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Tilahun Gessesse Square coming up,the King of Ethiopian Music getting a statue too

Tilahun Gessesse is indisputably the king of Ethiopian Music. And the government now gets it that he deserves a statute in the capital Addis Ababa. 


For many Ethiopians, Tilahun Gessesse was an exertional figure in the world of Ethiopian Music. Prominent singers of this generation like Teddy Afro seem to have a revering attitude towards him. It is not for nothing. Not only he dominated Ethiopian Music for nearly half a century but also his music is timeless and is quite intergenerational. 

The themes of his music touches all aspects of the Ethiopian society. Patriotism, love, social values, culture, altruism and what not. Perhaps that is why Tilahun Gessesse ‘s  music is timeless. 

Addis Ababa City Administration on Thursday unveiled that it is erecting a statue of him in the heart of the city. A cornerstone is also laid for upcoming Tilahun Gessesse Square. 

It will be in front of Ethiopia’s prominent five-star hotel, Sheraton Addis. 

Acting Mayor of the city, Adanech Abiebie, attended the music concert “Kome Limerkesh” which was organized to commemorate Tilahun Gessese. 

“Tilahun is like a mirror with which we see Ethiopia.  He was joyous when Ethiopia was in good times and grieving when Ethiopia was in danger,” he is quoted as saying. 

She also talked about his contribution in terms of creating patriotic Ethiopian musicians through his works. 

“He will always be remembered. It is us who will be glorified when we honor him,” Adanech Abiebie added. 

President Sahlework Zewde and other senior government officials were present in the music concert organized at the Friendship Park in the capital Addis Ababa. 

Kome Lemerkish concert raised over 80 million Ethiopian birr (which is over $US 2 million) and the entire proceed will go to “Gebeta Lehager project” (translates to Dine for Ethiopia) – a multi-million dollars project to develop three selected tourist attractions in the north-west, central and  southern parts of Ethiopia. 

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who initiated the project, expressed his gratitude for those who organized the concert and donated the proceeds to the national project. 

“My admiration and appreciation to all those involved in organizing a memorial concert in honour  of Tilahun Gessesseand contributing the proceeds collected thus far towards the ‘Dine for Ethiopia’ initiative. To all those that contributed towards the Birr 80mil plus as well, your [You] are leaving an indelible print on #Ethiopia’s development,” he wrote in his latest social media update. 

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