Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Video of Ethiopians and Eritreans Protest in Washington DC


Below is a video of Ethiopians and Eritreans Protest in Washington DC.

Video : embedded from Baleageru News channel on YouTube
Cover photo : screenshot from the video


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  1. Ethiopia and Ethiopian’s have been played a great role to establish a modern world. so every should respect and know about Ethiopia!!!!

  2. I just received a telegram from my hommie who has lived at a college orphanage for several years about these protestors. After he conducted an extensive investigation he discovered that all of these protestors were not even from Africa let alone Ethiopia. Through his advanced face recognition technology he discovered that all of them are Puerto Rican and Filipino demonstrate-for-hires. They sun tanned themselves for this occasion. Rosaio’s cousin is in there. The ones in the front row are J-lo and Smits’ nephews. In fact one of them is del Toro himself. They were all hired by the Neftegnas and Neo-Gobenas to create fake news. My hommie was joined by his buddies one in London. one in Down Under and another one in Michigan while conducting this ground breaking discovery. Do you know that Abiy’s father was a Navajo and his mom was a Bolivian? Yep! All that was uncovered by my hommie in Virginia.


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