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Asebot Monastery experienced another fire accident

Asebot Monastery had been targets of recurring attacks and “fire accidents”

Asebot Monastery _ Ehtiopia
Fire at Asebot Monastery (photo : social Media )


A fire accident was reported earlier this week at Asebot Monastery. It is one of the oldest Ethiopian Orthodox Church Monasteries which was established in the 12 the century. It is the only monastery in the Eastern part of Ethiopia. 

It is located in Eastern Hararghe Archdiocese, in what is  now Oromia regional state. 

The accident which is now taking the form of wildfire started about three days ago and continues to rage. The causes of the fire are not yet established.  

So far, no reported human casualties. However, the flora and fauna surrounding the monastery are severely damaged, according to news coverage by Adebabay Media.  

It is not under control at this writing, and  it was said to be approaching cells of the hermits to the point that they had to move to the church in the monastery. 

A report by Andafta Media on Wednesday said Ethiopian Orthodox Church patriarchate wrote a letter to authorities in the Oromia region of Ethiopia regarding the incident.  Over 40 hectares of the forest is said to have been damaged by the accident. 

The monastery has experienced repeated fire and at times brazen attacks. In 2018, the monastery was attacked by radical ethnic nationalist groups. 


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  1. I remember such wildfires on this mountain when I was a young boy back in the 1950’s. Those of you who are that small railway station Asabot will recall such wildfire flaring up on several occasions. It is not usually man triggered fire but it suddenly flares up during the dry and hit season. There was one incidence I still vividly remember. We were seeing traces of fire for days and everyone thought it will just douse itself out. But one afternoon we began screaming and crying for help by members of the church standing at the outskirt of that small railway station. Then every able resident start running towards the raging fire with freshly cut leafy branches. I mean every able person in that town including farmers in the surrounding area. After frenzied effort they were able to put out the fire before it reached the place of worship. That was one of my fondest memories of harmonious living of that era. It was one of those influencing moments and was part of my formative years. I hope citizens of the area will team up to help just as the same this time too. But nowadays the government can send a few of its military helicopters and douse it out.


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