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Tekeze River Bridge linking Tigray, Amhara destroyed : report

Tekeze river _ Tekeze bridge
Tekeze bridge after it was destroyed ( Photo : SM)


A bridge on the Tekeze river is reportedly destroyed.  Reuters, on Thursday, cited the International Rescue Committee to report about it. 

IRC believes that the damage to the bridge would make aid distribution in the region “even more severely hampered than before”.

It seems that the bridge was deliberately destroyed, but the source did not mention who is behind it. 

The bridge on the Tekeze river links the Tigray region of Ethiopia with the Amhara region.

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  1. This utterly senseless and an act of cruelty and terrorism. This is part of infrastructure vital to well being of the population of the area and was built with the tax paid by the citizens of the entire country. Nobody should be proud of this heinous act.

  2. Well, it is the second time this particular bridge is destroyed. The first was in the 1980’s by TPLF in order to cut the Ethiopian army off Tigray. Here we go again. Given their age old tactics, no party is destroying Tekeze bridge other than TPLF themselves.

    • Classical TRAGEDY!!!
      Who benefits out of DESTRUCTION? The answer is the ultimate insult to BLACK AFRICANS.
      In any case, the RICH AFRICAN CONTINENT has been targeted — a long time ago — by others for their economic benefit.
      Squabbling of Black Africans suits them very well.
      In addition, the fact that African Leaders are what they are is added bonus and proof of what the colonial powers were saying about BLACK PERSONS.
      Praising — and siding with — the dictators from time to time ensures the exploitation of Africa to its bones.
      CRY, MY BELOVED AFRICA <<<<<THANK YOU, Alan Payton

  3. This is purely the work of none other than TPLF terrorists. GOD forsaken TPLF terrorists knows nothing, but, destroy, massacre and loot. No matter what! A devil is always a devil.

    ኢትዮጵያ፣ ታበፅሕ፣ ዕደዊሃ፣ ሐበ፣ እግዚአብሔር ።


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