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Russia says African Union is the right place to resolve GERD Dispute

Russia GERD Ethiopian

Russia supports the “African Solution to African Problem” approach in resolving disputes over GERD. “African Union is the right place to solve it,” Mr. Lavrov said.

Russia _ Egypt _ GERD _ Nile
Mr. Sergey Lavrov meeting with Egyptian Foreign Affairs Minister Sameh Shoukry in Cairo on Monday April 12, 2021 (Photo credit : Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia)

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Foreign Affairs Minister for the Russian Federation, Sergey Lavrov, on Monday met his Egyptian counterpart, Sameh Shoukry , in Cairo.  They discussed a range of issues including the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD). 

Russia GERD Ethiopian says African Union is the right place to resolve

During a presser after their meeting, Mr. Lavrov was asked regarding the dispute between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. 

“The Renaissance Dam is a big problem. In 2019, you were part of the technical review team. Does Russia have a vision for how to resolve this issue in order to support the three states and to sign an agreement given that the most recent talks failed?” is the question posed to the Russian Foreign Minister. The question is translated from Arabic, as indicated in The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation update which was published on April 12. 

He answered “This question has long been raised by our Egyptian friends. We are very much interested in reaching a settlement. The only way to do so is to have all three stakeholder states work together. All others must facilitate this process. At some point, our leaders came with an offer of a technical review including, primarily, images from outer space and water-and-energy expert analysis, to the countries that are parties to this dispute. The offer was passed on. We are not claiming other roles. We were not asked to be mediators. The US, the EU, the UN and the African Union (AU) were invited to act as mediators. I believe this is a crucial matter, because all three participants of the process are represented in the AU. Also, the AU is the right place to showcase the tradition of African countries solving African problems. In this case and all other cases as well, including the ongoing conflicts in Africa, we are strong proponents of the principle of African solutions to African problems” 

Clearly, the Russian position is pro-mediation – one that is facilitated by the African Union. The logic for Russia is simple : parties to the GERD dispute are represented in the African Union. 

During the last round of talk between the three countries, which took place in Kinshasa earlier this month, Egypt and Sudan proposed elevating the observer role of the United States and the European Union in a way to deliberate and facilitate the process which Ethiopia declined to accept. 

Egypt has been threatening a military measure against Ethiopia. This week, Ethiopia offered Egypt and Sudan data sharing on the second filling of the dam, scheduled to happen in the rainy months of July and August, but the two countries rejected the offer saying they “need a binding agreement before the second phase of GERD filling. 


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  1. QUOTE: “Russia supports the “African Solution to African Problem” approach in resolving disputes over GERD. “African Union is the right place to solve it,” Mr. Lavrov said.”UNQUOTE

    Humble Commentary, 12 Apr.2021
    It goes without saying that the above statement is the right thing to say for the Russian Diplomat to declare. But, it is only a gimmick to have an influential reception and political subjugation in Black Africa. It is a game of who wins in the colonization of Black Rich Africa — East or West. In all cases, Africa is a source of rich natural resources and space to accommodate those who have alarmingly over flowing population. The Black Africans are not considered as the custodians of AFRICA!!!! Colonialism knows no consciousness and decency for the treatment of human life of different skin colour than their own. Look around the atmosphere of the current 21st Century. What do you see? Do you see a sense of dignity, humility, equality, fairness towards Black Africans? NOT AT ALL.

    It should be the End of it all. But one can’t resist raising an interesting question. Why is it that the highly educated Black African Scholars, of the Highest calibre, with Doctor of Philosophy Degrees from outstanding universal Universities in various subjects of education are like mice in caves when it comes to the rescue of their BELOVED AFRICA & AFRICANS ? Why don’t they step to the ‘base’ and ready to score a ‘home run’ for the delight and hope of BLACK AFRICANS? We don’t have an answer. We don’t seem to be sensitive to what we see a dreadful circumstances in front of us. No, the Scholars of the Highest Standards prefer to be by-standers and keep quiet!!! Why? No body knows. One can’t help thinking about the Black Man who was suffocated to death by a hateful White Police Officer — theoretically the protect of the people — with a delight on his face killinga a Black Man. And, in contrast, we the Black People did not show our DISGUST visibly throughout the United States of America >>> the candle of enlightment, liberty, equality, freedom, justice , prosperity and for the dignity of its people regardless of origination and colour >>> so we were told.
    THE END.

  2. As a patriot Ethiopian, but not a diplomat nor a part of the Ethiopian government, I feel fully justified to say to the streetwise clown leader of Egypt El Sisi, who keeps threatening my country ETHIOPIA for war, I will say come on bring it on, let us see what you have got, and kick his raggedy behind and therefore he will stop performing his streetwise clowning in front of the civilized world. if I was an Egyptian (I am glad for not being one) I will be embarrassed about the clown leader of my country, but as for me and as an ETHIOPIAN I’m enjoying watching El Sisi’s slobbering all over the place.


  3. Russia’s opinion about the ongoing discussion on how to make the water of the Nile equitably available for all riparian countries is all nice and dandy. Just as an opinion and that should be it. You know what I mean? Other than that take a walk Ivan!!! Get the steppin’!!! If the current regime starts drifting away into those despots’ arms in Moscow or Beijing then we might as well kiss and good bye to that gem of the colored. The election is a few months away and things can go in every way imaginable. My question and nightmare is will it be 2005 all over again or will it be like 1988 Pinochet arrivederci!!! Just as peaceful!!! If things goes the 2016 Gambia Yahya’s way, then Ivan the Terrible or Genghis Khan will be there as king makers. Then more than 120 million people will be on the move!!!


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