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Tewodros Abebaw, Addis Ababa activist, slain in the capital

Police is yet to announce as to who took the life of Tewodros Ababaw whom his friends describe as kindhearted

Tewodros Abebaw _ Addis Ababa
The late Tewodros Abebaw (Photo : SM)


Tewodros Abebew, a young Addis Abebaw who was known among his friends and social circle as a very altruistic person, on Monday was stabbed to death in the capital Addis Ababa. He was killed a day after his birthday. 

Social media sources indicate that he was killed while on duty with Ride taxi services, one of the popular services in the city. Addis Ababa Police did not issue a statement regarding the tragic killing. 

Tewodros Abebaw was engaged to his soulmate about a month or so ago, according to social media sources, and was looking forward to his wedding. 

His death has triggered a conversation over the rising crime rate in Addis Ababa – about which some are expressing a feeling that they feel insecure. 

However, there is also another view that tends to see the murder of Tewodros Abebaw within the context of Addis Ababa politics and a rising belligerence from radical ethnic Oromo nationalists  – a group that claims exclusive ownership over the capital Addis Ababa.

Massacres motivated and guided by radical ethnic Oromo nationalists political groups has been making headlines among Ethiopian publishers for a long time now. Killings of individuals inspired by the same political conviction is coming to be not unusual. Just a few weeks ago, a member and organizer of EZEMA party in Bishoftu city, Girma Moges, was assassinated in the evening.

Tewodros was said to be a vocal supporter of the movement for Addis Ababa – a city that is increasingly threatened by radical Oromo politicians. 

He was said to be an enthusiastic fan of Buna soccer club, one of the most cherished clubs in the capital Addis Ababa.


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