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Ethiopia, Russia agreement on peaceful Nuclear energy


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia on Thursday said that a memorandum of understanding was signed between Ethiopia and Russia in the areas of developing skills and shaping public opinion on Nuclear Energy. 

ROSATOM, Russia’s state Atomic Energy Cooperation, and Ethiopia’s Ministry of Innovation and Technology signed the agreement. But it was Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Russia, Alemayehu Tegenu, who signed it on behalf of the Ministry, as revealed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia. 

 Mr. Nikolay Spassky, Deputy Director-General signed on behalf of ROSATOM, the Ministry announced. 

However, an agreement for the use of Nuclear Energy was reached in 2018 when the Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Serge Lavrov visited Addis Ababa in 2018.

The two countries have over 120 years of diplomatic relations. 


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  1. Dear Editors,

    I see you didn’t like my comment I posted here. But I would appreciate it if you tell me why. I am a big boy. I can take it. I am a big fan of continuous learning. Please let me know.

  2. Nuclear technology as energy source is the cleanest and very safe way to generate power for electricity and medicinal use. Since the Chernobyl accident the technology has made so much advances that accidents can be effectively avoided and when and if happen they can be easily contained. It can be a huge game changer for the old country if it can get its current political environment in order. How to store the waste can be a huge hurdle. I wish them good luck though!

  3. I am not necessarily an enthusiastic supporter of nuclear power, be it for the use of electric generating, medicinal applications, and or, for a weapon of mass distractions. However, there isn’t a single country on this Earth that is not trying to build or pursuing nuclear power options, and therefore why not ETHIOPIA if it sees fit to go about building whatever numbers of plants it wants to build in cooperation with the Russian Federation.



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