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UNSC backed African Union led mediation on Ethiopian Dam

Attempts from Egypt and Sudan to secure a UNSC resolution to force Ethiopia to sign a binding agreement before the filling of the Ethiopian Dam were unsuccessful. African Union to continue leading the negotiation 

Seleshi Bekele speaking at the UNSC , making a case for an equitable use of the Nile river


The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on Thursday backed what Ethiopia has been pushing for – an African Union led negotiation between the three countries (Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan) on the issue of filling and operation of the Dam. 

The last AU led negotiation was held in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The point of divergence was that Egypt and Sudan wanted the European Union and the United States to have a mediating role, while Ethiopia insisted they should continue as observers as the African Union is leading the negotiation. 

Since then, at least, Egypt and Sudan have been toiling to internalize the dispute at the level of the UNSC with the aim to secure what they call a binding agreement before Ethiopia undertakes the second filling of the dam. 

Member states backed the view that the African Union, the three countries that have membership in it, is the right platform to resolve the GERD dispute. 

Ambassador T.S. Tirumurti, Permanent Representative of India to the  UN, said ❝We call on the parties to work constructively with the @_AfricanUnion led processes to resolve outstanding issues in a purposeful manner. It is important that the AU continues with its efforts.❞ 

Ethiopia adhered to its schedule to second filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and started 

At the UNSC, Ethiopia made a case for equitable utilization of the Nile river. Seleshi Bekele, Ethiopia’s Minister of Water, Irrigation and Energy, speech at the UN demonstrated that Ethiopia, unlike the case erstwhile, will no longer give up its right for equitable use of the water from the Nile river, more than 85 percent of which originates from its soil. 

Mr. Selsshi said , “The Security Council is faced with the question to determine whether Ethiopians have the right to utilize the Nile.On behalf of all Ethiopians, I implore our friends in this Council to answer this question: ‘Do Ethiopians have the right to drink from the Nile?'”

With regard to the second filling, Mr. Seleshi had the following to say : 

“We’re dealing with a hydroelectric dam project, which is not the first of its kind in the world. We are building a reservoir to store water that will generate electricity by hitting turbines. For context, GERD reservoir is two and half times smaller than that of the Aswan Dam.”

Ethiopia’s mega dam is entirely funded from local sources – something that Mr. Seleshi reminded members of the Security Council. 

He said, “What distinguishes GERD from other projects is the extent of hope and aspiration it generated for 65 mil 

Ethiopians that have no access to electricity. It’s also unique because the construction of the Dam is financed by the blood, tears, and sweat of ordinary Ethiopians.”

Egypt mobilized the Arab League member states in its pursuit of  “binding agreement” before the filing of the dam but it was Tunisia that proposed a resolution at the UNSC. 

At the UNSC meeting  Mr. Seleshi said “We urge our Egyptian and Sudanese brothers and sisters to understand that the resolution to the Nile issue will not come from the Security Council. It can only come from good faith negotiations,” as quoted by Reuters. 

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  1. Egypt knows and understands fully well that Ethiopia has the inspiration and a plan to build a dam going back to the times of the late Emperor in the 1960’s. Nasser knew about it, Sadat had heard enough from the horse’s mouth and Mubarak had seen it started. The current president el-Sisi and his men are smart enough to know very well that there is nothing they can do to stop the dam from being completed. They have other ‘ambition’ and there is an ulterior motive behind them mumbling about the colonial era so-called treaties of 1902, 1929 and 1959. They also know very well that colonial treaty do not bode well with black folks including to some extent even their lapdog Sudan itself. They are not that dumb. But what they are trying to achieve could be two things:
    1) Pressure Ethiopia to bring in Egyptian experts to be part of the management of the dam
    2) Force Ethiopia to pay reparation ‘for economic loss’ Egypt incurs because of the dam. They have talked about this ‘loss’ in their past muttering. They were saying that could be in billions every year. You watch! That will be some crap we will be deafened with once the dam is up running and Ethiopia’s economy goes into a booming spell.

    The other option they have entertained since the 1960’s is make use of sellouts among us here and there in country and disrupt the delivery of electricity by blowing up the transmission line. That was the only reason they helped create the ELF in 1960 in Cairo. Even Brother President Isaias had mentioned about Egypt’s main and only motive in helping him and his front in the 1970’s and 80’s which was intended to destabilize Ethiopia.
    Above all, the 1902 Treaty was rendered defunct in 1936 when Britain(UK) supported Mussolini’s invasion of Ethiopia. If the 1902 Treaty was abrogated by one of the signatories then 1929 and 1959 will have no legal base to be binding by Ethiopia.

    In any case, folks, be ready to hear more and more accusations and moaning from the speakeasies in Al-Qahirah until the cows come home for years to come.

  2. Brother H.E. Dr. Sileshi bin Bekele slew it in this speech. Let’s look at some of the statements in his historic speech.
    1) We’re dealing with a hydroelectric dam project, which is not the first of its kind in the world. Duh No. 1 for el-Sisi and Shoukry.
    2) We are building a reservoir to store water that will generate electricity by hitting turbines. Huge duh No. 2 for el-Sisi and Shoukry. He ain’t done yet!
    3) For context, GERD reservoir is two and half times smaller than that of the Aswan Dam. Out of the park duh No. 3 for el-Sisi and Shoukry.
    When I read No. 2 and 3 I was on the floor with roaring laughter. I tell you, if I am the head of the Egyptian negotiation team I will bolt into el-Sisi’s office now as we speak and turn in my immediate resignation. This Ethiopian makes me look and feel stupid, dude! I ain’t taking it anymore. ‘We are building a reservoir to store water that will generate electricity by hitting turbines.’ This young generation of our day goes like, duhhhhhh!!!! I get it!!!!

    Then he asked a question alluding to the same claim I made before. It goes ‘Do Ethiopians have the right to drink from the Nile?’ Then I was overwhelmed with crushing emotion. Dragging those innocent black folks into the court for committing no crime is not fair at all and is utterly wrong. They have been called all kinds of names and were issued foreclosures one after another on their Allah gifted property. They were being insulted when they were issued the 1929 and 1959 foreclosures decided by courts they were not even given the privilege to be present at the hearings in person. The injustice of all those treaties was that they were issued eviction on the property they had already paid for in full. This impropriety makes me very, very sad more than making me mad. I guess we now live in a time in history where bullies push around or at least try to bully innocent black folks for the only ‘crime’ of working very hard. as our patriot brother stated with ‘blood, tears, and sweat’ to pull themselves out of abject poverty.

    Meanwhile, I was delighted to read the statement made by the US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield. She goes ‘We believe that the African Union is the most appropriate venue to address this dispute, and the United States is committed to providing political and technical support to facilitate a successful outcome.’ Such a bold declaration must applauded. Thank you Madam Ambassador! Thank you very, very much.

  3. egypttoday.com/Article/1/105908/Fair-agreement-on-Ethiopian-Dam-spares-region-conflict-Egyptian-Speaker

    Ethiopia must sue Egypt, Saudi, lsrael, for utilizing and selling Nile water without no consent from Ethiopia. Instead they created conflict within Ethiopia so that Ethiopia is too occupied. Not only that, Tplf is their right hand to continue the war with Ethiopia and especially Amara. That is why the top countries are racist to their bone against Ethiopia an especially Amara because Nile was in Amara and they want to affect Amara forever with Tplf. I believe as l said the withdrawing of Ethiopias forces has embolden already not only these coubtries but also Tplf. They will eventualy make this terrorist organization Tplf the regional power with Eritrea, watch. The goal is always Nile. They have already constructed their water and selling to other coubtries while empoverishibg ethiopia. Ethiopians capable to act internationally are afaraid and sitting duck. The more these countries threaten and complain Ethiopia internationally, the more they distract the world and Ethiopia, develop and enrich themselves. Tplf and shabia think they are part of ME, useful idiots, typical house n…..ers pretending to be brave at the ecpense if ethiopia and tgey will end ip being satellites as eritrea is today, stationed useless.


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