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Abiy Ahmed showcase his urban development plan in Addis Ababa : Documentary


A documentary which showcase Abiy Ahmed’s urban development plan in the capital Addis Ababa is released on Thursday.

He acronymed his plan as CEO ( Culture and Community, Ecolocy and Economy, and Openness and Opportunity).

In the documentary, he audits what has been done so far and what is yet to be completed to change the look and, and apparently purpose, to the city.

While the projects are noteworthy and relevant both in the economic and cultural sense, they raise questions if they were priorities for Ethiopia given the multitudes of challenges that the country is facing. But even in the economic sense, rural development seems to have more potential to contribute to the national economy compared to the focus on Addis Addis Ababa.

Another criticism is that it is not divorced from gentrification. It brought about disaster to social in unintended ( perhaps intended too) way. Neighborhoods are stronger social bonds. Abiy Ahmed’s urban development plan did not figure out ways of keeping neighborhood cohesions intact.

Watch his documentary video below :

Video : embedded from Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation YouTube channel
Cover photo : screenshot from the video


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  1. This can also be seen as job creator while making the capital of Ethiopia and Africa presentable. The way things are now with the West massive investment in industries as it was done in Taiwan, South Korea, Japan and Singapore in the 1960’s and 70’s ain’t gonna happen, at least for now. Where is the law that stipulates developing nations have to always live in a dump capital(cities). But such projects will always be taken as something ‘damn if you do, damn if you don’t’. I remember news coming out of Japan in the 1960’s where strong and violence protests taking place against urban development projects. Such violent protests even led to a formation of a deadly ‘liberation’ front. Narita International Airport was not a cake walk for the Tokyo City officials. I hope these bigots who are wreaking havoc in the country will not make such sites their easy targets and brag about it. Their ‘republic’ dreaming supporters who are scavenging at college campuses and missionary canteens here among us are telling us that the cause of problems there is Ethiopia in its current formation and has to be undone. Such calls for the destruction of a country will only mean blowing up public places and infrastructures along with assassinations. We all know what #abiymustogo slogan led to: assassination attempt on his life. These college campus orphans and CEO’s of advocates are hard at work calling for the destruction of that gem of the colored put together by the sacred blood of Oromos, Amharas, Tigrayans, Afars, Somalis, Gambelas, Benishanguls and every ethnic group in the south. Allah Blessed human blood of thousands of my Barentu Oromos shed on the battlefield of Adwa was not just for decorations but it was done out of patriotic fervor. Someone should ask these bigots to explain their call for the destruction of that country. I know what they dream. They dream of a ‘republic’ as their fiefdom where they will make themselves filthy rich overnight. Look at what they are doing now. They drive luxury European sedan/SUV’s and change their wigs every other day. They are blondes on Mondays and brunettes on Wednesday’s. Who says gofundme is not lucrative? And don’t you dare ask for audits of the finances. You would be called all kinds of pejorative names. You would be told that auditing is not necessary in our traditionally democratic system. In the meantime, cold cash keeps flowing in from hardworking members of the Diaspora and other generous ‘charities’ with ulterior motives for the old country. I tell you those BMW’s and Lexus’s look good in the garage and on the road. Btw, I am driving my 2004 Toyota Corolla to the meting place!!! I hear things, folks! I hear things all the time!!!

  2. I just wish city planning was left to urban planners. not politicians… I am happy that Addis is finally figuring out that cities are not just buildings, but parks, history and open space. Wouldn’t that be left to the city administrators? Most Ethiopians don’t leave in the capital. They deserve at least a fraction of attention from the federal government…


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