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Facebook removed Egyptian accounts that targeted Ethiopia


Facebook has released what it calls Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior (CIB) report for the month of March 21. The company announced that it has removed a total of 1,167 accounts including from Egypt. 

According to the report, 17 Egypt based Facebook accounts that targeted Ethiopia, Sudan and Turkey are removed. Apart from the 17 accounts, six group pages and three Instagram accounts promoting hate on Ethiopia are removed. 

” We found this network as part of our internal investigation and linked it to Bee Interactive, a marketing firm in Egypt,” said Facebook. 

About three years ago, Ethiopia accused Egypt, a country with whom an agreement is not reached over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, of meddling in the internal affairs of the country. 

Ethiopia has been struggling with prevalent ethnic-based violences that has claimed thousands of lives in different parts of the country. The government has been claiming that  activists using social media anonymously aggravated ethnic based violences in the country. 

Last year, the government had to suspend social media for weeks in connection with what was believed to be a security concern in the country. 

There were unconfirmed reports in the past that individuals running anonymous social media accounts targeting Ethiopia are funded by Egypt. 


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  1. Publishers such as Borkena and concerned groups should report “digital woyane” to Youtube, Google, FB, Twitter, etc. Patriotic Ethiopians with tech skills should neutralize activities of “digital woyane.”


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