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Djibouti handed over three wanted TPLF figures to Ethiopia

Handed over TPLF figures ( Photo : EBC)


Ethiopia on Monday said that Djibouti handed over three wanted Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) figures. 

“They had been working on making Ethiopia a terror zone,” said the report by state media, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporate (EBC).

It is said that they were part of the TPLF leadership involved in attacking the Ethiopian Defense Force and Federal Police Members in early November 2020 in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia- an incident that triggered the law enforcement campaign. 

According to the report, Ethiopian government has been searching for them. The government of Djibouti handed them over to Ethiopia on Monday. 

They are  Habtom Gebreselassie, Mesele Tamene Eshetu and Colonel Mohammed Berihu. 

The report added that they are currently in the custody of the Federal Police Commission who is launching an investigation. 

TPLF is undertaking a guerrilla war against the Ethiopian government after it reorganized itself following “humanitarian efforts” in the region. 

This week, Tsadkan Gebretensae, former chief of staff of the Ethiopian Defense Force who is currently leading the TPLF forces, said that they have trained thousands of forces and said that it is fighting Eritrean forces. 

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  1. Djibouti did this after all that trip and flirting by el-Sisi? If I were an Egyptian I would demand a refund of my tax money spent on his very expensive weekend vacation to Djibouti!!!

  2. The shame of Tplf. Groups in America using the U.S yo set up empire in the midfleast and part of Africa has been helping Tplf, today, they included Tplf members in tge ethiopias sanction quickly in order not to be implicated and pivoted to screaming for “Tigray” which is an agenda to get Tigrayans to rise again, the result and agenda is mutual extinction of ethiopian societies against eachother. The EOG is controlled by anti eyhiopian elements and fake supporters, such as moles like Merara Gudina, who ginally came out by tge side of foreigners. He is not from Ambo. Ambo are staunch Ethiopians and protecyors. Yhat is why he was sent to grow on Ambo in order to create anti eyhiopian movement. Many children have smuggled in eyhiopia since 60 years ago from Somalia and Kenya. That is why Olf Onlf groups have been given this mission since child hood. Since colinization in Eritrea also, most interbreeds ftom foreigners: italy, turkey, arabs created liberation ftont against ethiopia. Tigray predominantly became more controled by them which gave the control by colinizers such as British since Ase Yohannes. It is sad that Tigrayans are making a way gor foreigners who would want to settle in Tigray. Both Tigrayans the hovernment are not seeing the danger of what the future empire of elemnts from U.S and Yodit Gudit to depopulation in this region to claim it is theirs. The government or the followers and supporters are not seeing this. On the side, Arabs are taking this advantage. It is back to history repeating itself, they want to be the ” saviors” of Tigray from famine. On the other hand the government is being lead /advice from cobtrolled sipporter, tgat seem to be Shabia, in order to create animosity between West/US and Eyhiooia. There are elements within Ethiopia, still tge liberation fronts, fake supporter of Abiy government Shabia, Tplf/ Weyane, Olf, Muslim brotherhood with elements in US who want Ethiopia and U.S population to be enemies so that theU.S can attack Ethiopia. It seems it is suceeding. The eth hovernment is controlled by shabia but it is setting ethiopia towards syria, libya, etc style when diplomacy shoul have always been during the era of ethiopias kings. The Somalia attacking of Eyhiopia in the past stil elements in U.S, Shabia, tplf, Olf and the servants of Eritrea as founding father of Ehapa remenants. Today, it is the same thing. What seems to be pro Ethiopia from Shabia is because the in fighting between Tplf and Shabia until Shabia wins and it will soon turn against ethiopia of course secretly such as, the dangerous and unecessary anti U.S stance. Eritrea had its secret ally from arabs, israel and U.S elements. What is for Eritrea is not for Ethiopia, and myst lead her own policy creating friendly rrlations around the world even with those waging histirical wars against her.

  3. Subject: “Djibouti handed over three wanted TPLF figures to Ethiopia” by borkena, May 31, 2021

    Humble Commentary, 1 June 2021
    The TPLF of 2021 is NOT the admirable liberation force that we witnessed during the Derg Era. It is now the party of individuals for their own benefits. The people of Tigrai are NOT known to be guluble and innocent fools. What we now see is simply an extraordinary phenomenon of a shrewd and farsighted society being manupilated by a few to go down the drain to the gutter of life. Indeed, “CLASSICAL TRAGEDY” >>> or as the Tigrigna wisdom goes “forsaken by God” THE END

  4. – Hey you Ethiopians! I told you a million times before that I’m not an Ethiopian like you and I’ve never been one. I am something else first! How
    many times did I tell you that? A million times, right? That is why I’m a prisoner of war not any other type of prisoner. And now I’m not eating.

    – Hey Ittu, you’ve done that before already when you broke the record for going more than 65 days without eating. What is it now?

    – I will not be eating until you release these and all other prisoners from TPLF. I also demand the capture of Isaias, Abiy, Jula, Bacha, Tweedy
    Bird and Miss Piggy.

    – Why Tweedy Bird and Miss Piggy?

    – Cuz Tweedy Bird was the one who told on me and Miss Peggy slapped me in the face when I complained to her. I’m not eating!

    – Ok Ittu. I will talk to your doctor and I will leave your favorites desserts crème brulee, cherry clafoutis, crème au caramel and to help you wash it
    down cafe liegeois. Don’t worry I did not forget plum clafoutis.

    – I’m not eating! I’m not eating! I’m not eating!!!!

  5. TPLF terrorists should have no place or country to hide, there should not be a sanctuary for any terrorists on this planet Earth period, except where there are double standards, and white supremacy like UK and USA, telling Ethiopia and Africa, we will pick your leaders otherwise we don’t recognize them as leaders, we are the kingmakers, no one else is, we tell you what to eat, how much you can eat, otherwise you don’t eat, it goes on none stop, that is white supremacy for you! Enough is enough with this nonsense mentality of egregious white supremacist policy towards Ethiopia and Africa.


  6. El Sisi is a born and naturally talented world-class CLOWN, please allow him, to be for what he is.

    ኢትዮጵያ: ታበፅህ: ዕደዊሃ: ሐበ: እግዚአብሔር::


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