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Ethiopia election : High voter turnout, no security incident reported

Ethiopia’s election turned out to be rather a peaceful one, against the anticipation of western powers that have been putting pressure on Ethiopia on alleged grounds of “humanitarian crisis in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.” 

Voters waiting in line the capital Addis Ababa ( photo credit : EBC)


Voters have been casting their votes in the first leg of the 6th general election, which was postponed twice, in many parts of the country. Polling stations opened as early as 6:00 a.m local time and there were long queues in most areas where the voting took place. 

In the areas where voting did not take place today, it is scheduled to take place in early September. 

The National Electoral Board of Ethiopia announced that no security problem was encountered during the voting process. However, there were reported irregularities in some parts of the country. Amhara region, Southern Nations Nationalities and People’s Region and Afar region are some of the areas where election observers were reportedly experiencing challenges.

Some observers were restricted in their movement. Others were dispossessed of badges . Still others were even beaten – seemingly by authorities. Chairwomen of the Election Board, Birtukan Midekssa, called on regional authorities to stop abusing observers. ” It would compromise the credibility of the election,” she said. 

There were also other reported irregularities. Asked about it by journalists in the capital Addis Ababa, one of the opposition leaders, Berhanu Nega, said “Yes there are irregularities here and there. But so long as they do not affect the outcome of it,” they can not be considered as major problems. 

However, there are reports of election irregularities in different parts of the country. Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party ( EZEMA – whose leader is Berhanu Nega) and National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) leaders said they have received reports of irregularities. 

No European observers during this election. The African Union deployed election observers under the leadership of former Nigerian president, Olusegun Obasanjo. 

Ethiopia Election _ Olusegun Obasanjo
Olusegun Obasanjo, African Union election observer speaking to journalists in Addis Ababa

António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, called for the election to be peaceful and for the opposition parties to refrain from taking forceful measures. 

Ethiopia’s Electoral Board extended hours of operation of polling stations until 9 : 00 p.m local time due to reported long queues at the polling stations. There were also reported delays in the voting process – another consideration taken into account to extend the hours. Initially, all polling stations were scheduled to close at 6: 00 P.M. local time. 

In a brief statement given in the evening, the board called election officials to close stations and start counting if all the registered voters for the station have casted vote. 

Ethiopian Political Parties council has called on opposition party members not to disclose results until the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia officially announces it. 

Ethiopian Citizens for Social Justice Party, National Movement of Amhara (NaMA), and the ruling Prosperity Party (PP) are believed to be the heavy weights contesting in this election. In Addis Ababa, Balderas For True Democracy, whose leader Eskinder Nega is thrown in jail, is contesting and is expected to have considerable seats. In some areas, including in areas where there are large constituencies,  the ruling party seems to be running without a challenger. 

Radical ethnic Oromo Nationalists parties, including Merara Gudina’s party, have boycotted the election. 

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  1. There will be no if and or buts, that, the so-called western media, such as the Reuters, AP, New York Times, BBC, the Guardian, France24 and all the rest of them, will fabricate purely falsified, negative reports, on the Ethiopian national election and prime minister Abiy Ahmed, while ignoring the fact that, in the united states of America, especially in the state of Georgia, all around the southern states and around the country, black voters rights are being suppressed, manipulated, deliberate irregularities being created to deny black voters from voting, clearly a work of white supremacists. Obviously, the American democracy and the supposed equality and voting rights for every American flying out the windows, but yet, the same white supremacist American and western media are inundating public platforms, printed media as well as YouTube, and TV, with false information and false propaganda to undermine the nation of Ethiopia, the Ethiopian people and the leadership of Doctor prime minister Abiy Ahmed.


  2. Subject: “Ethiopia election : High voter turnout, no security incident reported” June 21, 2021, borkena, ,June 21, 2021

    Humble Opinion ,21 June 2021
    It is the good intention and effort that matters. Everything can be perfected with time.
    May Ethiopia be a good example for our DEAR HONEST BLACK AFRICA who was given ugly name and posture by COLONIAL FORCES for their own benefit >>> NEVER, NEVER, NEVER for the GOOD PEOPLE of Black Africa. That cruelty shall NEVER be forgotten.

  3. So far tranquil, which is great news. But what a disappointment for these bigots and ‘republic’ dreamers among us!!! Events on the Election Day did not turn out to be what they were preaching and instigating for. They even conducted a fund raising drive for it, most of that going straight into their deep and sticky pockets anyway. Some of that raised money goes to pay some former officials for their panelist work. Boy, do they know what exactly to say on the panel, exactly what the bigots and their gullible listeners want to hear!!! After 10 minutes of rubbish yapping on the panel they go home with their pockets bulging with cold crisp mighty dollars, all in cash. IRS may never hear about it! Meanwhile, those gullible fans will make sure that they work double shifts at convenient stores and at foul smelling stockyards so they can send money to their smart aleck ‘liberation’ leaders.

  4. I have had something to say about some of these so-called ‘political’ groups but for now I chose to just bite my tongue and prefer to save that for another day.

  5. While it is understandable the concern for Amara association. Ethiopia does not need any Ethinic related party to run for election and it is Oximoron indeed, just like Tplf what eventually did affect Tigrayans. Amara must learn from mistakes of Tplf and Olf. Just like how Shabia/Tplf/Olf was created, any Amara related party that is to dominate Amaras or the country would make them just like what Ethiopia fought against Liberation Fronts, the pawns of foreigners against its own people regardless


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