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Wolkait ready for TPLF terrorists, says Zone administration

Wolkait is ready to defend itself from Tigray People’s Liberation Front incursions, says Security Chief of the zone Demeke.  

Wolkait _ Demeke


“In order to prevent TIHNEG [TPLF] commit horrifying Maikadra like massacre, the only option for Amhara people  is to win the existential campaign,” said Colonel Demeke Zewdu who is deputy head of the zone and peace and security affairs head. 

Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) attempted several military offensives in many areas of the zone, Mr. Demeke told Amhara Media Corporation (AMC). 

He also recalled that people in the zone had been subjected to genocide for a long time, and that there is no reason for the people to  tolerate any more invasion from TIHNEG ( it is the Amharic acronym for TPLF). 

The coordination between Amhara region special forces, the militia and the Ethiopian Defense Force is reliable, he added. Furthermore, he hailed the logistic support from the people to the security forces and the army. 

Furthermore, while noting that TPLF’s propaganda of lies is something that it is known for, he reminded all Amhara to respond practically to the mobilization call from the region. 

The importance of tight control at checkpoints to make it impossible for TPLF intruders is another key message that colonel 

 Demeke conveyed. 


Colonel Demeke served in the Ethiopian Defense Force for a number of years before he was forced to retire during the TPLF administration. 

After retirement, he was elected as one of the leaders for the Wolkait Identity Question Committee. And he was the reason, so many Ethiopians do believe that, for the intensification of the anti-TPLF movement in the region which hastened the downfall of the TPLF government from central power. 

When the TPLF security forces came to his residence to arrest him in late 2017, he knew that the result would be humiliation  and death in their hands. 

He resisted to surrender and opted to fight against dozens of TPLF forces,who intended to handcuff and take him to Tigray, from within his residence. 

The result was that, with the support of his friend, he shot many of them,and they could not arrest him. 

Later, with the involvement of the Amahra regional state, he was arrested in Gondar town under the regional jurisdiction of the Amhara regional state. 

His arrest came to be a turning point in the struggle against TPLF. 


Before TPLF took power in Addis Ababa in 1991 under the guise of Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Front, Wolkait was part of Gondar region and ethnic Amhara. It has been like that for centuries. 

The TPLF incorporated it to Tigray “legally” after 1991 and imposed Tigray identity.  The political action gave birth to the Wolkait Identity Question which was simmering underneath for at least a decade as TPLF turned out to be ruthless against those who were demanding identity questions.

After TPLF was defeated in the war, triggered in  November 2020, Wolkait claimed its Amhara identity and became part of Gonder after 27 years of oppression by TPLF. 

Statements from the US state department repeatedly made assertion, even a demand, for the withdrawal of Amhara forces from “Tigray region” as it considered Wolkait part of Tigray – just like TPLF. 
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