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Radical Oromo Liberation Front leader Jal Mero denies involvement in Wollega massacre


Jal Mero, who described himself as leader of Oromo Liberation Army of the west front, denied involvement in the massacre of innocent ethnic Amhara this week in Wollega regiona of Ethiopia. 

Ethiopian government, both at the federal and Oromia regional state level, linked the massacre to what it called Oromo Liberation Front – Shane group , which is understood as the militant wing of Oromo Liberation Front. 

Jal Mero, whose real name is said to be Kumsa Driba, disowns the name itself. At some point an unverified photo of his dead body was circulated on social media.  He spoke to VOA Amharic service days after he appeared on Aljazeera stream, and he is still operating in the Oromo region of Ethiopia. 

“We are not Oromo Liberation Front -Shane, we are Oromo Liberation Army,” he told VOA Amharic journalist Solomon Abate. 

Take a list to the Audio file below :

An increasing number of Ethiopians do not tend to think that the Oromia regional state is facilitating the massacre of ethnic Amhara in the region. But the region says it is fighting the radical Oromo nationalist group. 

The regional state usually issues a statement a day after an incident of massacre claiming that  it has killed OLF -Shane fighters. 

As Ethiopians are mourning the brutal killings of innocent Ethiopia, Oromia regional state put up an event in the luxurious Sheraton Addis to commemorate what it called the third anniversary of Abiy Ahmed’s take over of power.  That too angered a considerable number of Ethiopians. 

Audio credit : VOA Amharic Service


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  1. There you have it! Now what? For those of you who doubt that the American taxpayer-financed anti ETHIOPIAN nazi Gestapo style propaganda radio station, the VOICE OF AMERICA? is at it again, this time daringly admitting its deep involvement in the internal affairs of ETHIOPIA, giving authentication to a notorious terrorist group that is beheading and tearing babies, elderly men, women guts out of their bodies and feeding it to doges and hyenas. The 21st-century nazi propaganda radio station the so-called VOICE OF AMERICA ? is directly involved in supporting various separatist terrorist groups inside and outside of ETHIOPIA. Interviewing the leader of a terrorist Oromo liberation front from inside the jungle of ETHIOPIA by VOA provided satellite phone is a telling by itself on how the anti ETHIOPIAN propaganda nazi VOA radio station’s involvement terrorizing, inciting violence on the peace-loving people of ETHIOPIA, and mind you! the VOA is financed with the American taxpayer dollars to terrorize a nation that has done nothing wrong to anyone, it only tells us the double standard and the hypocrisy of the supposed mother of all democracies? One might think that a nation calls itself a democracy? will wish other nations to be democratic, prosperous, and peaceful, but no America feeds itself from the misery of other countries, we are better than any other countries on this earth, there is no power but America in this universe, etc. to satisfy its ego, white supremacy, and superiority complexes, using goons of Ethiopian born so called reporters?


  2. Whom to believe? Priest?
    Truth about Oromo fighters OLF/OLA Oromo people from the Amhara priest (supposed enemy, supposed tortured)
    The priest words = OLF/OLA fighters professional/do not kill/rape civilians, Oromo are welcoming/loving people


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