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Addis Ababa staging huge rally to support Ethiopian Defense Force

A rally to support the Ethiopian Defense Force and condemn the TPLF terrorist group to take place in the capital Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa ( Photo credit : Payless Travel )


A huge rally is organized in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa to support the Ethiopian Defense Force. It is happening on Thursday at the newly renovated Meskel Square. 

Addis Ababa Police Commission said all the necessary preparations are finalized to ensure that it is peaceful, and has partnered with other stakeholders including security services.  Check points are arranged and protesters will be screened before marching to Meskel Square. 

Since the eve of the event, no parking is allowed near Meskel square or on roads that will be closed. 

Also, police disclosed the lists of roads to be closed for the event. Basically all the roads leading to Mesqel Square. They will be closed between 5 a.m. and the completion of the rally. 

Furthermore, police called on residents to use the numbers 011-1-11-01 or 991 to report any suspicious activities. Last week, Addis Ababa Police arrested over 390 individuals on alleged grounds of supporting TPLF’s terrorist activity. 

Apart from supporting the Ethiopian Defense Force, the residents of Addis Ababa will express opposition to the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), an organization that the Ethiopian Parliament designated as a terrorist one, over its recent statement in which it said that it will disintegrate Ethiopia. 

The Northern Command bases of Ethiopian Defense Force were attacked on November 24 , 2020, by the TPLF forces in unsuspecting circumstances. Thousands of the Ethiopian Defense Force members were rounded up and savagely massacred while they were sleeping. 

The army was reorganized after the attack and  defeated TPLF forces, estimated to be close to three hundreds thousands, within a matter of two weeks, and controlled the capital Mekelle in December. More than 40 TPLF leaders are in custody, and about ten were killed during the operation. 

The army withdrew from the region after the Ethiopian government declared a unilateral ceasefire at the end of June 2021. According to the Chief of Staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force, General Berhanu Jula who appeared on state TV this week, the army is ready to receive orders from the government, and will enter the Tigray region again if needed. 

Last week, the TPLF launched a military offensive in the Amhara region of Ethiopia, and this week they took their attack  to the Afar region of Ethiopia, where they reportedly suffered a crushing defeat. 

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  1. This article is full of lie after embarrassing lie – Abiy Ahmed and ENDF were prepping and making movements towards Tigray to commit this genocidal war well before November 4th. You should be incredibly ashamed of yourself for supporting and advocating for genocide against the innocent people of Tigray. Do not pretend it has anything to do with TPLF – your military has been committing the worst atrocities the world has seen in decades against innocent people and your are cheering it on. 5.2 million innocent people are starving because of people like you and your murderous government. The world is watching your barbarianism. God is watching. We are disgusted by you.

  2. I would like to interject something here that does not have anything to do with the subject matter in this article. I want you all my beloved countrymen/women to take a break from all political matter and stand united to cheer our sons and daughters competing at the Tokyo Olympics. Those of you who are blessed to have seen what our gallant brother Obbo Abebe Bikila did at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics I say this to you. We have a date with destiny. Allah Has Blessed us to live this long to see our grandchildren compete at the same city their grand uncle obliterated the men’s marathon record that stood unbroken for 12 years to come. Let’s huddle around the television and cheer them up in spirit. I know they will do their best to make us all proud. Let’s go!!!!

    • Ittu Aba Farda

      ethiopia is dead and you must accept this reality. You better advise your people to stop marching towards Tigray and die in vain in the blanket of ethiopia . The current issue is not a mere ” political matter” as you put it in your own words , but a question of survival and Sovereignty come later . How come you compare it with victory in Sport ? We donot exist as people if we cannot defend ourselves against expansionists and extreme tribalists who always use ethiopia to advance their ethnic based interest by letting foreigners to kill , maime and torture our people..
      They always come up with funny stories to advance their cheap propaganda !
      Mister FBelay. How many children have been slaughetered by ENDF and eritrean soldiers ? Above all, how many mothers and sisters have been sexually abused and made to carry sexually transmitted diseases and killed by your soldiers funded and supported by EOTC and you all ?These women are weaker than those children ? TPLF didn’t recruit and deploy Children, but the socalled amhara kilil (region) and Prosperity party deployed children, pregnant women and university students ! When you invade Tigray together with Eritrea, Somalia and UAE drones , every Tigrean who is capable of defending himself and his family should engage in defensive action against invaders who slaughter kids, mothers, priests, monks nuns, burn churches, Monasteris , mosques etc

      Please take time and invent another stories that could add up and give weight to your propaganda . For now, your story is so cheap and we will not help you to ship it to the market.rikash wudaki and atella agenda azagn qibae anguch niteh bedenb goloto yiotayal afito wetitowal!!

      You are appeasing UN, UNICEF and Amnesty etc for teh sake of Children in TIgray ??? funny poor dog!!

      are running for their tribe , ethiopia no longer exists without Tigray and Oromia.

      • Do you think you as African and Black think you are white? You are being used like cannon fodor so that they can take over your nation, yes you are Agazi, go to where you are originated from then, you have given away all Ethiopia’s Artifacts so that they can fatten while killing Tigrayans. Indeed go back to where you come from that land is Tigray Ethiopians. Satan believer, uncle Tom

  3. A rally to support a losing army that has committed crimes against humanity! Ethiopia should hold an investigation into Abiy Ahmed’s failed war on Tigray.

  4. Subject: “Addis Ababa staging huge rally to support Ethiopian Defense Force” July 21, 2021

    Humble Comment, 25 July 2024
    QUOTE: “A rally to support the Ethiopian Defense Force and condemn the TPLF terrorist group to take place in the capital Addis Ababa “UNQUOTE

    Let us assume: TPLF is successful in its attempt to separate from Ethiopia completely.
    Then let us also assume that the rest of the Provinces will be separated one by one, which means there is no longer an entity called “ETHIOPIA” as it would be disappeared for ever and ever.

    Humble Question: Who then benefits from the destruction of an ANCIENT independent Black African country?

    ANSWER: Let us dare to bring the truth. The beneficiary of the above ENDING of Ethiopia is no one else but the old colonial marauders for eternal obvious aim.
    Poor Black Africa will always be devastatingly poor Black Africa. It is a devilish deliberate intentional scheme to have a negative and derogatory image of the Black African. It succeeded.
    It is an absolute CRIME of CRIMES that has ever been perpetrated in the Anna of Human History.

    Coming back to the begining of this quazi-poor desertion, Ethiopian should think deeply before emotion destroys it for ever. In that situation, the so-called nine provinces will end up in their own respective gutter. THE END

    Post Script
    I wish to make it clear that African Intellectuals of the highest order are ‘NOT’ to be blamed here!!! Repeat: THEY ARE NOT TO BE BLAMED

    They themselves are hopelessly in hypnotized mode (i.e. they never had ‘education” in the true sense of education). The consequence of which is that they were left with artificial education and thus ending up pretending to be able to analyze and come to save their dear Black African Continent. They just can’t. It is just as simple as that!!!!

    Never underestimate the ‘power’ of the Colonial Devils — especially when their minds are set firm to get what they plan to accomplish. PERIOD!!! FULL STOP !!!


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