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Russia urges international community, regional organizations to support Ethiopia

While the assessment from  Russia regarding the situation in Ethiopia seem to favor truce between Ethiopian government and the TPLF, it urges the international community to support Ethiopia to restore normalcy in the conflict region 

Spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry, Maria Zakharova (Photo : Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia )


The Foreign Ministry of Russia on Thursday remarked about the situation in Ethiopia as the UN Chief, Antonio Guterres, called for peaceful negotiation to end the conflict in Ethiopia. 

The Ethiopian government declared in June of this year a unilateral humanitarian ceasefire, following a mounting pressure from the international community about the blockade of the aid route.  However, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) seized the opportunity to take the war of Tigray region and make incursions into Afar and Amhara regions. Hundreds were killed and hundreds of thousands of people were displaced because of the TPLF new military actions in those regions. 

The Russian government expressed concern about what it called “toxic atmosphere” created by foreign media and remarks by some journalists. 

The statement from the Spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry, Maria Zakharova, said the international community and regional organization should support Ethiopian government efforts to restore normalcy in the region. 

The full content of the remark from Mrs. Zakharova reads as follows

“Developments in Ethiopia

We are carefully monitoring the military and political developments in the friendly Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, where armed conflicts have intensified recently between the government army and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF).

The TPLF continues combat operations and has gained control over some areas not only in Tigray, but also in the adjacent provinces of Afar and Amhara which were not affected by the conflict. The Tigray forces are continuing to try and capture the strategic road that connects Ethiopia and Djibouti, which may lead to the aggravation of the already difficult humanitarian situation as well as an increased number of refugees and internally displaced persons.

We are also concerned by the toxic atmosphere around this conflict created by some foreign media. We believe that irresponsible comments produced by some journalists are not facilitating a settlement of the conflict and are only heating up the existing discord by preventing the parties from reaching mutually acceptable solutions.

We believe that the declaration of a truce by both sides of the conflict is the only sensible way to stop the bloodshed, improve the humanitarian situation, reach gradual social and economic stabilisation and return internally displaced persons back to their homes.

We urge the international community and regional organisations to support the Ethiopian government in its efforts to normalise the situation in Tigray in order to bring peace and to restore the life of the citizens back to normal there. We believe that the decisive role in the settlement of the intra-Ethiopian conflict must be played by the Ethiopians themselves with support from the African community. “
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  1. Subject: “Russia urges international community, regional organizations to support Ethiopia”,, August 20, 2021

    Humble Commentary, 22 August 2021
    Let us be HONEST.
    This is international POLITICS, the meaning of which is well known to the whole world. A friend of today is an enemy of tomorrow. It is self-interest that matters, ever since political science ever invented.

    And so, Today, Russia appears to favour Ethiopia while the so-called Western Countries are in favour of Tigray, which has been part and parcel of Ethiopia for time immemorial. And the good old United Nations, in its eternal posture “called for peaceful negotiation to end the conflict in Ethiopia”. It is a standing respectable occupation of repetition .

    In short, what it means:
    a) all the players are doing their respectable parts;
    b) continue to enjoy their highly paid occupation;
    c) retain the glory of respectability in world forum ; and finally,
    d). let the ordinary people around the world — true to their daily occupation — simply obey the
    dictators of world politics. and be victims of possible war.

    it is NOT a FAIR WORLD. Indeed it is NOT — when common ordinary people sacrifice their precious LIFE for a cause that they have absolutely NO ROLE to play other than to obey and sacrifice their DEAR LIFE. Indeed, it is not fair world. THE END


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