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Outraged Ethiopians take alleged Blinken support to TPLF to social media, Twitter campaign trending

Campaign criticizing US Secretary of State, Blinken, over what many call tacit support to a terrorist group in Tigray region was trending in twitter


Blinken _ Ethiopia _ TPLF
Mr. Anthony Blinken, US Secretary of State ( Photo : screenshot from a video posted on state Department website)


As Ethiopia continues to face pressure from the United States and its allies in connection with the conflict in the Tigray region, Ethiopians took to social media to condemn US biased intervention in the internal affairs of Ethiopia. 

The social media campaign came a day after Mr. Anthony Blinken’s office released a report from the 47th Session of the UN Human Rights Council.  The statement from his office called, among other things, which for “an immediate cessation of hostilities, the swift, verifiable withdrawal of Eritrean troops.”

Ethiopians, except the supporters of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), believe that Mr. Blinken has been consistently biased about the war that TPLF started in November 2020 when it attacked the Northern Command bases of the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

One of the social media hashtag, it was trending, was #BlinkenSoWoyane, coined to indicate the level of his bias.  Woyane is another unpopular name for TPLF and their supporters.  

Tamerat Negera, former Addis Neger journalist, currently working for his own media, Terara Network, tweeted “#BlinkenSoWoyane his press statement about Ethiopia is written & reviewed by #TPLF.”  

As indicated in the hashtag, many Ethiopians tend to believe that Mr. Blinked is supporting the cause of TPLF, which ruthlessly ruled Ethiopia for nearly three decades, so much so that he does not even mention the atrocities and massacres that the organization carried out before and after the war. 

Among other atrocities, in November 2020 TPLF massacred over 1000 civilians in Maikadra. As the TPLF fighters recaptured towns and cities in the Tigray region of Ethiopia after the Ethiopian Defense Force was withdrawn from the region following unilateral humanitarian ceasefire, the organization has reportedly carried out multiples of summary executions in several areas in the region. It was meant to be a vengeance killing against those who reportedly supported the Ethiopian Defense Force and the reform that was introduced in the country after TPLF lost power in 2018. 

Another key message during the social media campaign was to let the “international community” know that the TPLF is a terrorist group. It was in May of this year that the Ethiopian Parliament designated it as a terrorist organization after it massacred thousands of Ethiopian Defense Force members in unsuspecting circumstances – which triggered a military response from the Federal government.  The hashtag #TPLFisTerroristGroup was trending 

TPLF has rejected the humanitarian ceasefire, and is conducting a military campaign to take the war to different parts of Ethiopia. 

Emerging video footage and pictures indicate that the organization is using child soldiers in the conflict.  According to a social media report by journalist Mesay Mekonnen, the TPLF had three rounds of fighters during the latest battles and children were put in the front line. 

Despite all those evidences, Mr. Anthony Blinken and the US government are not condemning the use of child soldiers. 

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  1. It is mindboggling to find westerners supporting the ruthless brutal murderers of humans, TPLF that ruled Ethiopia for the most brutal and miserable 27 years. When every Ethiopian knew very well about TPLF brutality, Wersterns on the other hand are working hard to convince Ethiopians and the world as if TPLF are normal human beings that need to be back in power instead of sending them to ICC. They even go to the extent of posing pictures TPLF forced Child Soldiers that is one of most serious war crime in the Geneva Convention.

    Ethiopia shoud force to leave all humanitarian organizations since they are not delivering food and medical assistance. They are no willing to be searched or followed for their own protection. In fact they are in a hurry and demanding only to go strait to terrorist leaders instead of the poor and hungry they claimed to help.

    • It is not mind boggling but we were asleep to their intransigence otherwise they are known to DIVIDE AND RULE, for their own continence!!!! Remember, it is history now but, when Somalia decided to attacked Ethiopia, as the infamous man Mengistu rejected USA support they switched to Somalia this is not they have conviction who is right or wrong but who will do our DIRTY and NASTY job the question, thus they have not changed a speck of their color adn now you can see it they are not really interested on Tigray’s population nor Ethiopia, Eritrea or Sudan or Egypt but their struggle is to keep us divide, weak and at their mercy thus they have incarnated themselves as GOD but in realty they are most the nefarious, sadists and feisty collection of thugs.

  2. The official called out in your article will rebound. More than 74 million citizens voting for their opponent in the last election are still out there intact and democrats remain highly vulnerable. With COVID surging again they are even more exposed for picking by the energized Republicans. What I like to see indefatigable patriots like Brother Tamrat is turn their attention to some of these congressmen/women who seem to be hell bent to see those innocent black folks wiped off the face of the earth. They are seen(through their unabated condemnation) to having deep seated hatred to the old country. This hatred did not just erupt from nowhere. They must have been harboring such vile intentions in them for a long time. What does Menendez know about Tigray, Amhara and Oromos? All of a sudden he turned an expert with ‘extensive’ knowledge even more so than any Ethiopian bred and raised historians. I tell what? He must have been holding back his animosity toward Ethiopia since that country maintains diplomatic relations with Cuba since the days of the late Emperor. This is his way of getting back to those innocent black folks. What does he know about Ethiopian history besides what he might have been spoon fed by these bigoted elements here among us? What else has been coming his way besides being fed poison? This also applies to all those Ethiopia hating representatives and senators. What is in the haul heading to campaign contributions? These days we here hear a lot about dark money on the hopper. I call upon our patriotic men/women who are well versed in legal matter to demand the list of every campaign contribution to these haters. From what I have read so far some of these haters know more about traveling to the Caribbean destination not just to take a ‘well’ deserved vacation and recharge than about Ethiopia. How about this admonishment by fellow senators: ‘The Committee has found that over a six-year period you knowingly and repeatedly accepted gifts of significant value…’. Again, I did not make this up but it is right there in the record. That is called dark money. May be 20, 25 or 30 thousand in cool and crisp US dollars out of the 30 billion pilfered during the robbery heydays of unchallenged 27 years were put on the conveyor belt always feeding the campaign bucket. The accompanying letter may read like ‘Those beleaguered and constantly besieged people have saved up enough resources to assist your election season by forfeiting one of the only two daily meals they could afford so you will speak for them. Here is $30,000 just as a token gesture’. And so goes yada yada yada!!! That is enough to turn someone an expert in the Ethiopian affairs in a heartbeat!!! What I also hear that some grouping outfits here among us are sending monetary contributions to their favorite representatives. This money was not pilfered from those poor people in the old country but collected from those who toil at gas stations, parking lots, stinking stockyards and low paying home making. I believe there are many well read lawyers among us who still hold those upright people who produced us all very dear close to their hearts. I call upon you to start the legal process of getting lists of campaign contributions to those outspoken haters of those innocent black folks. I smell rat in there. I smell gray, dark and all kinds of tainted money in those buckets. This is just an assumption that deserves serious attention. Let’s go my fire spitting patriotic Brother Tamrat and others like them!

    • Make that: He must have been holding back his animosity toward Ethiopia since that country maintains diplomatic relations with Cuba since the days of the demonic Mengistu.

      I stand corrected!!!

    • You may find in your efforts a paid off and corrupt legal system like us here in the good old USA. Sorry about any of our traitors in your country trying to take over. American or not, any enemy of justice and liberty needs to be fought to the death. I think Africa has been weather warfaired for decades. And assaulted from all the elite from all countries trying to come out on top. Africa is a jewel and a treasure trove. They want your wealth. All countries are in a world wide take down right now. We have to all fight now in all lands and fight for our rights and freedom. They would not be so open and doing this around the globe unless they had all key positions controlled, bought off, or blackmailed. They want 90 % of us dead and the remainder their slaves. This war is to the death. Pray Americans wake up faster because we can help no one until we recover our own controle. God be with all of you.

  3. This naked aggression by United States government and the oxymoron Antoni Blinken is nothing but, the typical white supremacist agenda imposed on the great nation of Ethiopia and the great African continent, trying to undermine the efforts that Ethiopia and Africa are doing to overcome a lingering poverty. There should not be the slightest doubt that Ethiopia and Africa will prevail over their enemies especially, satanic America and England, GOD willing!


  4. Did Borkena conduct a survey to know the position of most Ethiopians? Hell no! How could any true Ethiopian object to a call for the immediate withdrawal of a foreign army? They are saying what Abiy Ahmed should be saying. Sadly, the PM remains silent as Eritreans rape and destroy Tigray. His silence only shows his complacency in this crime.

  5. There is no “alleged support” by Blinken for TPLF. The support of Blinken, his State Department and the Biden administration for TPLF is clear consistent, often repeated and unambiguous. Let us not create doubt where none exists. The only unknown is what is behind that support. And even that is less so this week than last. So, please write what you know. Don’t try to hide by some attribution of an allegation when you have heard Blinken and others repeat daily that the only Ethiopian thing or entity that matters to them is the restoration of the TPLF to absolute power even if it means the breakup of Ethiopia.


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