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Ethiopian PM tells Ethiopians around the world : “beat falsehood with truth”

As major media outlets and TPLF supporters continue infowar against Ethiopia by way of distorting Ethiopia’s law enforcement operation and humanitarian assistance effort in Tigray region, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed calls upon Ethiopians and Friends of Ethiopians around the World to “beat falsehood with truth.”

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Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed

February 2, 2021

Ethiopian government completed what it called the law enforcement operation in the Tigray region of Ethiopia against Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in a matter of three weeks. 

Although they raised over 250,000 forces in the form of  special forces, local militia and deserted members of Ethiopian Defense Force, TPLF leaders and forces suffered crushing losses to the Ethiopian Defense Forces. Key TPLF leaders including the founder of the organization, Sebhat Nega, are in police custody in the capital Addis Ababa. 

The infowar in cyberspace,however, has been a different story. Die hard supporters of TPLF in the west, including academicians, paid lobbyists and even politicians, and Ethiopians who were beneficiaries of TPLF business and political empire wagged a relentless media campaign to create an image on the international stage that depicts Ethiopia responsible for the war. 

Sometimes the war is projected as a war against the people of Tigray and that there has been massacre of ethnic Tigreans. There was also a report that Ethioian government deliberately starved ethnic Tigreans. 

Some Ethiopian columnists have been calling for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s administration to step up efforts to resist the infowar. And the Prime Minister is responding to it. 

In a message he released on Tuesday, he called up on all Ethiopians across the world to respond to the information war on Ethiopia from TPLF supporters. 

“Those who could not swallow the death of Junta [a reference to TPLF leaders] are teaming up with the enemies of Ethiopia and made it their business to disseminate distorted and false information about Ethiopia. They do not want the existence of Ethiopia unless  they want to do anything as they pleased,” he said in his message. 

Mr. Abiy Ahmed briefly highlighted that Ethiopia was forced to enter into war after it “was stabbed in the back” by those who ruled Ethiopia for more than twenty-five years, but it was reversed with a united action from Ethiopia.

Regarding the supporter’s info war he said ,”they continue to lie and connive to compensate for the loss in the war front.” 

And he called up on all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia around the world to share accurate information about the current affairs in Ethiopia, and thwart the campaign to tarnish the image and dignity of Ethiopia by beating “falsehood with truth.” 

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  1. Many brutal people like Abiy are coward which is intersting ans surprising fact to know.

    chirak , cia agent sell his land to arabs and claim unity .
    He will be gunned down soon next month, told someone who donot want disclose her identity.Watch out . Donot come closer to him, you might be a victim.

    Abiy and his fans are enemies of ethiopia.

  2. you told the crimes are Exaggerated , but doesn’t mean that there are no crimes ?? hence, PP is confessing to have committed atrocities against its own people as if they are aliens . These could lead Victims of those war crimes to deny their ethiopiawinet (disguised amharanized identity) and cut ties with their religious leaders and curches socalled Ethiopian orthodox church leaders and their organizations. These leaders blessed and supported goons and mercenaries who are engaged in genocide in Tigray.

    Religious leaders are mostly siding with incumbent leaders of various political agenda be it ethnic based or some other. This favoritism makes church leaders like those who are now to fall under the category of false prophets

    By siding with Abiy and Eritrea, You are involving in a crime that could potentially endanger your future generation and history .What is the connection between arresting leaders and bombing african heritages based in TIgray , killing innocents going house to house , raping girls and their mothers and other unimaginable crimes?

    you are claiming nonstop that Tigray is part of Ethiopia and we donot need international intervention ???? Many of us never been supporter of TPLF , but your crimes united us than ever!

    For many of us, TPLF is a patron of Tigray and the only defender of Tigray !upon considering savagery against our people, we decided to support TPLF, the only and super qualified defender of Tigray. We will see if you could make great and unified ethiopia -free of corruption, killings and uncondtional freedom of press and speech.


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