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Ethiopia expelled New York Times reporter from the country

Image – DW Amahric servcie


Ethiopia expelled on Thursday Simon Marks, an Irish journalist who worked for the New York Times, in connection with biased reporting regarding the situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. 

Mr. Simon, who has been in the country for about two years, as reported by Deutsche Welle Amharic service. The source has confirmed that he has been expelled. 

On Friday, he tweeted on :

“The Ethiopian govt on Thursday expelled me after nearly two years in the country where I reported on the dizzying hopes from the moment @AbiyAhmedAli won his Peace prize to the horrors of the war in Tigray.” 

Reporters Without Borders has condemned PM Abiy Ahmed’s administration over Mr. Simon’s expulsion. 

A report by the New York Times said Mr. Marks was detained for about eight hours in the capital Addis Ababa, where he was summoned on Thursday, and deported on the same day around 12:30 a.m. local time. 

He was reportedly stripped off his credentials in March of this year. 

Mainstream media in the west have been claiming “genocide in Tigray” by Ethiopian and Eritrean troops.   

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  1. Now this is too far. The officials there should not expel the reporter. It means they are admitting defeat. They would rather keep on countering his reports and prove to his bosses and the world how he was wrong. They should rather continue presenting themselves to be different from their predecessors and other despots on the continent. I don’t think expelling reporters will not further the accord for them or the country they rule.

  2. Due diligence at its best! It’s about time the spymaster Simon Marks under the label of a reporter inserted into Ethiopia is finally expelled, from which he should not have been allowed to inter from the first place, he is history now! From now on, the Ethiopian government must thoroughly investigate anyone who is entering Ethiopia.
    The US, UK, and the European union of white supremacists are now using disguised reporter labeling to infiltrate countries in the black African continent and Ethiopia, to spy, and as a weapon to destabilize the country by spreading rumors, fake news, propaganda, and so forth. It’s a matter of fact that, especially the fascistic US, UK, and the European Union are using these technics to destabilize countries in Africa and ETHIOPIA as a preferred choice of weapons of mass destabilization and trying, day and night, effortlessly to bring terrorist TPLF back to power and destroy the current government of Dr. Pm. Abiy Ahmed, as well as the ancient land of ETHIOPIA itself, which is a daydream and impossible to achieve, simply because the people of ETHIOPIA from within the country and around the globe are behind the vibrant and courageous leader of ETHIOPIA. Dr. Pm Abiy Ahmed, period end of the story.
    The trick being used by the US, UK, and the European Union is that, if their disguised spy (fake reporters) are caught spreading fake news, propaganda, rumors, and so forth, then they will cry foul and in violation of the standardization of worldwide norms, and human rights violations, freedom of reporters and their expressions? the question is, by whose standard of human rights violations? and worldwide norms of reporters’ freedom of movements? Enough is enough with your nonsensical “we are the mother of all democracies in the whole wide world” preaching.
    To those of you who have the audacity to call the ETHIOPIAN government” losers” because they expelled a spy under the disguised reporter labeling, who was spreading fake news, propaganda, and antagonistic reporting about ETHIOPIA, to sabotage and threaten the peace of the country and destabilizing ETHIOPIA. I have something to tell you! I don’t want to come down to your label, however, if there needs to be I will. you are pants down losers, you need to shut up and crawl like a little puppy dog under the feet of your masters and collect your welfare in which you don’t deserve the benefit of, you are welfare Queens.


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