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Ethiopians, Eritreans protest EU,US intervention in the Horn of Africa

Protest by Eritreans and Ethiopians in Washington DC condemned dissemination of false information and European Union and the US intervention in Ethiopia and the region 


Tens of thousands of Ethiopians and Eritreans in the United States protested European Union and the US intervention in the  Horn of Africa. 

The protestors also opposed what they say is a well-funded misinformation campaign by remnants of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and their supporters in the Diaspora.

They carried placards saying “New York Times, CNN, Reuters  stop disseminating fake news for money!” 

The protest was staged in front of the US State department in Washington DC chanting slogans that call for an end to political intervention in Ethiopia. 

There was a similar protest in London, Ontario, Canada. 

“America ! Get your own house in order first and stay out of Ethiopia and Ethiopian Politics”, and “USA & Europe Stop interfering in Ethiopian/African internal problems. We can solve our internal issues,’ were among the slogans that protestors chanted in front of the US state department in Washington DC. 

State and non-state actors, including Human Rights Organizations, in the west have been issuing statements based on false information from TPLF supporters blaming the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments for the situation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.  Last week, the government of Ireland initiated a discussion within the United Nations Security Council under the guise of “Humanitarian Situation in Tigray region.”  The meeting, which aimed at producing a statement according to a diplomatic source, ended in disagreement after two permanent members of the Security Council and one non-permanent member voted against it. 

There have been claims of a massacre in the historic city of Axum that was allegedly committed during the war between TPLF forces and the Ethiopian Defense Force. Abiy Ahmed’s government stated recently that it is investigating the claims and invited international expertise to take part in the investigation.  

The protestors supported what the Ethiopian government is doing in the Tigray region of Ethiopia to enforce rule of law, the government also calls it that way, and addressed humanitarian issues in the aftermath of the defeat of Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). 

There were also claims by entities in the west about the presence of Eritrean troops in the Tigray region, and in fact the alleged massacre in Axum, for which there does not seem to be any concrete evidence so far. Last month, a senior military officer within the Ethiopian Defense Force disclosed that no Eritrean troops were in the Tigray region. 

Ethiopia and Eritrea have forged a strong political and security partnership, among other things, after ending two decades old state of enmity in July 2018. 

The war between the Ethiopian government and TPLF forces was completed within a little over two weeks after  the latter attacked the northern command of the Ethiopian Defense Force on November 4, 2020. 

About 21 top TPLF leaders were captured following the war, and they are being investigated for the massacre at Maikadra in early November 2020, and for the attack against the Ethiopian Defense Force. 

TPLF supporters in the United States had organized their own protest in Washington claiming “massacre” in Tigray region.


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  1. Subject: “Ethiopians, Eritreans protest EU,US intervention in the Horn of Africa” borkena, March 10, 2021

    Amazing Development, 10 Mar 2021
    Well, Well, Well …… ETHIOPIANS and ERITREANS, on the same wavelength,, protesting against the interference of the mighty USA and the aged ancient EU, to defend the Horn of Africa, alibei on the surface, and, by extension, the Black Race of Africa. Fantastic,!!! Considering the story of YESTERYEARS. it is Amazing!!!

    Where does this development lead us? Who knows what Mother Earth have in her fertile womb? Just be patient and see the mystery of LIFE.

  2. These citizens have the right to express their opinion by every peaceful means within the law. I can see many of the writings on the placards the demonstrators were carrying and they are understandable. There was one phrase I see on one of the slogans that reads ‘ America! Get your own house in order first’. That is too harsh and undeserving. What is not here out of order? The bickering in the legislative branch? That is how democracy works. Democracy when is exists in the true sense of the word, is peacefully ruckus. Senators Sanders and Lindsey Graham slug it out on the podium but they go back to work in the Senate’s Budget Committee. If a fringe extremist group goes out and steal gobble and laptop from the Capitol that does not mean the whole country is out of order. I wish that phrase was not there. It is a wrong way to get the message across to a friendly nation where we all enjoy democracy that we were/are deprived of in the country that produced us all. It is not diplomatic at all. It reminds me of what the commies in Beijing were lambasting on their TV news during the Hurricane Katrina disaster in 2005. Other than that the demonstrators were exercising their constitutional rights. I now hear that another group is planning a counter demonstration demanding the end of ethnic genocide of Tigres and Oromos. You can see it in their daily postings. They are irate at people who complain about the massacre of Amharas, Gumuz and Agaw citizens.

  3. A truth can never be disguised forevever, one day or at some moment it will shine like morning sun rise.Misleading the innocent people and destabilizing the country should be given up.Those who have been paid for such nonsense and stupid activity should have a discussion with their own mouth which speaks out dirty things.Am sorry for some Democratic countries to deafen their ear not to hear the reality what has been happening in the country,Ethiopia.

  4. Breaks my heart that entire country is on a revenge against TPLF misson.

    The reality is that 4 separate groups have descended on the poor peasants and farmers and yes a genocide and brutal looting and raping is taking place right this minute. The UN and United States and all humanity must stand up for justice.

    The destruction of Tigray does not guarantee the blossoming of the rest of the country. And this is what is misunderstood.


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