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TPLF _ Greater Tigray


The victory of Adwa left two important legacies to Ethiopia, victory to the gallant Ethiopian  people and awakening and emboldening the freedom movement across the globe including the American black movement. Menelik II, the supreme commander of the Ethiopian military leaders and commanders, used candor, patience and ingenuity to win the hearts and minds of the local leaders and the Ethiopian people. He was a majestic glue who cemented all his opponents together to win the first Italo-Ethiopian war. This stunning victory against the invading European army, well trained with a sophisticated arsenal of weapons, created a bitter animosity of Western powers towards Ethiopia and the Emperor. To revenge this humiliation, the European powers recruited and groomed the grandchildren of the traitors (Bandas) whose great grandparents fought alongside their colonial masters against their motherland. This development is the root cause of the continued tarnishing of Emperor Menelik II, the brilliant military strategist of the nineteenth century and the Amhara people as Roman Prochaska outlined. The only crime Menelik and the Amhara people with their Ethiopian compatriots committed was the unforgivable victory over the invading army. The ignominious defeat of the Italian “armed to the teeth army” by a militarily backward peasant army, with only few rifles, spears and swords obtained from France and Russia, was devastating to all Western powers. The victory of Adwa is certainly a dark reminder to the great grandchildren of these traitors. Long after the Adwa victory, the factors that led to the humiliating defeat of the Italian army were researched and studied by an Austrian Nazi, Baron Roman Prochazka, who was a sympathizer of white supremacy, who stayed four years in Ethiopia, and published his research in 1934. He identified four factors Ethiopia used and defeated a European white army. These were Orthodox Christianity, the Ethiopian tricolor flag, the monarchy and a race called Amhara. These factors were considered the great threats against white supremacy and white colonialism in Africa or elsewhere. 

After the victory of Adwa, Ethiopia has become a target by all Western powers for a long time and the Arab states lately due to Egypt’s role to dominate the Nile politics. After Prochazka published the book called “Abyssinia The powder Barrel”, two of the four factors have been eliminated, the Monarchy and the original tricolor flag. The remaining two are the Orthodox Christianity and the Amhara people. Recently the Amharic language has been targeted as well.

The TPLF traitors that came to power in 1991 were mandated to finish the dismantling of the Ethiopian state, by destroying the remaining two factors, the Orthodox Christianity and the Amhara people. They have clearly and unambiguously indicated this project in their manifesto and later in the fraudulent constitution. The partitioning of the country along ethnic and language lines was inherited from the Italian fascists who partitioned Ethiopia into six regions called “Regione” or “Kilil” in Amharic. They facilitated the secession of Eritrea from Ethiopia, a founding member of the UN.

The TPLF traitors preached, advocated, taught, deceived and promised the few Tigre elites about the creation or birth of ”Greater Tigray ” that would have the following components. Besides the already annexed North Gondar, North Wollo and Afar lands, the future components of the “Greater Tigray” would comprise the highlands of Eritrea including the ports, Benishangul Gumuz region including GERD, parts of North Wollo as far as Woldia and Lalibela and parts of North Gondar including Dabat and Wogera. The lowlands of Eritrea were planned to be annexed to Sudan as per the hidden agreement between Egypt, Sudan and Greater Tigray.  This is why initially there was no meaningful disagreement of the building of the GERD since it was a common project among the three countries. The November 2020 savage attack of the Northern military command (post) )by the TPLF forces was designed , planned and executed by the three stakeholders with the hope of reinstating the TPLF to power in Addis Ababa. Should the TPLF army cross either to Gondar or Wollo, the foreign forces were to join it and advance towards Addis relatively quickly, crushing the federal and Amhara forces. Miraculously, the Ethiopian government, with the help of the Eritrean army crushed the TPLF forces finishing the battle within Tigray itself, to the dismay of the external partners. These partners were so frustrated and infuriated, they decided to take revenge by invading North Western Ethiopia and galvanizing their opposition to the construction of the Dam. The TPLF traitors have always been instruments and implementers of the great conspiracy to weaken or dismantle Ethiopia with the help of Ethiopian mortal enemies. TPLF would have created chaos and misery to the Horn of Africa, if indeed they succeeded in the war and assumed power again.  Most of the confidential issues were kept secret within the top TPLF leadership who are now either dead or arrested. Prime minister, Meles Zenawi used to belittle the benefit of having sea ports, to hide the truth of the future ambition of annexing the Eritrean ports to be components of what would be Greater Tigray. They have also attempted to overthrow President Issayas Afeworki to replace him by Mesin Hagos in order to establish a puppet government in Eritrea. The location of the GERD was also carefully chosen to be in Benishangul Gumuz to eventually annex the region to Greater Tigray after Benshagul secedes using the fraudulent constitution. The saddest and the unfortunate side of this sophisticated sabotage, plot and conspiracy is not known by the silent majority of the great Tigrean people who paid great sacrifices to preserve the integrity and sovereignty of Ethiopia.History remembers how the people of Shire fought against the invading force of Ahmad Gragn in the middle ages and against the Italian invaders in the first and second Italo-Ethiopian wars.

The Americans say: Think Big” in your aspirations but this aspiration must be just and realistic. Countries or groups that aspire to territorial ambitions unjustly fail miserably before realizing their dream. Great Britain, Greater Somalia and now Greater Tigray ended in smaller territories than their original sizes. The project that started to realize “Greater Tigray” ended as smaller Tigray, smaller than we know it since Bademe and Zalanbessa have been taken by Eritrea according to the International tribunal decision and the Amhara and Afar lands that were annexed to Tigray illegally by coercion have been retaken by their just and lawful owners, making the “Greater Tigray” project, a failed project.


In summary, I assume the current war underway in the northern part of our country is being executed between TPLF and the Ethiopian people. It is not by any measurements against the Tigre people. TPLF is the most hated and the most destructive group of all time in our history. This group is the enemy of the Tigre people as well. TPLF is the only group in our history that officially championed racism, lies, hatred, treason, theft, animosity among different nationalities, destruction of its own country and more. Our unity is very critical to preserve the continuity and sovereignty of Ethiopia. The Tigray people should be seen as brothers and sisters who played significantly in the nation building of Ethiopia. The four factors outlined in this article were the work of Roman Prochazka, the Austrian lawyer who wrote a book titled:

ABBYSSINIA: THE POWDER BARREL. The factors were written from his perspective how Ethiopia was never defeated by European powers. We may have different opinions today and therefore we need to agree to disagree.

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  1. There you go, jumping up and down without knowing anything or guarnatee of winning. This is what makes Ethiopia’s adversaries act more when they see ethiopians boasting online.


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