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Parents say disappointed by UN over university students stranded in Tigray

The United Nations demanding the Ethiopian government resume banking and telephone services to the Tigray region as a precondition to unite stranded university students with their parents, say protestors

UN _ University Students _ Parents
Parents who were protesting in front of the UN branch office in Addis Ababa, July 23, 2021 (Photo : screenshot from the video)


Parents,whose children are stranded in universities in Tigray after the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) took control of several cities in the region following the withdrawal of the Ethiopian Defense Force, on Friday protested in front of the United Nations office in the capital Addis Ababa. 

Based on narratives from parents, who spoke to Voice of America, Amharic service,  the parents were told that the students would be reunited with their parents between July 18 and July 21 to no avail.

It appears that the United Nations Branch Office in Addis Ababa was putting a number of demands as a precondition to reunite students with their parents. But most of the demands were logistical, including  fuel for transportation. Parents said that they have confirmed that the Ethiopian government has provided the UN with the requested logistics. 

Not just that. Parents who spoke to VOA Amharic service said that the UN has been making new demands from the government – demands they say have nothing to do with logistics or the students’ situation. Among them are, the government is requested to resume flights to the region, resumption of telecommunication services and banking services. 

Mekelle University announced this week that it will be unable to provide food service to the students due to budget issues. TPLF claimed that Afar region special forces blocked ways, in the Afar region, for students from Mekelle University. 

It has been nearly a month since the students found themselves in a situation they are in after the Ethiopian Defense Force abruptly withdrew from the region on grounds of unilateral humanitarian ceasefire. 

There has been a report in the past few days that TPLF forces attempted military adventure in the Afar region. The Ethiopian Defense Force this week said it has routed TPLF forces as they were attempting to control areas in the Afar regions. 

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  1. Subject: “Parents say disappointed by UN over university students stranded in Tigray” July 23, 2021

    QUOTE: The United Nations demanding the Ethiopian government resume banking and telephone services to the Tigray region as a precondition to unite stranded university students with their parents, say protestors UNQUOTE

    Humble Commentary, 23 July 2021
    I can’t help reading the above quotation over and over and over.
    Since when the UN demands that an independent member country follow what the UN orders them to do in the internal affairs of the UN Members.

    Will the top most Secretary of the UN dare to do that to the USA or to Great Britain or to France, or to Italy or for that matter to any European country?

    No, No, No, the Respectable Honourable Secretary of the UN will NOT do that. Such a daring act can only be done conveniently to anyone of the Black African States. In that atmosphere, the action of Ethiopia is admirable, honourable and (hopefully) a good example to others — and be a good example to the necessary reaction to the Secretary of the UN — unless inconvenient inherent “arrangement” is done for the satisfaction of ALL. It is not difficult to imagine.

    IF I am wrong (or even misunderstood) in my reservation, I would be very happy to be corrected and gain learning benefit for me and (possibly) to others like me.

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  3. Too little too late. For over 27 yrars, there were very few activists on issue of ethiopia around the world. In fact many have been saying “l dont like politucs” , or tge usual slur against tplf. That was as far as it went. They believed by being online, they think they are fighting for ethiopia NOT. In reality they foubd out that they can gain income by being online.

    Today we are at war. The ethiopuans and govt are not aware the strategy of U.S war. The fact that the war is taking place exactly at a spot tgey want to affect, they are already a winner. Here is why: 1. No matter what happened, the talk with willing Tplf leaders with govt should have continued. The lame impatient ethiopians crticizing the hovt talking with tplf should not be involved as they are expediting war within ethiopia and are acting emotionally and they have no idea what is going on. Let the babying and talking if tplf take years, it doesnt matter. The involvement of Shabia was grave mistake becaise, Cohn advised Isayas to make ammend with Aby govt. While it is fine and dandy, it is to create sinister motive and Shabia has revenge agaonst Tplf for betraying them ( mind you if tplf did not beyray shabia, the continues opressionagainst Amara and Ethiopians would have continued, still i have no full trust shabia, as ethiopia is in quagmire,
    shabia, as indrpendent nation, they are not affected means they dont care. It is also playing passive aggressive method, as promised, Shabia is seeing weak Ethiopia while war is continuing and the catalyst is Tplf). The push to start war with Tplf could have come from 2 sides; one side, shabia pressuribg eth govt and the other side, foreign tplf allies. After reconciliation if Shabia with Ethiopia, Shabia was already also roaming around Tigray? I have seen photo of Isayas with D/tsion holding hands and talking. The govt weakness is also not showing attrocities on the Northern command to international communities, not just to UN, but releasing it online and telling ethiopians to spread it to other countries, and tobfriends ofbethiopians. What is sad is the so called diadpora could approch to friends of ethiopians, ethiopia has many friends ! They are not utilizing this apptoach. Not only that, ecen approaching and nocking doors of every officials in the world! is lame sending the evidence to same countries who want war in ethiopia anyways. In fact, by watching the evidence, it will give tgem opportunity to fabricate, so rather release it ti the world. No matter what, aby govt should not have retaliated the war because that is exacly where they want you. Besides, the hovt must gathet every advice it can get outside of govt and including foreigners and only then act accirdingly. 2. Once it had gain support from ethiopuan people and world because of the killings,, Tigray as territory of Ethiopia and must save Tigrayans against Tplf, and is responsinility of both govt and ethiopians to protect Tigrayans and territory therefore should have send civilians and soldiers with no soldier suits but must have arms to protect them selves and Tigrayans. The ethiopians entering with soldier suits would look threatenig although ethiopian sildiers have a right as soldiers to go protect Tigray. The ither thing ethiooia is lising in is vocabulary! Using generalised terms and words that wiuld mean and sends negative message and ethiopia enemies are exploiting it! Fir instance the recent news from finland officia claiming some people within eth govt is saying they will cleanse Tigray. I like finland and somehow it might be true! I do see on sites some saying it! lThe reason is to minimise criticism from west. 3. Since the war started and once ethiopians are there, then must di anything in its power ti minimise war and definitely, Tigranans began their lives and new officials were appointe the govt must have folliwed up, and protect Tigrayans and itself from Tplf. Life was alteady nirmalising in Tigray! Tigrayan ifficials however complaining there were still remenan ts of Tplf and at this time should have armed Tigrayans and get rid of Tplf. It is not clear how Tigraya s became with Tplf as normal lives began? Once the they got in, the peace keepers shiuld have broken every network comin g frim tplf brainwashing the Tigrayan society. What happened that let the soldiers to leave Tigeay that was a grave mistake because ethiopia niw woiuld have war from two or many front while keeping and finishing the war on epi center Tigray. Tthe reasin soldiers left was not tio escelate the war and kill civilians.? Nothing has changed today. This shows it has no controll over Tigray to bring and protect Tigrayans as Tigray was normalising means peace. So who were the those killing Tigrayan ifficials and why did t peace keepers with Tigrayans track and stop that? Leavi g Tigray may still be the right thi g to do but now 3. The war has come to other Ethioouan lan d in Amara, Afar, etc. This means the war is expanding on ethiopia and this is more dangerous than fighti g in Tigray. The foreigners are enjoyi g the continuous and depopoulation on bothe Tigray and other parts of Ethiopia the war is still continuting. What does this mean? Cleansing Tigrayan population and exhausting ethiopians in war for the next step. 4. There will be soon a plan to get Sudan involved through the usual Nile and territiry. Sudan will soon start war with border and will continue. 5. By then ethiopia govt will be over thrown or full on war with sudan and tplf and egypt will be involved via through sudan. Ethiopia already struggling with tplf and do you think will handle joint war with Sudan and Egypt? This is why l said Tplf should have been squashed sliwly while still remaining in Tigray. The govet always should have reporters and camera man to expose the so called foreign aid wfp, etc
    Diaspora? Where are you? I dobt see anyobe speaking on behalf of ethiopia, the govt and the ethiopias outside must work together to counter the false lies spreading. Ethiopuans kniw the lies from international still silet. Isnt that the elite ethiopians living in comfort have said, kaltebetebete Ayteram?

    • Who gave the message” ethiopia is the second populous nation in africa”? The international media are utilizing this term means, mire depopulation in ethiopia! As l mentioned above, l have even hear stupid ethiopians repeating tge same term. I have reached a conclusion that apart from shabia and tplf and foreigners, there are more ethiopians enemy of ethiopia. The true patriots are dying in vain and is sad. Who counted ethiopias population in 90s? Tplf? Hahaha!.

  4. This has been one of the saddest moments in my Allah Blessed life. I thought things will never come to this point where two upright and harmonious groups of people are pushed to go after each other’s throat. It happens to be between the two most inter-married ethnic groups. O Almighty Our Creator! I am down on my knees begging you to stop this madness! Agegnehu Teshager and Debre, you two, have let your people down. The youth of both regions does not deserve to be the cannon fodder of war mongers. Instead smartphones and tablets it is pushed to carry deadly AK47’s and shoved on the never tiring conveyer belt feeding the never ending war effort lit up by war mongers. Whichever ways the chip might fall in this bloody conflict nobody should be proud of the outcome of this carnage. Nobody!!!
    And you loud-mouthed social media warriors!!! Please just keep your dragon breathed mouths shut for a change. Stop fanning the flames of war! You are inciting otherwise friendly groups of people into bloody conflicts no one will be the winner. You have turned into dogs of war. You must be ashamed of yourselves!!!


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