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Teddy Afro gets Gondar University Honoris Causa , thousands graduate

Teddy Afro _ Gondar University
Teddy Afro, with his wife Amleset Muchie, after receiving his honoris causa. (photo : public domain)


Several Ethiopian Universities in different parts of Ethiopia had a graduation ceremony for their graduating students. 

Based on a report from state media, tens of thousands of undergraduate and graduate students were awarded their degrees and graduate degrees. 

In Gondar University, where more than seven thousand students graduated from different programs, Ethiopia’s most popular singer of the generation, Teddy Afro, was awarded with honoris causa. 

“I express my sincere gratitude for those of you who expressed best wishes for me, from abroad and the country, as well as for the hospitable residents of Gondar and for the reception from the city of Gondar,” Teddy Afro wrote on his social media page. 

Seleshi Bekele, Ethiopia’s Minister for Irrigation, Water and Energy, was among other dignitaries present in the convocation. He advised graduating students to work hard in their fields of expertise to help Ethiopia overcome the challenges it is facing. 

Apart from the honoris causa, the City of Gondar said it is naming a street after Teddy Afro. 

Teddy Afro, whose two of the most  sensational songs -Tikur Sewu and Gondar Gondar – won the hearts of millions of Ethiopians – is very much respected and adored among Ethiopians. 

His fans on social media celebrated his award from Gondar university. Many say it is well deserved. 
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