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Ethiopia charged 53 Defense Force members in connection with sexual assault

25 of them are charged in connection with sexual assault in Tigray region of Ethiopia during the law enforcement operation

Sexual assault _ Tigray _ Ethiopia
Gedion Timotios, Federal Attorney General (photo : screenshot from the video)


Ethiopia’s state owned media, Ethiopian News Agency, on Thursday reported that 53 members of the Ethiopian Defense Force are charged in connection with sexual assault and the killings of civilians. 

28 of them are charged in connection with the killings of civilians while 25 are indicted over sexual assault – seemingly during the course of the law enforcement operations in the region. 

So far the joint investigation established that over 100 civilians were killed in connection with Ethiopia’s government operation against the TPLF which started the war when it attacked the Northern Command of the Ethiopian Defence Force in early November 2020. 

The Federal Attorney General said the Ethiopian Defense Force, Federal police crime investigation, United Nations Human Rights Commission and the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission are working together to investigate crimes allegedly committed in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

It is also indicated that  TPLF executive members organized soldiers within the Ethiopian Defense Force to attack the northern command of the Ethiopian Defense Force, and instigate civil war in different places. The TPLF is also implicated in attacking Federal Police members and destroying public infrastructures. 

Furthermore, the Federal Attorney said 200 individuals are identified in connection with the Maikadra massacre where Youth groups organized by Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), known as Samri, slaughtered over 600 civilians, mostly ethnic Amhara, in November 2020. 

Only 23 of them have been arrested so far and the remaining fled to Sudan where they are accepted as asylum seekers. 

A federal high court is looking into the cases of those who are arrested,as indicated by the Federal Attorney General. 

The United States and its European allies have recently been accusing the Ethiopian and Eritrean government of human rights abuse in the Tigray region.  They called for an end to the military conflict and political settlement.

Meanwhile, the Ethiopian government announced that it expects to complete operations against TPLF soon. The Ethiopian Defense Force is focusing on areas where the TPLF is operating extensively as a guerrilla forces, said press secretary in the office of the Prime Minister, Billene Seyoum Seyoum

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  1. of course, any soldier entering Oromi and Tigray is a criminal , but PP is forwarding accusations against them solely because PP want to deceive the international community as if PP is not ordering all those warcrime and and clean his hands like pilate.

    All these soldiers are dying to prolonge the days of PP and Shabia as long as they are paid .

  2. This is a good first step in the right direction for matters of human rights violations in the conflict zones. Transparency in this investigation is one of the ways of out of the crisis emanating from the allegations. When the preliminary investigations are done and the suspects are arraigned details with names and mugshots must be made public whether their cases are tried at military or civilian courts. In such chaos in such bloody crisis pressure both from inside and outside can be overwhelming and because of that in opaque trials innocent soldiers can be victimized and those who committed the atrocities can get away with it.

    I applaud this first step but expect more, a lot more pudding in the details.

  3. Extra, Extra: “Redponsibiliy to protect” as in Libya, etc, Nato to invade Ethiopua! Nato on the way to bomb Ethiopia for:

    1. Revenge against independence and neocolonialism
    2. To take over Nile for Egypt and Istael
    3. To stop Ethiopia from allying with Rusia and China. Here, Ethiopia should have balanced its relationship with other countries. The government and ignorant Ethiopians seem to have forgotten. They got themselves trapped and tricked to idolize china and riussia without learning what happened in other countries recently. These countries today are swallowed by U.S, U.K and Israel and Western allies. Still China and rusia, except aiding with military equipment would not itself get involved directly and that is their policy. 50% of chinese are capitalust suppirted by U.S corporation, therefore will not create serious amimosity with nato/U.S. sono one will come as rescue for ethiopia, believe me. The only countries alliwed to invade other nations are the West. They have been replaced colonialism with fake “humanitarian” to invade countries and the same people they claimed to protect for “himaitarian” they annhilate once they invade. So grave mistake last weeks’ill prepared demonstrations. This is why, since the involvement of Shabia, they have duped Andargachew Tsige, which Dr Aby also trusted Aba dula and Tsige. Everything is a hoax. When ethippians first demonstrated against Tplf to oust them, Cohen/Egypt ( creators of liberation fronts with Shabia as leader of liberration fronts) realized the power of Ethiopia, quckly sent message to Shaba, to create ” good relations” to new coming ethiopian leadership. This also means, to dupe Aby government to make them think they have support from Shabia, lead the new ethiopian government into thinking it is winning by leading the ethiopian government as anti West so that the West will declare war against Ethiopia using Tigray as cover to attack it. There will be nothing to Eritrea. It is to mislead Ethiopia it has support with Eritrea.Eritreas beef was with Tplf that took leadership away from Shabia, that is it. The integration of HOA would only materialize on the death of Ethiopia because they want Nile would be shared among Arabs and Israel, in return, Shabia will be the leader of HOA Africa. That is it. Shabia is a controlled suppirter of Aby government. Shabia knows whay ticks U.S but is not opposition to it, it is to put Aby’s government in the eye if tge West when Shabia declared integration of HoA showing videos of Isayas, Formajo of Somalia and Aby. This also alarmed anti Africa West, particularly U.K and U.S. Shabia is now ecpert in such set up, acting as friends from it foreign masters. Evenyually, all shabia, egybt, saudis etc in that rehion will be gone and a foreign Eest elements will take iver yhose rgions soon. Right mie they are focusing on getting rid of ethiopia using its liberation fronts and arabs. the nature of U.S, if you are caught being pro china and rusia, if you ar caught to develop your country without their approval, you are doomef. It doesnt matter thouhh, it eould give thede acyions as eccuse to invade anyways. Egyot, U.S ( controlled by zionist) have waged war ever since they hot rid of H/Selassie by useful idiots liberation fronts. The fate of dr Aby will be this. Not listening and acting accordingly will lead to mayhem, that is what happened to Mengistu. Chest pumping would not lead to peace, it is strategy, knowkedge that wouldlead to peace. In order to ease this tension, dr Aby should have, and must replace himself by liyal and pro ethiopian teklai minister, just like the rusia leader has done once.
    I think amaras are controlled by israel, when tplf is gone, they are turning to amaras once again to trick them the leadership is theirs, which is not true. The big question is if israel was never pro ethiopia, wamts to enslave ethiopia and take over nile under the name historical hebrew, but tgese ones are from europe, what is the connection? Plus, today they have allied woth Arabs agaibst ethiopia. Alsisi’s mother is ftom there. So, step by stepehypt eventually will be taken over as well, which never belonged to Arabs, it was british who gave egypt to arabs against Sudan and zEthiopia.

  4. It is so amazing when you think about the original plan of the goons of the TPLF when they started the way back in November 2020. The war plan to enter both cities of Asmara and Addis/Finfine by the middle December 2020. I tell you those stolen 30 billion in US dollars can make some people so recklessly brazen and helplessly over confident. That does not surprise me because they used to tell us that they are the ‘gold race’ and they and they alone had liberated the rest of us from the bloodthirsty Mengistu. But on November 10 they met their masters in the field by the names of Jula and Bacha. The lion suddenly shrank into a scared mouse hiding deep in its burrows. Poor thing!!!


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