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Ethiopia introduces mandatory escort for humanitarian works

Decision came a day after three MSF workers were killed near Abi Adi, Tigray region of Ethiopia 

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The Ethiopian Federal Police Commission on Saturday said that humanitarian and charitable organizations working in the areas where there is security concern will have a security escort. 

The Ethiopian Defense Force or Security Forces will provide escort service, according to a report by state media Ethiopian News Agency. 

The Ethiopian government has been warning humanitarian aid workers operating in the Tigray region to be escorted for their security but some humanitarian workers have been ignoring government advisories, said the Federal Police. 

“That has made humanitarian workers vulnerable to attack from the terrorist group,” it was said. The International Community, however, does not seem to consider Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) as a terrorist group despite the Ethiopian Parliament formally designated it as one. 

It was during a presser regarding the killings of three Médecins Sans Frontières ( Doctors Without Borders) workers in the Tigray region of Ethiopia that the police introduced the new security regulation. 

The Federal Police said what it called remnants of TPLF  carried out the killings. They were killed around 3 p.m. local time on Friday, according to the Federal Police. 

It also called on the international community to understand the terrorist nature of TPLF and work with Ethiopian law enforcement bodies. 

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