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Ethiopia suspended 3 humanitarian organizations over illegal practice

The Humanitarian Organizations were given repeated notification to take corrective measures about what the government of Ethiopia calls illegal activity and practice 


Ethiopia on Wednesday announced that it has suspended three humanitarian organizations operating in the country over what it called engagement in activities that do not fall within the framework of their mandates. 

Ethiopia Current Issues Fact Check Task Force, a federal government body, said MSF – Médecins Sans Frontières Holland (Artsen zonder Grenzen), Norwegian Refugee Council and Al Maktoum Foundation are suspended. 

The government cited for reasons for the decision : 

1) The three organizations have been engaged in disseminating false information ( apparently regarding the situation in Ethiopia) on social media and other platforms 

2) They have been employing expatriates that are not issued with a work permit. They are said to have been working for more than six months without a permit. 

3) They imported satellite radio communication without authorization from the government of Ethiopia. Not just that. According to a statement from the task force, the radio were used for subversive activity

4) Violation of Ministry approved COVID 19 protocol ( this concerns only Al Maktoum Foundation which is running schools in the capital Addis Ababa ) and spending money outside the purpose for which it was authorized to operate in the country. 

The brief statement from the task force also said that the organizations were operating in a way that impairs the national interest of Ethiopia. 

The organizations were notified repeatedly about the violations, but there were no improvements, according to the Ethiopian government. 

Suspension will remain in effect for three months starting today. The organizations are yet to remark regarding the government action. 

There has been a noticeable tendency among Ethiopians to think that key aid organizations are rather in the business of supporting the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) – an organization that is proved to be the cause of the conflict in northern Ethiopia. The Ethiopian parliament outlawed, in May 2021,  TPLF as a terrorist organization. 

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  1. I have always, always been an advocate of getting these so called “humanitarian aid organizations” out off ETHIOPIA, especially Norwegians, they are vicious, and an extended arms of the CIA, always has been. The little evil doers of a Scandinavian country and a solid base for CIA, it’s about time that, the ETHIOPIAN government decided to get rid of these poisonous COCKROACHES.


  2. Repeat!
    There is no leak proof way to stop some of the aid getting into the hands of the goons of the TPLF. But they should not be given unchecked leeway to the humanitarian aid worth into the hundreds of millions in us dollars. These goons had played and bamboozled the doorknob Mengistu by being able to divert away the channels of delivery of every kind of humanitarian aid to the suffering people during the 1984-85 Famine. They used that to coerce fathers and mothers to offer their young boys and girls as new recruits into their army. Those fathers and mothers had two choices. Die of hunger with their entire families or deliver their children. That was why those young fighters were willing to march into awaiting fire, ujuum. You either die of a slow and agonizing death from hunger or you die a quick death killing ‘your enemy’ imaginary or real!!! This should never happen again.


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