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Ethiopia condemns Sudan over building military base in occupied Ethiopian territory

Sudan’s move to build  military bases and infrastructure in the occupied Ethiopian territory is unacceptable, says the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia. 


There has been a report this week that Sudan is building military bases, facilities and bridges in the territories it occupied in November 2020 after the Ethiopian army based in the area was withdrawn for the law enforcement operation in the region. 

And Ethiopia rejects the move as unacceptable. The Ethiopian Press Agency quoted Ambassador Dina Mufti, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, as saying “Sudan’s effort to build military bases and bridges in the region is unacceptable.” 

The move to establish settlement, facilities, and bridges in the occupied land is not desirable for anyone, he added. Furthermore, he said that Sudan should refrain from aggravating the problem regarding the borders between the two countries. 

Ethiopia has been trying to bring the matter to the attention of the international community, but no state or non-state actor has, so far, condemned Sudan’s invasion of the Ethiopian territories. 

When the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Political and Peacebuilding Affairs, Rosemary Di Carlo, visited Ethiopia this week, the Ethio-Sudanse border and the invasion of the Ethiopian territory was among the agenda items for discussion.  She reportedly said that the United Nations is closely following the border issue with the United Nations. 

Rosemary Di Carlo visited Sudan and met with Sudan’s Sovereign Council Chairman, Abdel Fattah al-Burhan. 

Apart from invading the Ethiopian territory, there are reports that Sudan is supporting the terrorist Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) – training and arming. 

Over 30,000 TPLF forces crossed to Sudan on alleged grounds of seeking asylum after carrying Maikadra Massacre in early November 2020

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  1. Irkoo and Obbo Ibrahim Hassen Gagale are chavnist ekpanshnist oromos killing and incitiing violence in Tigray and Amhara

  2. Primer Minister Abiy Ahmed must act accordingly to Sudan’s wickedly and cowardly incursions in to ETHIOPIA’S territories and violations of it’s territorial integrity. The messenger of the devils Sudan will pay the price of the agony of defeat and humiliation in front of it’s white supremacist masters.

  3. It is quite saddening to hear that Oromo expansionists failed to accomplish their mission: you can’t squeeze blood from a stone. Oromo Special forces who marched towards Afar and other parts of Tigrai in order to occupy Tigray land like, Kobo, Raya, Mekelle etc. have now been defeated by the indomitable TDF. Oromo Media Outlets like Kichuu has repeatedly aired various enormous faked information about Tigray lands to be part of Oromia and claimed they will recapture these lands to build greater Republic of Oromia. This plan has failed miserably, and Oromia has now been left with no special forces to guard its own people from outsiders. How could Oromo elites stake out a claim to a foreign land just because their ancestors were living as an immigrant or slaves a couple of centuries ago and more ? Only time will tell if Oromo ccould dare to lay claim to lands in US, UK etc. on the account of their immigrant parents who lived centuries ago in Minnesota and other states ? You know why, Oromos are trying to expand their territories and occupy every land within Ethiopia, claiming their ancestors were living previously as imported day laborers. Wherever their parents were living, they will say it is our land . The same story goes to some other political elites who force their people to engage in civil war in an attempt to expand their administrative horizon at the expense of tragic loss of life.Oromo expansionist like Aba Solan , Irkoo, Ibrahim Hassan Gagale, are among those who sponsor genociders in disguise to examnd Oromo . In their words: “I have learned more from the comments of Aba Solan about our CURRENT PREDICAMENT of having to deal with the TPLF’s Expansionist, Murderous Agenda AND the Agenda of the Nefxagna Amhara Elites which the TPLF is vying to REPLACE, than from any other Oromo related writing I have read recently online!” People like Ibrahim Hassan Gagale killed an Ethiopian man in abroad with machetes and knives 3 years ago, let alone the innocent people massacred in Ethiopia. Stop Killing innocent civilians ! Oromo expansionism and playing victim card at a time should be exposed and judged!! You are killing civilians with Abiy , with OLA and playing victim at time!!

    Oromo expansionism and playing victim card at a time should be exposed and judged!

  4. PM/Dr. Abiy and the Ethiopian Defense Force are doing admirable and well disciplined job although the world is witnessing western media only wanting to report Terrorist-TPLF false reports when TPLF has been ousted three years ago for 27 years off looting the country, brutality and gross human rights violation.

    Instead of giving priority to its own people Sudan unprovoked is interfering in Ethiopia’s affair and sovereignty by taking orders from its boss, Egypt who itself is living on handouts and supporting the useless and weakest TPLF Terrorist Group that Ethiopians hate. TPLF is dying every day, hour, minute and second. But Ethiopia and Sudan are to stay as neighbors forever. While Ethiopia must take swift action, Sudan must start to think for itself and its people rather that being puppet of Egypt and the riffraff TPLF Terrorists!!!!


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