondar and Afar regions. 

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  1. Subject: “US backed TPLF forces destroyed over 7000 schools in Afar, Amhara regions,, August 30, 2021

    Humble Commentary, 31 August 2021
    DESTROYING SCHOOLS !?!?!?!? Destroying the FOUNTAIN of LIFE ?!?!?!? It is VERY SAD to say the very least.
    it is the beginning of down fall. It has been seen in Human History. It seems, we never learn. WE keep saying &;’ NO ONE is LIKE ME’ Indeed a down fall to nothingness begins with the elevation of thyself from Ras Dashan or Mount Kilimanjaro or any other elevation of the highest mountain on Planet Earth. Its simple philosophical name is: TRAGEDY i.e. knowing the danger but still jumping to nothingness, with self pride !!!???!!!???

    What is amazing and mysterious is that the DANGER is well known to Humanity but still we human mortals — with a round ball of head on our shoulders — will never learn of past history. NEVER !!! NEVER !!! Even the worst misery of Life will not teach us. We still jump into purgatory. OK, WHO IS NEXT?

  2. how many Tegarus have you killed ? The schools, churches, mosques and factories of tigray that have been destroyed by Amhara supported by UAE, Turkey and Russia donot bother at all. Borkena, zehabesha and all other amhara media are nonstop fabrcating stories and spreading hate against nonamharas including Afar.


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