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BBC report confirms TPLF terrorist have conducted Agamsa massacre in North Wollo

Survivors from Agamsa massacre in early August tell what really happened and how the villages were destroyed 

Map via BBC Amharic


Many of the British Media outlets have been providing what appeared to be a propaganda cover for the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) terrorists.

Yet, even the British media reached a point where they can no longer cover the crimes of TPLF. 

About a week ago, the Telegraph revealed that the TPLF terrorists committed war crimes when they massacred villagers in Agamsa, North Wollo. 

It used satellite images to verify the story. Also, survivors recounted the story. They told The Telegraph that TPLF fighters went house to house, killing people after they shelled the village. 

Farming communities in the region have been destroyed. 

On Wednesday this week, the BBC Amharic service covered the story.  While it made a reference to the report by the Telegraph, the BBC spoke to survivors who are currently getting medical help. 

Adem Hussien is a resident of Worke Gebeya, in Agamsa. He told BBC Amharic “TPLF gunmen came to the kebele [locality] around 6 a.m. in early August and the armed residents in the area were engaged in an exchange of fire”  to the point that TPLF forces were unable to take control of Agamsa. 

Frustrated with their inability to enter the village, the TPLF shelled with heavy weaponry the area   from where residents of the area  were resisting TPLF advance.  It happened on August 8. 

Nega, another resident who was involved in the resistance fighting, told BBC Amharic that he watched when 41 houses were being blazed. He said too many cattle were also burned along with the houses. 

He also said that he saw when the neighborhoods of Qiltu, Debuska and Adiwud were being shelled by artillery. After some houses caught fire, he added,I saw TPLF fighters moving house to house and setting houses on fire.  

The estimate of people in the villages that were set to  fire is between 800 and 900 according to an eyewitness who spoke to BBC Amharic. 

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  1. What happened? O my goodness!!! What happened BBC? I think the well is running out, drying up!!! Good boy! Good boy!!!! Ruff! Ruff!!! Good boy!!!

  2. Subject: “BBC report confirms TPLF terrorist have conducted Agamsa massacre in North Wollo” August 25, 2021

    Quote: “Yet, even the British media reached a point where they can no longer cover the crimes of TPLF.” Unquote

    I don’t believe it; I will never believe it. It is a strategic declaration.
    How could one forget what the colonial powers of Europe and America did to BLACK AFRICAN HONEST PEOPLE!?!?!? How can HISTORY forget what the “WHITE MAN” did to the entire BLACK RACE AFRICANS, where ever they may be?!?!?! Let us not kid ourselves: The inherent hatred of the white man towards the black skin race of Africa can NEVER be erased. It is the nuance [the acting] of discrimination that changes. The eternal intention of the White Race can never be changed, when it comes to the Black RACE.

    Based on the above, what we see today is the White Race favoring the BLACK people of TIGRAY against BLACK people of ETHIOPIA. Amazing!!! It is just a white man’s gimmick. It is my sincere hope that the well known WISDOM of the people of Tigray will step on the pedestal to SAVE Tigray, and with it, one of the ancient independent country on Earth i.e. PROUD, BLACK AFRICAN, ETHIOPIA. . At this point in time, it is HISTORICAL choice of The People of TIGRAY — NOT on any temporary known individuals for their respective self- interests. THE END

  3. There is no one but the blood trusty TPLF terrorist who are behind this and every Amhara genocide. TPLF Terrorist lead by Getachew, Debretsion, Tsadkan and the likes must be apprehended and taken to the court of law to receive sentience and punishments’ for Genocide on the people of Amhara!!!
    In Wollega TPLF Terrorist is the one spreading hate and brainwashing OLF and OLF to do the same Genocide against Amhara people and every person known to have participated and committed in Genocdie must be held accountable and sentence to life or death!!!!

  4. The poison was injected in the veins of the youth of that country in the mid 1960’s. Since then that generation has passed on the same poison in different and even in more deadly formulas to the generations that followed. It has proven to be much more deadly than COVID-19. It was worked to tatter the harmonious fabric that had the country together for more than a century. I am giving a heads up to the members of this group and everyone of your readers to prepare yourself for the shock of your lifetime in the coming weeks and months. The blood of innocent was bleeds in few tens before and now it is hundreds heading into exhibiting itself into thousands. The ground is acutely fertile to bigots to do whatever they want to innocent farmers who happened to be at the ‘wrong’ places just to eke out a living. A certain consensus has shown itself outside the country that Ethiopia has reached a point where it has become too big to hold itself together. So all on board!!! We gonna be on a heck of a ride. Those of you who used to peddle that demonic philosophy of Marxism/Leninism! Those of you who once before and still may be used to huddle around All Ethiopia Socialist Movement, EPRP, OLF, ONLF, TPLF and other communist offshoots! Why are you surprised/shocked by the current bloodbath? Why? Violence it is right there in your twisted hadiths, right? The right of nations to self determination up to and including secession, right? So what is your problem? As a bigot I like that and I will clear up my hoods of those they are not part of my ‘nation’. Physically liquidating them is my only way of bringing that ‘self determination’ to fruition. As a bigot born out of Marxism/Leninism you spewed around in my hood, I hate you because you are an Amhara or Tigre or Oromo. Be ready! I’m gonna found the Republic of Oromia on the ground still soaked with your innocent Amhara blood!!! I’m gonna found the Republic of Tigre right on top of your innocent Afar and Amhara blood. I’m gonna raise the flag of my Amhara Republic on top of the dead bodies of anyone who does not belong there. So why are you complaining and moaning since you know very well that it is right there in the chapters of your holy book!!! You’re just being so silly! Meanwhile, I’m chillin here in Minnesota with my bigot lawyer friend who just fed me about the anti Oromo ‘Ethiopianism’. Tomorrow I will be chillin with my law expert in Virginia feeding me about Abiy’s Neo-Gobenas. Are you jealous? You should be!!! So stop moaning and complaining!!! It’s all your own poison!!!!


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