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TPLF assassinated a member of Interim administration in Tigray


A citizen report emerging on social media indicates that Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) killed one of the members of the Interim administration in the Tigray region. 

The source, which in turn cites  Geez media, says Enbza Tadesse was found dead days after he was reportedly kidnapped by TPLF operatives in Mekelle, seat of the regional state. 

He also worked for the Information Network Security Agency (INSA) – an agency that the prime minister Abiy led  in the past. 

An engineer by profession, he was reportedly serving as a head of the Investment Commission in the region.  

He was also an avid singer and has released two  songs in Tigrigna, according to the sources.  

Enbza was reportedly kidnapped in Mekelle on Tuesday. His body was found near the prison facility in Mekelle.  

So far, operatives of the TPLF guerrilla forces have assassinated about 30 members of the interim Tigray region administration.  In late May 2021, the State of Emergency Task Force disclosed that over 22 members of the Interim administration were kidnapped in different parts of the region and about 20 were killed. 

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  1. Was this reported by BBC, AFP, Reuters, AP, The New York Times and the gang? They will never do that and may instead celebrate this terrorist savagery.
    May He Rest In Eternal Peace!!!!

  2. What I wnder is why the UN or the so-called liberal Media are not interested in reporting such atrocities by the tplf and exaggerate the response taken by the ENDF. Why? Why? Is it because you think the tplf will return to 4 Kilo and the west will be awarded with lucrative contracts? Lick your luck. This will never never happen again.


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