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Ethnic Tigray activist assassinated in small town outside Mekelle city

Assassinated Fenkil Tigray leader and activist, Yemane Niguse (Photo : EBC)


Yemane Niguse is one of the founders of “Fenkil Tigray Movement,” – a movement whose motto was to challenge the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in the region. 

He is reportedly killed in Hewane, a locality outside Mekelle city. He was killed on Saturday along with two of his escorts. It was in his birthplace that he was killed. 

The Ethiopian government confirmed that the activist is killed, and linked the assassination to what it called remnants of ethnic Tigray People’s Liberation Front. 

At this writing, no other media outlets including ethnic Tigray Media outlets like Tigrai Media House covered the story and no further detail is known about the circumstances under which TPLF forces carried out the attack that claimed three lives including Yemane. 

There was a claim in the past that Abiy Ahmed led Ethiopian government supported Fenkil Tigray Movement. But later the leader of the movement, Yemane, fell out with the government after the completion of law enforcement operations in the region. 

borkena would like to express heartfelt condolences to the families and friends of Yemane. 

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  1. I have read the sad story of this countryman a few days ago. It has been reported on several news sites both inside and outside the old country. But other giant news outlets like BBC, AP, and AFP in all have not said a word about it. This exposes their true color. They do not want to report the savage murder because they know it was carried out by their golden boys, the goons of the defunct TPLF. It shows beyond the faintest of the doubt that these foreign media outlets have turned into dens of activists with variety of ulterior motives. This barbaric acts proves to everyone that Debre and his gangs have gone back to their operandi of the good ole days of the 1970’s and 80’s that sent them into the database of terrorists: murdering those who are engaged on humanitarian missions. This dear countryman was delivering much needed and lifesaving humanitarian aid to the beleaguered people of the region he grew up. But the news of callous act is deliberately sandbagged by these giant outlets. Meanwhile, BBC and its peers are busy fanning the border incidences between the two countries, Sudan and Ethiopia. BBC is crying rivers about the rising inflation in the country day in and day out. It has turned into being the sounding board of fake and exaggerated news being churned out by the running dogs of Al-Shabaab-Debre. When is the last time we hear BBC reporting about the rising of supremacist groups in the UK? When was that? There you have it.

    Now, looking at this irresponsible behavior of these giant news outlets you may be pressed to ask why so? Why are they so enthusiastic on reporting(exaggerating) news that they know will work against the well-being the old country? Why? I have a theory for that; why they love to go to bed with proven bigots and ‘republic’ dreamers. I will present that later on.


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