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Ethiopia : Election to take place in two different days, says Board

Ethiopian Election Board sets two voting days – months apart – due to security and logistical issues


The challenges that the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia has been facing to undertake the twice delayed sixth general election does not seem to be a thing of the past.

The latest ones were related to printing ballot papers and other pre-election irregularities.  

Political parties taking part in the election were engaged. Based on consultations with the political parties, the Board decided that the  election will take place in two different days – months apart. 

The board announced on its Facebook page that the election will be in early September of this year.  Among the constituencies listed for September voting days are : 

In Benishangul Gumuz region : Metekel, Shinasha Leyu, Kamash and Daleti

In Oromia region : Begi, Segno Gebeya, Ayana, Gelila, Alibo, Gidami and Kombolcha

In Amhara region : Majete, Argoba Leyu, Shewa Robit, Epheson, Chilga 1, Chilga 2, Armachiho and Ankober

In SNNPR : Surma Leyu, Dizi Leyu, Key Afer Medebegna, Majet Medebegna, Sheko Leyu and Tepi

In Harari : Jegol Leyu, Jegol Medebegna 

The voting in those areas was postponed on grounds of security concerns, as the Borad disclosed, and  it has asked authorities in those areas to make security arrangements for september. 

Apart from that there were about 54 constituencies affected by printing issues of ballot papers. It was resolved in 27 of them but the remaining 27 constituencies will vote in early September too, the Board added. Somali region is affected by it. It means that the voting will be in September. 

However, most of the constituencies will cast their vote on June 21 as scheduled, it was said. The Electoral Board said 37.4 million ( see table image below) people have registered for the election excluding 14 constituencies in the Somali region where registration was suspended due to investigation. 

Ethiopia _ Election
Source : Election Board

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  1. If I take typical Africa’s age structure I expect about 45% of Ethiopia’s population still below the eligibility age to vote. Out of the expected population of about 115 million that means there could be about 65 million who are in their voting age. Let’s say 90% of these voting age are eligible to vote. That means there ‘could’ be about 58 million people who can register to vote in a peaceful and stable society. Considering the chaos in every region 37 million registered voters is much higher than expected. That is about 64% of the eligible voters, very high even in terms of the turnouts in all western democracies. This is a gold certified effort by our daughter/sister H.E. Birtukan bint Mideksa and her very capable team.
    I know you male chauvinists and bigots get stomach cramps hearing me saying this. I repeat! Gold certified effort by our fire tested patriot!!! If you don’t like it go and jump in the lake and stay down in there forever.

  2. Such election when the country is at war is ludicrous. Look at Eritrea, Isays still in power and does mot care about electiin,and strengthening his country, possibly taking iver Ethiopia or deceptively helping break up Ethiopia. Why is Isays still in power and is not affected by Western powers? Because the difference between Eritrea and West is false. Eritrea/Isayas did great favor to the West by setting Ethnic federalism a prelude to Ethiopia’s disintegration in the 90s with Tplf and Olf. Read the story/book by Assefa Chabo whom they killed because he told the truth. Dont get me wrong, despite what Eritrea/isayas did against Ethiopia with his masters, l wish them well and my concern is, l have trust issue when it comes to Isayas and Eriteea due to Shabia as leader of Liberation Fronts. It is serving Western and Arab interst by affecting Ethiopia and its people. This would remain to be seen if truth or not. I wishe to be wrong.

    Ethipia will mo linger be at peace, it has already weakened by Tplf and its remenants the new comers Ola/olf, etc whim all serve foreign interest. Watch out for who Alshabab and Somalia doing? Who allowed attack on Shewa using Alshabab? It seems like mote and more they are teying to destroy ethiopuas histiry. What is Aby govetnments stance on this attack? How come they did not know? What is Shabya’s involvement in these attacks along with tplf and olf? If Aby govetnment stands for ethiopua which is truth, it might be weakened by its relatiins with Isayas? We know Shabia has beef with certain Tplf leaders and l dont thi k it has cimpmete fall out with groups like Adanom, G Kitidtos, Se hat Nega and Co. Its beef is against the full blood Tigrayans who wanted ti diminate Etitrea. It is grave mistake the Aby govetnment getting involved between the two insteaf of ficusing god relatio s between eritrea and Tigrayans. Malicious groups working with their foreign madters set up Ethiopia and Aby govetnment by attacking Northern cimmand in order to get Ethiopua and the govetnment involved. When attack happens, it is natural to act. Foreigners hace always been successful in this tactic by ptovoki g, expecting reaction ( they will send theit joirnalusts, videos, etc in order to focument your reactiin, no matter your reactiin to ptotect people) the foreigners wiml turn around and accuse you as attacket. Then you are set up. They will keep accusing yiu till their people beliece it via media then it will be justified ti come and attack you in ordet to colinize/ kill innocents/ break yout country.

    Unless Ethippia is lead by with genuine Ethippians


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