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Ethiopia rejects chemical weapons use allegations for law enforcement in Tigray

Chemical weapons use in Tigray is seen as the latest “irresponsible” effort to fuel more tension in Ethiopia 

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The pressure on Ethiopia in connection with the law enforcement operation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, most mainstream media in the west frame it as “Tigray war,” in mounting. 

Reports published in those media have been accusing Ethiopian government of  carrying out “genocide” in the region and obstructing humanitarian activities with the claim that over 5 million Tigreans are vulnerable to starvation. 

The latest accusation seems to have taken the propaganda campaign a step further. The British newspaper, Telegraph, on Monday published a report in which it made allegations that Ethiopian and Eritrean forces used chemical weapons in the Tigray region. 

Mr. Will Brown, the reporter for the aforementioned media, wrote “…civilians in northern Ethiopia have suffered horrific burns consistent with the use of white phosphorus, a potential war crime.”

Ethiopia called the allegations about chemical weapon use “malicious and irresponsible” with the objective to fuel more tension. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affair of Ethiopia has issued a brief statement in reaction to it. ” … The Ministry would like to categorically reject this allegation,” it said. 

Furthermore, the statement said “Ethiopia has not employed and will never use such banned munitions because it takes its international obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention extremely seriously.” 

On Sunday, the Ministry published a statement warning the international community about an upcoming publication alleging chemical weapons use in the Tigray region. 

It said, “Most recently, it has come to our attention that a prominent international publication will publish a report in the coming days alleging the use of chemical weapons against the people of Tigray. The charge is malicious and beyond irresponsible. It seeks to further inflame and divide the nation, particularly as it moves towards national elections. The world is forewarned.” 

The Ethiopian government sees increasing accusations against the government prevalent in corporate media products in the west as a move by politically interested groups that tend to use “grievance and anger as their mobilizing principles.” 

Apart from media outlets, state actors are stepping up pressure on Ethiopia. Last week, the United States Senate passed what it called  resolution S.Res.97 calling for an end to hostility in the Tigray region. In the same week, the U.S. State Department introduced visa restrictions and sanctions against Ethiopia. 

The sanctions and pressures seem to have the effect of uniting the majority of Ethiopians, although radical ethnic nationalists including the supporters of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) – the entity that triggered the conflict in the Tigray region – seem to celebrate the decisions of Joe Biden’s administration. 

The reaction from most activists is one that disapproves of the U.S. government’s inappropriate intervention in the internal affairs of Ethiopia. 

Abebe Gelaw is a U.S. based journalist and former executive Director of the Ethiopian Satellite Television. In reaction to the U.S. State Department visa restrictions, he said ” The visa restrictions the United States has imposed on “perpetrators” of human rights violations in Ethiopia is a mixed bag. On the one hand, it is a positive signal that the U.S. is paying serious attention to developments in Ethiopia. On the other hand, it makes the hypocrisy of U.S. foreign policy makers like Susan Rice, the former boss of Secretary Blinken, unmistakably preposterous. By her own admission, Rice was the late tyrant Meles Zenawi’s best friend.She misses her “brilliant” friend a lot.” 


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  1. The regime there is a victim mostly of itself. It has done quite a few double talking. Earlier in the conflict it had denied the presence of Eritrean troops anywhere in the country. I believed them and I even wrote a few skits about such allegations. Then it made a 360 degrees turn around and admits Eritrean Troops were in fact in Tigray doing the fighting. It also was adamant in denying any violations of human rights in that region by the federal forces. Again it made me a believer out of me on that one too. Now it is telling us that not only the Eritrean soldiers have been in the country but they have also carried out gross violations of human rights along with its own forces. It told us that those who violated have been prosecuted. How and when? Any names and mugshots? I don’t know folks. I believed in this young prime minister when he took the mantle in 2018 and I have not given up on him yet. I still believe that he is it! He is the last pit stop after which that country, that gem of the colored can either head into utter destruction it has never seen or chug along the long and arduous journey to The Promised Land where the rights of the individual are protected by and no one is allowed to be above the law of the land. Double talking will only serve those bigots within itself and here among us who have been having fits to tear the country apart. We all have to remember that both Eritrea and Ethiopia are signatories of the 1997 chemical weapons ban convention under which the populations of both countries are protected from chemical weapons. Both countries are prohibited from manufacturing and arming their military with banned chemical weapons. The only country in Africa that rejected the convention was Egypt. The other one, South Sudan, was not an independent nation yet in 1997. This is the most serious allegation so far. May The Almighty Our Creator Save Those Peace Longing People!!!!

  2. As a reference, the Joe Biden administration and president Biden himself is a resurgence of former president Jimmy Carter, in which, my humble opinion consider Jimmy Carter the worst and the most failed president in the history of the American presidency, Deja-vu again! The then-president Jimmy Carter’s administration was the cause and the manifestation of extrimisim in the Arab and Islamic world, which you see to this very day. The Iranian hostage crisis On November 4, 1979, when Iranian students stormed the US embassy in Tehran and took 66 American hostages. Although several hostages had been released by the time the failed Jimmy Carter rescue plan was attempted, the mismanaged and disorganized hostage rescue mission of president Jimmy Carter, which costed the life of eight American special forces when one of the helicopters collided with one of the C-30 planes, and no hostages rescued.
    President Joe Biden and his administration are bound to create, manifest another Jimmy Carter like foreign policy crisis in the continent of black Africa, by rehiring the old guards, supporters, of Tigray peoples liberation front (TPLF), with the Albanian communist political ideology of Enver Hoxha, and an outright, egregious terrorist organization, which looted Millions, if not Billions of dollars from the people and country of ETHIOPIA.

    This time around, the mismanagement of African foreign policy by the Joe Biden administration, I believe might not lead to being as extreme as hostage-taking phenomenon given the civility of ETHIOPIA and AFRICA, however, the magnitude of negative effect on American policy in the Black African continent will be unimaginable and therefore. a quick reversal of the antagonistic and egregious behavior towards Ethiopia and Africa by president Joe Biden can cool down the current situation, to be quite frank about it.


  3. The chemical weapon being used on Ethiopians, which is, in the regional state of Tigray is an outright, a bodacious, outrageous, absolutely an audacious white lie, protracted by white supremacists and fascists, human blood-drinking the so-called, United kingdom of the despicable criminal colonialist, and European Union, they will do anything and everything to bring back the Albanian communist terrorist junta, the Tigray liberation front (TPLF), which has been serving the interest of exploiting, manipulation and extortionists, white supremacists and fascists of the world, as well as fighting their secret wars in Eastern and Subsaharan African countries, killing innocent AFRICANS in their own homeland.

  4. How the GOE/Abiy was set up:
    How other contries such as Ethiopia do not understand U.S and repeayedly makemistake. U.S for obvious reason would always want power in the world, hence, that is why it is competing fearsely with China and Russia. Japan was once trying to compete with the U. S and theU.S began to provoke it, not have war against it, however, what U.S understands physics, that by own action of the other, other countries will entrap themselves, just like a mouse running around its own entrapment, and eventually the mouse gets caught by entrapment and dies. In Japan’s case, Ametoca provoked it and Japan believed it too was super power, and attacked it. The result was nuclear and foreverbecame dependent on U.S. However, the U.S didnot become selfish but supportedJapan in its economic flourishment. Fast forward, America has since may have nowbeen different, that it may havecsome rogue elements witin it that coukd affect the U. S. and must bring the far sighted Kennedy era. Can you imagine what America would have been ifthe Kennedy era coninued with true democracy and genuine worldl lwader in the world? Ethiopia must learn from America’s history and its nature. If Ethiopia is provoked, must not react emotionally nor follow foot steps of Eritrea by being anti West. Rather must stop its own rogue groups such as tplf, shabia and olf especially the tplf and Olf , ethiopia must stop these two from lobbying against ethiopia to the West. Shabia is still coordinating with tplf and olf discretly by setting up ethiopia/ amara by plan tplf provoking the GOE and its military so that Ethiopia will be entrapped set up for accusation that wouldlead to sanctions and its own demise. Therefore, GOE Ethiopia/ Amara/Ethiopia was set up when Tplf and its allies attacked Ethiopia’s military in the Nort so that it would retaliate. The solution was, not to retaliate and continue grafually to dissolve tplf while putting the moderate one such as Debretsion in power. I believe, following advise of shabia or giving shabia an excuse to invade Tigeay is grave mistake. For all we know, Eritrea was “ordered” by its own forein elements to make good relations with Abiy government, why? What was and is the agenda? Whatever it is, it sems the currebt givt made itself dependent on eritrea and since it takes orders from the same foreigners as U.S, there will mot be different for ehiopia, the plan is against ethiopia.

    As i said, it is hardtotrust eritrea as eritrea may verbally atrack the West and still nobody sares to challenge it because it has its own allies that protect it. We know the ills of ethiopia originated from eritrea so, eritrea is a favor doer for thoe against ethiopia and have high regards for eritrea. Ethiopia must know who are the messengers as it is being punished for its independence.


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