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Ethiopian Teachers Association to get 32-story building in Addis Ababa

Ethiopian Teachers Association



Ethiopian Teachers Association is poised to build a 32-story building, the cornerstone of which is laid on Wednesday, in the capital Addis Ababa. 

It has secured 4,382 square meters of land from Addis Ababa City Administration for which  Yohannes Benti (Ph.D), president of the Association, expressed gratitude according to a report by Ethiopian News Agency.

The Association will spend 2.8 billion birr for the construction. According to a report by ENA, Adanech Abeibie’s city administration has pledged “necessary support” for the construction of the building. 

It is also said that the administration provided 50 million birr for the project at this stage. 

Getahun Mekuria, Minister for Education, said that the ministry has been supporting the association and will continue to do so. 

The Ethiopian Teachers Association is said to have over 450,000 members across the country. 

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  1. Subject: Ethiopian Teachers Association to get 32-story building in Addis Ababa borkena, June 16, 2021

    Humble Commentary , 17 June 2021
    Ethiopian Teachers Association is poised to build a 32-story building in a 4,382 square meters of land at a cost of some three billion birr. That is a lot of money. Good luck with your accommodation.

    Now let me throw something that I always idly think about i.e THE QUALITY AND FOUNDATION OF THE EDUCATION SYSTEM in AFRICA .
    What do I have in mind? Very simple, perhaps naive. As we all know, the so-called modern education in Africa was/is, and will always be, based on colonial agenda to arrest the minds of the African Child and NOT to have “education” per se. THAT IS IT. Simple, direct and cruel.

    The African child is completely brain washed by Wester Civilization and Education System, thus the honest pure African Child believe in the superiority of the “White Man” and consequently developing an INFERIORITY COMPLEX over himself/herself, thus becoming permanent blind admirer of the White Man. That is a complete process of arresting the mind of the entire African Nation. That is exactly what we see even in the 21st Century. Simple, direct and cruel.

    Look at our AFRICAN LEADERS. Be frankly and daringly honest. What do you observe? Look at our educated Africans with the top most doctor of philosophy degrees from Western Universities believing that they are supremely superior than their ancstors — YES, than their own flesh and blood, without an iota of possibility that their ancestors may be endowed with wisdom of their own.

    NO! NO! NO! we have come too far, and so deep, to believe in ourselves. And so, “CRY, OUR BELOVED AFRICA” would seem to be our Treasure and Consolation for the loss, not only of our Land but also OURSELVES, as human beings. Simple, direct and cruel.

  2. Addendum to my Commentary the subject on: “Ethiopian Teachers Association to get 32.story building in Addis Abeba”

    With apology I wish to add the following cardinal issue in my commentary relevant to the foundation of written language of Ethiopia : Geez,
    It is the only ancient written language, with its own grammar and all, in the entire Black African Continent. Ethiopia under the shadow of foreign Colonial Powers shamefully ignored its own written language in favour of foreign languages, thus cementing inferiority complex in Ethiopia and, in fact, over the entire Black African population. Indeed, the crime perpetrated by Western Civilization over Africa knows no bound, at all. THE END


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